aristocrat jailed for spitefully trashing his £1 million home to stop it being sold after bitter divorce - tiny wall mount bathroom sink

by:KEDIBO     2019-08-20
aristocrat jailed for spitefully trashing his £1 million home to stop it being sold after bitter divorce  -  tiny wall mount bathroom sink
A baron's grandson, who was jailed for 18 months for maliciously trying to prevent him from destroying his £ 1 million house after being sold after a fierce divorce.
63-year-old Desmond fitzgerrard ripped the radiator with a hammer, broke furniture, pictures and decorations, and frantically screwed the lights off the wall on the luxurious terrace of King's Cross
Then he blocked a sink, left the tap water and flooded the house he shared with his ex
Catherine akster, Crown court attorney for the Black Friars, heard it.
The grandfather of Fitzgerald was a military hero, and the sixth Baron, Major General Adale Alan Henry Shafto Adair, also tore up a family photo of the akster MS in the atrocities.
On October 3, at a divorce hearing in Central London County Court, he was told that shortly after the property would be sold, he rushed into his home.
Imprisoned him today for 18 months, Recorder Davinder Gill said that Fitzgerald deliberately ignored the judge's order to stay away from the property on Medburn Street and has been sharing it with MS Akester since 1994
"This crime is at the heart of the justice system," she said . ".
"There is no doubt that when you realize that your attempt to prevent the sale of the property is finally over, you are caught in blind anger.
So you decided to commit a crime.
"It's not only revenge and revenge on your ex-wife, it's also contempt for the family court.
The judge found that Fitzgerald had planned the destruction and was "determined to take action ".
"You know what you're doing, you have insight and vision to remove your belongings from the house and then continue to cause significant criminal damage," she added . ".
Fitzgerald insisted that he was framed throughout the trial, leaving a bloody fingerprint to prove that he was responsible for the loss, worth more than £ 21,000.
MS akster described "some of the vandalism scenes" she found, telling the court: "Almost all the kitchen ceilings have collapsed and there are bricks and ceilings all over the floor.
"The radiator has been pulled out of the House, the lights have been pulled out of the wall, the furniture and pictures have been smashed by the hammer, and the hammer is still there.
Fitzgerald deliberately blocked the bathroom sink with a towel and tore the photos of the House into "tiny pieces" so that they could not be repaired.
"I found this to be very harmful, very malicious and unnecessary," Akester added . " MS.
Fitzgerald evaded legal representation at trial, defended himself, and filed a series of applications in an attempt to undermine criminal proceedings.
But the judge on Wednesday lashed out at his "aggressive, arrogant" attitude, meaning she had to appoint a big lawyer to represent Fitzgerald to question the MS Akester to protect herself.
"You made several applications during the trial, which was somewhat ridiculous, and she added:" Not only are you being intimidated by witnesses who are allowed to ask questions, and when I make a judgment that is not conducive to you, I take this attitude towards me as a trial judge. ".
Wearing a brightly colored spotted tie and a dark suit, Fitzgerald raised his eyebrows at the time of sentencing.
His lawyer, Karlia Lykourgon, argued that Fitzgerald was under "tremendous emotional pressure" when he committed the crime and advocated a suspended sentence.
But the judge ruled that the loss was
It has been planned and can only be sentenced to imprisonment immediately.
Fitzgerald has been in prison for more than a month while waiting for the verdict, temporarily homeless during the trial and seeking help from the crisis.
The court heard that his personal wealth had been shrinking for a long time.
A civil dispute over his aunt's legacy in Ireland.
He will be released after serving his sentence of nine months and will receive three months' imprisonment
Supervision for a month
Under the restraining order, he was also indefinitely banned from contacting MS akster.
But was found guilty of destroying property.
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