Bath renovations that wow - wall mounted toilet seat price

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Bath renovations that wow  -  wall mounted toilet seat price
If you are a member of millions of Americans, and in the past few years, you have sunk your mind, saving instead of spending, and doing what you have, instead of pursuing what you really want, it may be time to reconsider the location-especially if you're tired of living in an old bathroom.
"After the economic disaster," said Stephen Melman, director of economic services at the National Association of Home Builders in Washington, D. C. C.
"A lot of the renovations are focused on repairs-fix it if there is a leak.
Now that the psychology has softened, people start to see what they really need and go back to bigger projects.
Melman noted that mortgage rates remain low and that many refinance not to get cash from home, but to lower monthly payments.
With the extra money, some of them are renovating the place.
"The bathroom is easier to manage than the kitchen," says Sal Alfano, editorial director for remodeling in Washington, D. C. C. -
Trade magazine for construction professionals.
"But they have a big impact.
"According to the cost of remodeling
2009-Value Report
2010, a "mid-range" bathroom renovation in New England at a price of $17,018, can bring $11,677 added value to your family, that is, 69% of the cost.
A $54,454 "premium" project can give you a 62% Return on costs.
So don't be sad if you can't stand broken tiles or rusty medicine cabinets for a minute.
"The transformation is partly a rational decision and partly a perceptual one," Alfano said . ".
"You can put the rational stuff on hold for a while, but eventually the mood will take over and you want to finish it.
So, what will bring the best results to your bathroom? reno buck?
The experts we spoke with raised two points over and over again.
First of all, consider adding a new tub before reworking the existing one.
In the 2006 analysis of the HUD/Census Bureau US housing survey data, Paul Emrath, a researcher at the National Association of Housing builders, believes that the additional half of the bathtubs add up to 12.
The value of a home is 5% and the second full bathroom is 20%.
"The bigger the gap between the bed and the bathroom," he said, "more benefits can be gained by adding another bathtub.
Although it seems impossible to build another bathroom in an old house with a lot of space, the realtor agrees
Story house or apartment has at least a full bathroom on the bedroom floor and it is important to have a half bath on the main living level.
"Otherwise, it's a huge negative," said Frank Celeste of Sotheby's in Charlestown Gibson.
"I suggest you take a half bath in the closet and then throw a closet in the hallway.
People use the shortage of half bath to negotiate a price drop.
Second, if you decide to remodel your existing bathroom, keep in mind that the room is increasingly seen as an indoor bathroom
Luxury is the slogan for family spa.
Robin Brenner, the boss of Billy Brenner Limited, said: "Nowadays, the bathroom is more connected with the ceremony . "
Sell bathroom equipment and accessories at the Boston design center.
"This is a place where you can relax for 10 minutes before you go out to work or relax after you get home.
"Of course, copying the spa experience at home requires space, but, if you have it-or can steal some from a nearby closet or somewhere else-there are a few features that are increasingly considered necessary --
Haves: according to the National Association of Home Builders report released in 2010, independent bathtubs and showers are one of the top ten features most likely to be included by builders in the new house in January, a separate bathtub and shower, but if there is no space for both, the bathtub is left out.
"I have a client who just bought a house that was renovated in 2008," said Ryan Persac, Brooklyn Prudential Unlimited real estate agent. "He is cleaning the bathroom and washing a large shower with a long head.
How many adult men take a bath?
"Unlike the master, Realtors and builders often recommend keeping the bathtub in a shared bathroom.
"Most of the time, our suggestion is that there should be at least one bathtub in the house that can be resold, and if you have children and want to shower them, says Paul Sullivan, president of Sullivan.
Newton's architect and reconstruction engineer
The deluxe shower, "one of the things people look at with a shower," Brenner says, is a lot of features-the water comes to them from multiple directions.
She admits that the steam shower and multiple shower heads complicate the pipes and cost more, but it's worth it if you have enough space and money to install them.
She recommends using a constant temperature shower valve that allows you to program the temperature for all the heads. Curbless, roll-
Showers are also becoming more and more popular, in part because, as Persac points out, "People want to follow the example of higher people --
The end bathroom they see at the boutique hotel is usually more open.
"But they are also more popular," Melman noted, noting that more and more people are considering getting older at home because of the aging population.
He said: "You can avoid injuries without crossing the bathtub . " He said, "This is probably one of the best investments you can make.
"Most of the experts we consulted also mentioned putting a seat in the shower.
Jeff Swanson, president of South End decoration planning, said: "No one has ever sat there, but women need it to shave their legs. ” In-
Niches for storing soap and shampoo are also popular.
Jason Sevinor, vice president of pipeline supply at Beverly designer bath and Salem, said that you can choose to use aromatherapy products-as an option in certain steam systems-and color therapy, let the spa idea go a step further by placing colored lights in the shower head or bathtub.
However, Alfano has warned consumers not to go too far.
"My guess is that a lot of people have dual showers that they have never used," he said . ".
According to Celeste, the bathtub "no one uses the Jacuzzi ".
"They always rest. Ninety-
If they have been there for more than five years, 9% have not passed the family check.
"Tony jagannong, owner of Tony's property in East Boston, pointed out that the plane changed color a few years later, making the room look unclean.
Brenner agreed with the two Realtors.
"Now most customers looking for spa prefer air bathtubs, which have small holes everywhere, rather than fewer large jets," she said . ".
"They don't take regular breaks, clean themselves, and provide more gentle, more uniform turbulence.
As for the style of the bath, our experts believe that the most popular is the independent bathtub.
"They look more like sculptures," Brenner said . ".
"They are a modern choice of old claw feet, which can be very modern or very traditional. ” (
For an example, see our gallery of deep soaking tubs in Boston. com/magazine. )
Whether in the lobby bathroom, which is often shared by the owner or two or more children, double vanity is considered a top priority today.
