asymmetry - wall mounted toilet seat price

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asymmetry  -  wall mounted toilet seat price
The asymmetry she considers (
Some stupid because she is not very good at sorting things out)
Is there a day when a man with pewter --
Colorful curls and ice cubes
Mr. Softee's cream cone in the corner sat next to her.
"What are you reading?
Alice showed it to him.
"Is that the one with watermelon?
Alice had not read anything about the watermelon, but she nodded.
"What else did you see?
"Oh, mainly old things.
They sat for a while without talking and the man was eating ice cream and Alice pretended to be reading her book.
Two consecutive joggers took a second look at them as they passed.
Alice knows who he is.
As soon as he sat down, she knew and turned her cheek into a pink watermelon --
But to her surprise, she could only continue to stare at the insurmountable pages on her legs like a studious little elf in the garden.
They may be made of concrete.
"So," said the man, standing up.
"What's your name? ”“Alice.
People who like old things. See you around.
She sat in the same place next Sunday trying to read another book about an angry volcano and a panting King. “You,” he said. “Alice. ”“Alice.
What did you read that book?
I thought you wanted to be a writer. "Who said it? ”“Didn’t you?
"When he broke a piece of chocolate and reached out, his hand trembled a little.
"Thank you," said Alice . "
He replied, "Here you are . "
Alice took a bite of chocolate and looked at him doubtfully.
"Don't you know the joke?
A man who flew to Honolulu said to the person sitting next to him, "I'm sorry, how do you pronounce it ? "?
Hawaii or Havana?
Another person said, "Yes . "
"Thank you," said the first guy . "
The other person said, 'You are velcome.
Alice is still chewing.
"Is this a Jewish joke?
The writer crossed his legs and put his hands on his knees.
"What do you think?
On the third Sunday, he bought two cones from Mr. Softee and gave her one.
Alice accepted it, as she had done with chocolate, because it began to drip, and in any case, a number of Pulitzer Prize winners were not going to poison around.
They ate their ice cream and looked at a pair of pigeons at peck's mouth on a straw.
Alice's blue sandals are paired with twists and turns on the skirt, bending 1 feet leisurely in the sun. “So. Miss Alice. Are you game?
She looked at him.
He looked at her. Alice laughed. “Are you game? ” he repeated.
Back on her egg roll: "Well, I guess there's no reason not to do that.
The writer stood up and threw away the napkin and came back to her.
"There are many reasons for not doing so.
Alice squinted at him and smiled.
"How old are you? ”“Twenty-five. ”“Boyfriend?
She shook her head. “Job?
"I'm an editorial assistant. At Gryphon.
He put his hand in his pocket and raised his chin slightly, which seemed to make sense. “All right.
Shall we go for a walk next Saturday? ”Alice nodded. “Here at four?
She nodded again.
"I should write down your number.
What if something happens?
When another jogger slowed down and looked at him, Alice wrote it on the bookmark that came with her book.
"You lost your place," the writer said . ".
"It's okay," said Alice.
• It rained on Saturday.
Alice sat on the checkered floor of the bathroom trying to tighten her broken toilet seat with a butter knife when her phone rang: The Caller ID was blocked. “Hello Alice?
This is Mr. Softee. Where are you? ”“At home. "Where is that? ”“Eighty-
Fifth and Broadway
"Oh, it's just around the corner.
We can string together a few tin cans.
Alice imagined a rope, bowing over Amsterdam like a giant skipping rope, shaking between them whenever they spoke. "Then, Miss Alice.
What should we do?
Do you want to come over and talk for a while?
Or shall we walk together another day?
"I will go.
"Here you are. Very good. Four thirty?
Alice wrote the address on a spam.
Then she held her hand over her mouth and waited.
"Actually, let's say five.
See you here at five?
The rain flooded the crosswalk and soaked her feet.
Taxis rummaging over the waves in Amsterdam seem to drive much faster than when the weather is dry.
When his doorman made room for her by pressing herself on the cross, Alice deliberately entered: strode, blew out her cheeks, and shook out her umbrella.
