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art in a fishbowl  -  wash basins uk
Large glass jars are placed in prominent positions in the living room with live fish and other utensils such as tubes, power codes, dazzling lights and jingle air filters, all of which have become
The modern interior design uses the aquarium as a wonderful center of the living room, bringing soothing effects to the onlookers.
The latest interior design offers a live aquarium that is coherent with almost anything like furniture, bathroom fixtures, walls, glass floors, ceiling design and even fences.
Designers have even begun to propose the creation of the aquarium as a bookcase and the integration of small and large tropical fish tanks into partitions and walls, thus creatively saving space and decorating small apartments, build homes and offices in innovative ways. Built-
Nowadays, the aquarium is even easy to integrate into the bathroom partition wall, front desk table, handrails, washbasins, kitchen partitions, etc;
Placing them in unusual spaces creates a surprising illusion.
A said the plan to build A built in aquarium must be conceived and included in the drawing of the building plan as the required electrical and water pipes will also be incorporated.
The architect of Damo Keerthi K & B.
In the early stages, it is easy to provide enough space on all sides of the tank for easy maintenance and management, which will be cleverly hidden once installed.
It is not easy to break the wall after completion, and the protruding pipes and cables may endanger the visual appeal.
The family aquarium can be placed in the showroom of the living room or on the wall of the dining room, but where the family spends more time, it is more popular, keerthi said, because their purpose is to attract onlookers.
While durable, less damaged fibers or acrylic panels are imported, it is generally preferred that glass cans, which are always popular, are available at half price.
The staff of K said that the glass is easy to bend and shape into any desired shape and remains clear, which also makes them prefer the glass jar. S. Home Aquarium;
The famous "Meen ammaavan" third generation in Vazhuthacaud. 5 m. m.
Thickness of 3x1x1 feet tank and 6 m tank is recommended. m.
Above the higher dimension.
Experts say that for budget reasons, it is not advisable that the thickness of glass usually affects safety as a result.
When drawing the floor plan of the building, it is necessary to conceive and include plans for the built in aquarium.
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