Persac said: "We all live a busy life, if you can avoid the morning about 'Hey, can you hurry up?
I have to brush my teeth. that's great.
"In some cases it means two separate vanity sets, or a separate bathroom in a larger house.
The double vanity may not be suitable only if the bathroom space is limited.
Although two sinks can be squeezed into a 48-inch-
Spacious space-Ikea even made a wall
Just over 39 inch wide suspension model-most need 55 inch or more, you have to consider whether there is enough counter space for hair dryers and toiletries.
"If your surface space is limited, go to a sink," Celeste said . ".
"You need a place to put things down.
He added that the base sinks are the most unpopular option as there are such small flat areas around their bowls.
* Once you have identified the configuration of a new or remodeled bathroom, it is time to choose the finish.
"The appraisers can really see the difference between a house and another house," Celeste said . ". Stick-
On the floor and on the Formica countertop, do not cut any more.
The Dresser has gone above and beyond the simple espresso and black wood cabinets that have become so popular in recent years and turned into expensive exotic touches like Ebony, zebrawood and the previous kitchen --
Only stainless steel and other materials.
Many of the newer units are walls-
According to Swanson, hanging can create the illusion of being spacious in a smaller bathroom, or look like a piece of furniture, rather than "a box sitting in a bathroom ".
He added that normally these airier-
The units to look for include drawers, perhaps shelves along the bottom of towels and storage baskets.
The downmount sink is still very popular, but the boat sink has had a great time most of the time.
"Occasionally I do one in the dressing room, but they are not easy to use," Swanson said.
Never do this in any type of work bathroom.
Slot sink replaces container bowl in cutting
The edge design, while the popular faucet finish is chrome and brushed nickel.
"Some people have been using polished chrome recently, but I didn't see anyone using brass," Swanson said.
Table Top materials are usually the same as those used in the kitchen-granite, marble, artificial stone and recycled --
Glass composite.
Check RM Global if you are looking for high tech (rmgloballlc. com)
Table top made of computers
There is glass in the middle, and some glass has LED lighting in it.
If you are most concerned about sustainability, PaperStone (
Paper products. com)
Offers countertops made of recycled paper and non-recycled paperPetroleum Resin.
The medicine cabinet is very valuable for the storage place and the beautifully packaged toiletries.
"People will think of the old 1950, but now they are very good," Swanson said.
"Many embedded cabinets are hidden behind stylish frameless mirrors with Hinges hidden;
New features available include-
Fog mirror, concealed power socket, refrigerator lock.
Lighting is also important.
Celeste said: "People tend to be cheap on lighting, but if you use a good bathroom it looks a lot more expensive than it is now --
Excellent lighting.
"You may or may not want the light on the mirror, but be sure to light the side.
"You should have a light at the height of your chin," Alfano said . ".
"It's needed for shaving or makeup.
Designers occasionally display face-making chandeliers
But Alfano points out that if your chin is 5 feet off the ground and you have 9-
"It looks strange.
While Giacalone admits that "the toilet is not a real opportunity to make your bathroom beautiful", there are some trends in the work room. Wall-
The toilets installed are more modern and easier to clean than the traditional style, but they do need a little
The wall space of the concealed tank is more expensive and may be more troublesome if repairs are needed.
Another trend is the automatic toilet seat, which started in Japan.
Spend up to $1,500 and they can get all sorts of imaginable gadgets from their hands
Free flush and sensor
The activated lid will be lower when you go to the bidet
Features like water and self
Cleaning capacity.
"I think they're ugly, but my cousin thinks her is the best thing ever," Sullivan said.
"Of course, the most conspicuous real estate in the bathroom is usually occupied by tiles.
"The fiberglass bathtub or shower will not fly when it is resold," said Giacalone . ".
For budget renovations, there is now paint available to renovate existing tiles.
Sullivan tried it in his own bathroom and said, "it looks very good . ".
Until "The cleaning lady scrub the paint off the tile.
However, the paint can last several years if you are careful and is a quick fix or temporary solutionit-
Change your face.
"At least you don't wake up to see pink and green anymore," Sullivan said . ".
For those looking for a longer period of time
Term solution with a wide variety of tiles on the outside.
During the recession, Melman said, "builders also stopped building.
But manufacturers of building products, tiles, hardwood floors and carpets, continue to spend a lot of money on research and development to improve their products.
The number of choices has surged.
According to Alfano, glass bricks are still "popular", but it is a rather expensive item.
"He and other experts recommend using glass tiles on accent walls, or using glass tiles as decorative strips in the shower.
"On 2005, you might say, 'Give me your best tile, 'and today, if you can get a tile for $4 or $40 you may pick one between the two.
Smaller tiles-inch or half inch-are still popular, but the larger tiles that look like linen or linen in the shower are also attractive.
He said: "You can drive a truck on them without hurting them and it's very cheap, like $12 to $15 per square foot.
Kalala marble and Metro tiles are still timeless, according to Celeste, and if you plan to sell them one day, Celeste advocates neutral colors.
He said: "If it keeps going, you don't know if it was done 10 years ago or yesterday.
"Although bamboo and other sustainable wood, cork and eco-Wood, any of these tiles can also be used on the floor
Real felt (friendly)
Not vinyl)
It also appeared in the bathroom these days.
But whatever material you decide to use, "make sure there's a 'wow' factor," says Giacalone . ".
He recalled a homeowner recycling a wooden-enclosed window that made her bathroom stand out from the competition, while another homeowner was admiring the Boston skyline while taking a shower.
"Simple, bright and airy;
This is what people want.
Elizabeth Gelman is a freelance writer in East Boston.
Send reviews to magazine @ globe. com. om.
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