The lift is plated from top to bottom with twisted brass.
Either the climbing floor is high, or the elevator is walking very slowly because she has enough time to think and frown on her unlimited entertainment venues and be more worried about what will happen next.
When the elevator door opened, there were six more gray doors in the corridor.
She was about to knock on the first door she came to when the other door on the other side of the elevator opened a crack and one hand came over with the glass.
Alice accepted a glass full of water. The door closed.
Alice took a drink.
The next time the door opens, it seems to be very big on its own.
Alice hesitated for a moment, then dragged the water down from a short corridor with a bright white room at the end of the corridor, with a draftsman in the room, among other things
"Show me your wallet," he said from behind her. She did.
"Please open it now.
For security reasons
Alice put her purse on the little glass table in the middle of them and untied it.
She took out her wallet: a badly worn brown leather men's wallet.
A scratch card worth a dollar. A ChapStick. A comb. A key ring. A barrette.
A mechanical pencil.
She had a few loose coins in her hand, and at the end of the day there were three tampons with her, like bullets. Fuzz. Grit. “No phone?
"I left it at home.
He picked up his wallet and pulled the stitches with his fingers.
"It's a shame, Alice. ”“I know.
He opened his wallet and took her debit card, credit card, expired Duncan Donuts gift card, driver's license, college ID and 20-
A three-dollar bill.
Raise a card: "Mary-Alice.
Alice wrinkled her nose.
"You don't like Mary's part. ”“Do you?
"For a moment he was alternating between looking at her and looking at the card, as if trying to decide which version of her he preferred.
He then nodded, aligned the card, broke a rubber band from the table and the bill, and then folded it back into her wallet.
He threw his wallet into the net.
Wire waste paper baskets already arranged with white cones of discarded typewriting.
He seemed a little annoyed to see the scene. “So, Mary-Alice. . .
He sat down and motioned her to do the same.
The seat of his reading chair is black leather, with the ground down like a Porsche.
"What else can I do for you?
Alice looked around.
A new manuscript awaits his attention on the draftsman's desk.
In addition, a pair of sliding glass doors leads to a small balcony with the door above to avoid rain.
Behind her, the huge bed was so neatly arranged and looked cold.
"Do you want to go out? ”“Okay.
"No one threw the other over. Deal?
Alice smiled, still sitting 5 feet away from him, holding out a hand.
The writer put down his eyes and looked at it for a while, as if listing the pros and cons of each of his handshakes on her palm.
He went on to say, "The second idea. “Come here.
• His skin is lined and cool.
His lips are soft.
But his teeth are in the back.
In her office, his name hung on the wall of the hall, no less than three National Book Awards certificates.
The second time, when she knocked on the door, a few seconds passed and there was no answer.
Alice said to the door, "it's me . "
The door opened a seam and one hand came in with a box.
Alice took the box. The door closed.
The box says the Lincoln stationery store, which is skillfully processed with golden tools.
Inside, under a thin white sheet of paper, there is a burgundy wallet with a coin purse and a hand buckle. "Oh, my God! ” said Alice.
"It's so beautiful. Thank you.
The door said, "Here you are . "
Gave her another glass of water.
Again, they did what they did without disturbing the bed.
On her sweater, he put his hand on each breast as if to keep her quiet.
"This is bigger.
"Oh," said Alice, looking down unhappily. “No no;
This is not perfect.
There is no match for something like this.
"Like snowflakes?
Alice suggested.
"Like snowflakes," he agreed.
• There is a pink zipper scar from his stomach to his chest.
There was another scar on his leg from his groin to his ankle.
The other two made a slight spin above his hips.
Right in front.
"Who did this to you? "" Melle.
"When she pulled up the tights, he stood up and opened the game for the Yankees.
"Oh, I like baseball," said Alice . "“Do you? Which team? ”“The Red Sox.
When I was a child, Grandma took me to Fenway every year.
"Is she still alive, your grandmother ? "”“Yep.
Do you want her number?
You're almost as big as me.
