art, fashion and feng shui increase positive energy - how to fit a wall hung basin

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-08
art, fashion and feng shui increase positive energy  -  how to fit a wall hung basin
In addition to the letter F, what do art, feng shui and time have in common?
They are all about energy.
Artwork can provide you with an energy that makes you happy or sad;
Exciting or frustrating.
They also fall into the following categories: "One size is not suitable for all.
"Art needs to fit you, your personality and the size of your home, just like fashion needs to fit your body and mood.
The energy principles of feng shui apply to your wall decorations, just as they apply to all other areas of your life.
They either give you positive energy or negative energy.
Depending on the theme, color and size, they can be either uplifting or frustrating.
Wall decoration can inspire your family. About how to choose artwork to meet your specific needs and how to motivate the various areas of your home or office to achieve the life goals and goals you want,
First evaluate your artwork from a Feng Shui perspective that provides positive or negative energy.
You will find certain pictures on the wall that will make you feel certain emotions.
Maybe some people evoke happy memories, while others are more sad, while others are uplifting, and some may be very depressed.
What photos do you feel uncomfortable with, but you don't know why?
Don't you really like it? Because your mom told you never to throw it away, you stuck with it.
If you don't like it, it's OK to get rid of it.
Once you understand what you currently have, you can use some basic guidelines to ensure that your wall decorations provide positive energy when placed proudly on the wall, instead of having a negative impact on you or others in your home. Size matters.
Putting a huge photo on the wall of the small room will make the room feel small and everyone is uncomfortable.
It will overwhelm and dominate the whole space.
If the picture is particularly dark, it can also create a depressed atmosphere.
The picture or art combination of each room must have the appropriate size.
While you can use a combination of different sizes with other decorative items, don't mess up the space, even on the wall, you won't be able to focus clearly and become confused.
The guidelines are that, like clothes, if you go through big loose clothes or items that are too tight and uncomfortable, your personal energy will be affected-the clothes need to fit you.
Also, the artwork needs to be placed in the room.
The artwork in the room should look and feel balanced and make everyone comfortable.
Color is important.
For example, if a picture is mostly red, it is a high-energy color;
Don't put it in the bedroom where the goal is to rest and sleep, and don't put it in the dining room that is used to calm and relax the conversation and digest.
In an area where you want to have a lively conversation, it will be a great photo.
Please note that if a red photo, even in the right place, is too big and too loud, it generates too much energy to make the audience feel nervous and angry.
Again, in a room with cool blue walls, the winter snow scene formed by wind and ice pillars can be very unattractive and can lead to sudden or no dialogue-it's like a "cold shoulder" treatment.
However, the same cool photos will be very refreshing if placed in the sunny South
Facing the room, let the original warm atmosphere cool.
The guideline is to place color Energy pictures that match the use of the room.
For the bedroom, try relaxing Green, calm light blue and earth tones, and pastel colors set the right mood and energy for sleep and rest.
In the living room and family room, place more vibrant and brighter colors such as red, orange and bright multi-colorcolors.
The kitchen and dining room can also use a brighter, more lively color, but the color of the office should be a little quieter and more conducive to work, attention and productivity.
The theme is related.
Works of art that people reject on the mountain, surfers catch waves or skiers slide down the ski resort are all action activities and should be suspended in more action --
Facing the room or office.
Calm lakes, calm seas, breeze drifting through palm trees, bubbling streams or a bouquet of roses will calm the theme and should hang in rooms that require quieter energy, such as bedrooms. Still-
Life portraits of fruits and produce and idyllic landscapes are perfect for restaurants;
They provide a calming nourishing energy for quiet conversation and digestion.
The guiding principle is that when hanging any picture, make sure the theme is correct for the room, facing your room, encouraging positive energy to enter, not facing outside the window or outside the door, send all your good energy out of your home.
If you have a portrait of you and your loved one hanging together, make sure you both face to face.
If you face the opposite direction, your energy will drift gradually as you create a symbolic wall of energy between you two.
Do the same for family members and siblings or you and your favorite client or boss;
Make sure they face each other as well.
The wall decoration greatly enhances the atmosphere and enjoyment of the room, or can have a negative impact on the room.
Following these simple steps, while paying attention to preventing any negative effects, will provide a very ideal positive energy in the wall decoration.
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