are foot soaks safe while pregnant? - shallow wash basin

by:KEDIBO     2019-08-21
are foot soaks safe while pregnant?  -  shallow wash basin
When excess fluid gathers in your tissue, causing pain and swelling in your feet, 1 feet of the soak becomes particularly soothing during pregnancy.
Because there are so many treatments.
Restrictions on many mothers getting pregnantto-
I don't know if the foot is one of them.
Depending on the temperature of the water, 1 feet immersion is a beneficial treatment and feels great.
Although most bath salts can be safely sprinkled in your foot bath, Epsom salt is especially useful for pregnant women.
These diamonds are made of magnesium sulfate.
Like minerals, contains the basic compounds your feet absorb when soaking.
Magnesium is important to the body because it regulates more than 300 biochemical reactions, assists muscle and neurological functions, keeps bones strong and supports the immune system.
According to the American Pregnancy Association, the body of a BenefitsA pregnant woman produces about 50% more blood and body fluids than before pregnancy.
Some fluids gather on the feet and ankles, a common disease called edema.
Foot soaking is not only a kind of care, but also can help the motherto-
To control swelling, reduce the tension of the foot.
As heat and a long day on your feet can cause edema, soaking your feet is especially helpful on hot and busy days.
Because hot water will increase your body temperature and damage the developmental cells of your baby, hot water can pose a risk when the water is too hot.
Also, too hot water will increase your heart rate and reduce blood flow to your baby.
OB-Catherine Lynch says it's safe to approach your own body temperature or water below 100 degrees F.
In an article in the Baby Center.
While these risks are generally applicable in bathing, it is possible to increase body temperature by soaking your feet in wet water.
However, shallow basins may cool quickly and are therefore the safest option.
Diabetes risk foot bath may be at risk for pregnant women with diabetes, as foot infections are common due to reduced foot circulation.
The rupture of the skin will allow the bacteria to enter and may lead to infection or life
Threatening Complications
Because the pipes carrying water may introduce bacteria, diabetic women should conduct regular foot checks to ensure that there are no ulcers or wounds before soaking their feet at home or at the salon.
Although foot soaking is usually safe, you should never use them to treat edema without consulting a doctor.
During pregnancy, especially during the third month of pregnancy, most of the swelling of the foot is common, but for some women, this indicates a problem.
If the swelling suddenly spreads to your hands and face, please consult your doctor to rule out the potential danger that the disease may develop later in the pregnancy.
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