"Mary, you satirized me a little early in our relationship --Alice.
"I know," Alice said with a smile . "“I’m sorry.
They watched Jason Jamby play three times-
Two goals to the left center“Oh!
The writer stood up and said.
"I almost forgot.
I bought you a cookie.
As they sit at his little glass table and look at each other, or as she sits on the bed and he sits in the chair, she notices his head beating slightly sideways, like his heart beat.
He has had three surgeries on his spine, which means they can and can't do something. Shouldn’t do.
"I don't want to hurt you," said Alice, frowning . ".
"It's a little late.
They are using a bed now.
His mattress was made of a special plastic material that made her feel like she was slowly sinking into a huge piece of fudge.
Turn her head to one side and she can go through his double
The high windows, the skyline of Midtown, appear crowded and solemn in the rain. “Oh, God. Oh, Jesus. Oh, Christ.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
What are you doing? Do you know. . . what. . . you’re doing?
Later, when she ate another biscuit: "Who taught you, Mary? Alice?
Who are you?
"No one," she said, picking a piece of bread crumbs from her knee and eating it.
"I just imagine what I feel good about doing.
"Well, you have a lot of imagination.
He called her a mermaid.
She doesn't know why.
Next to his keyboard is a white paper tent he plays: You are an empty container for a long time, and then something that you don't want grows, something that you can't actually do.
God of opportunity is created in us. . . .
The effort in art requires a lot of patience.
Below: I think the artist is just a powerful memory that can be moved at will through certain horizontal experiences. . .
When she opened the refrigerator, his White House gold medal was tied to the handle and jingled loudly at the door.
Alice went back to bed.
"Dear," he said.
"I can't wear a condom. Nobody can. ”“Okay.
"So what should we do about disease?
"Well, I believe you, if you --
"You should not trust anyone.
What if you're pregnant?
"Oh, don't worry about this.
I'm having an abortion.
Later, when she washed up in the bathroom, he handed her a glass of white wine.
• Power-out cookies, they are called, they are from the Columbus Bakery, where he walks every day.
He does not eat himself.
He's not drinking either.
Alcohol is not mixed with one of the drugs he is taking.
But for Alice, he bought two bottles of sansel or Polly-
After fusse poured her what she wanted, put the cork back into the bottle, which was placed on the floor next to the door and asked her to take it home.
One night, Alice took a few bites on her cookies, took a sip and made a disgusting face. “What?
"I'm sorry," she said.
"I don't want to be ungrateful.
It's just, you know, they really don't go.
"He thought for a moment and then got up and walked into the kitchen and drank a tumbler and a bottle of Knob Creek. “Try this.
He looked at her greedily and took a bite.
Bourbon was extinguished like a flame. Alice coughed.
"This is heaven," she said . "
• Other gifts: a very smart, simulated, waterproof watch.
The charm of Chanel perfume.
A piece of paper in his thirtiestwo-
A cent stamp commemorating Harold Allen, Johnny Mercer, Dorothy Phil and Hodge Carmichael's American music legend series.
The cover of The New York Post in March 1992, titled "Strange Sex in the bullpen "(City finals).
The eighth time, when they did what he should not do, he said, "I love you.
I love you because of this.
Then, as she sat at the table eating cookies, he looked at her silently.
The next morning: The Caller ID was blocked.
"I just want to say that it must be strange to hear my voice;
You must be reeling. that’s R-E-E-L-I-N-G, not R-E-A-L-I-N-
G, this is not a bad word either.
What I'm trying to say is that it makes sense in the moment, but that doesn't mean anything between us should change.
I don't want any change.
You do what you want, I do what I want. ”“Of course. ”“Good girl.
She was smiling when Alice hung up.
Then she thought for a moment and frowned.
When her father called to inform her, she was reading the instructions on her watch, the second time that week, and none of the Jews reported working in the tower on the day they came down.
But the author has not called her for many days.
Alice sleeps next to the pillow and the phone carries it with her when she is not in bed --
Go to the kitchen when she gets her drinks, and go to the bathroom when she goes to the bathroom.
What also drives her crazy is her toilet seat, which slides to one side every time she sits on it.
She wanted to go back to the park bench but decided to go for a walk.
This is Memorial Day weekend when Broadway is closed for street markets.
By the time of 11, the vicinity was already smoked, and the air was filled with falafel, fajitas, French fries, sloppy Joes, corn sticks, fennel sausages, funnel cakes, and fried dough sticks in the diameter of the pan. Ice-cold lemonade.
Free spinal health examination
"Our People" Legal Document management-
Divorce was $399 and bankruptcy was $199.
At a booth selling unbranded bohemian fashion, there is a beautiful poppy --
Lazy colored sundress in the breeze.
Only ten dollars.
The Indian vendor took it down so Alice could try it on behind his van, where a water-
The German shepherd with his eyes looked at her with his claws.
That night, when she was already in her pajamas: The Caller ID was blocked. “Hello? ”“Hello, Mary-Alice.
Did you watch the game? ”“What game?
"The game between the Red Sox and the Yankees.
The Yankees won 14-5.
"I don't have TV . "Who pitched? ”“Who pitched.
Everyone voted.
How many times did your grandmother vote?
What are you doing? ”“Nothing.
"Do you want to come over ? "
Alice took off her pajamas and put on new clothes.
I already need to bite a line.
When she arrived at his apartment, only the light on his bedside table was on, and he was supported on the bed by a book and a cup of chocolate soy milk. “It’s spring!
Alice shouted at the head of the skirt.
"It's spring now," he said with a tired sigh.
Alice climbed over to him in the snow. white duvet. “Mary-
Alice, sometimes you look really 16 years old. ”“Cradlerobber. ”“Graverobber.
Watch my back.
Sometimes it feels like it's playing-
If she didn't clean out his funny bones, his nose would flash and the circuit would hum. “Oh, Mary-Alice.
You know, you're crazy?
You're crazy, you see, I love you. ”Alice smiled.
When she got home, he had been playing for an hour and forty minutes and everything was exactly the same as when she left, but her bedroom looked so bright and somehow unfamiliar, it's like it's someone else's now.
• Block caller ID.
Caller ID is blocked.
Caller ID is blocked.
He left a message.
"Who is most willing to lead the other astray?
Another message is: "Does anyone here smell the mermaid ? "?
• Caller ID is blocked. “Mary-Alice? ”“Yes? ”“Is that you? ”“Yes. ”“How are you? ”“Fine.
"What are you doing? ”“Reading.
"What are you reading?
"Oh, nothing interesting.
"Do you have air? conditioning? ”“No.
"You must be very hot. ”“I am.
"The weather will get hotter this weekend. ”“I know.
"What will you do ? "”“I don’t know. Melt.
"I'm going back to the city on Saturday.
So do you want to see me? ”“Yes. ”“Six o’clock? ”“Yep. ”“I’m sorry. Six thirty? ”“Okay.
"I might even give you dinner.
"That would be great.
He forgot to have dinner or decided not.
Instead, when she arrived, he asked her to sit by the bed and bring her two big bags full of books.
Huckleberry Finn
The night is gentle.
Journey to the middle of the night.
The thief's diary. July’s People.
Return North Line. Axel’s Castle.
Eden. The Joke. The Lover.
The death of Venice and other stories.
First Love and Other Stories.
Enemy, a love story. . .
Alice picked up a writer whose name she had met but never heard. “Ooh, Camus!
She said rhymes with "Seamus.
"For a long time afterwards, the author said nothing, and Alice read the copy on the back of the first man.
When she looked up, he still had a slightly surprised look. “It’s Ca-Here, sweetheart. He’s French. Ca-MOO.
Her own apartment is located on the top floor of an old brownstone, where the heating stops when the sun shines.
The only other tenant on her floor was an old lady named Anna, who was an old man in her 20 s during her four steep flightsminute ordeal. Step, rest. Step, rest.
Once, Alice passed her on her way to H & H, and the poor thing was still there when she came back.
From the shopping bag she was carrying, you 'd think she was bowling for breakfast.
"Can I help, Anna? ”“Oh no dear.
It's been fifty years. Keeps me alive. ”Step, rest. “Are you sure? ”“Oh yes.
Such a beautiful girlTell me.
Do you have a boyfriend?
"Not yet.
"Well, don't wait too long, dear.
"I won't," Alice ran up the stairs with a smile. •••“Capitana!
His doorman is now greeting her friend.
He called down the writer and saluted them as they set out for a walk.
The author waved a bag of plums from Zingone's and asked if Alice had heard of the city's plan to rename some luxury homes to "major --
League baseball player: Posada, Rivera, Soliano.
"Garciaparra," said Alice.
"No, no," he said. The important thing is to stop her. “Only Yankees.
"They walked into the little park behind the Museum of Natural History, and Alice bit a plum that bit him, and pretended to cut it with Joseph Stiglitz's name on the Nobel Prize winner memorial in the United States.
But they spend most of their time at home.
He read what he wrote to her.
She asked about the spelling of "keister.
"They watch baseball, Listen to Jonathan Schwartz on the weekend afternoon, and revel in the shows of Tiffany Sutton and Nancy Lamot.
"Rain or shine.
"Only You, only me.
Doris Dai said with full vigilance: "The party is over.
One afternoon, Alice burst into laughter and said, "This guy is such a monster.
The writer repeated that "corn balls" ate a peach.
"This is a very good old-fashioned word.
"I think you can say," said Alice while searching for her panties on the floor. "I'm a good old man --fashioned girl.
"The party is over. . .
He sings whenever he wants her to go home.
"It's time to call it d-a-a-a-a-y. . .
Then, he walked around the room cheerfully, turned off the phone, fax, light, poured himself a cup of chocolate soy milk, and counted a small pile of pills.
"The older you are," he explains, "The more you have to do before you go to bed.
I have hundreds of things.
The party is over. The air-
The air conditioner is over.
Alice would wander for a moment and take herself home in the heat, her belly filled with bourbon and chocolate, and her pocket with underwear.
When she climbs up four increasingly humid flights to her apartment, one thing she does is move the pillows to the front room in the lobby, where, on the floor next to the fire passage, there is at least the possibility of a breeze.
"Listen to me, dear.
I'm leaving for a while.
Alice put down the cookies and wiped her mouth.
"I'm going back to my hometown for a while.
I have to finish this draft. ”“Okay.
But that doesn't mean we can't talk.
We will talk regularly and we can meet again when I finish.
If you wantAll right? ”Alice nodded. “All right. ”“Meanwhile. . .
He slid an envelope across the table.
"This is for you.
Alice picked it up.
Bridgehampton National Bank said in front of it that there was a sign of a regatta next to it --
Took out six. hundred-dollar bills.
"Buy an air conditioner.
Alice shook her head. “I can’t—”“Yes you can.
It will make me happy.
"She was still light when she left home.
The quality of the sky is stagnant-
It seems that the storm is coming, but it is lost.
The young man drinking on the sidewalk just started at night.
Alice approached her bend slowly, reluctantly, with one hand on the envelope in her purse, trying to decide what to do.
Her stomach felt like it was still in his elevator and someone cut off the suspension.
There is a restaurant one block north with a long wooden bar and a civilized
Looking for customers.
Alice found a stool at the far end, right next to the napkin box, where she arranged herself, as if mainly for a high television in a corner.
In the penultimate in third place, New York leads Kansas City by four points.
She thought, come on, royalty.
The bartender put down a napkin in front of her and asked her what she wanted to drink.
Alice considered the wine specials listed on the wall.
"Let me have a cup. . . ”“Milk?
"Do you actually have Knob Creek?
"Her bill is 20. four dollars.
She put the credit card down, then picked it up again and took out one of the writer's hundreds of credit cards.
The bartender came back with three in their twenties, one ten and six ten.
"These are for you," said Alice, sliding them towards him. The Yankees won.
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