Are beauty products playing havoc with your hormones? We use so many products containing chemicals that can directly affect our endocrine system — where our hormones are produced - bathroom cabinets

by:KEDIBO     2019-09-13
Are beauty products playing havoc with your hormones? We use so many products containing chemicals that can directly affect our endocrine system — where our hormones are produced  -  bathroom cabinets
When Rebecca came to me, she was going crazy.
She is 28 years old and recently engaged, working in the city and eager to form a family.
But since she had taken birth control pills three years ago, she hasn't had a proper period yet, and blood tests show very low levels of estrogen and progesterone;
Her ovary was not stimulated by the hormones needed to let her ovulate, and her cycle was also suppressed.
As a nutrition therapist and hormone specialist, I am not surprised that she also feels very anxious and depressed.
This is because progesterone not only triggers our period.
It also helps with brain function, our ability to sleep, and our overall well-being --being.
At the same time, low estrogen is associated with low sensory levels
Good hormone 5-amine
Both are flawed and will inevitably affect her mental health.
She told me that I just wanted to get back to normal and get my period back.
Four months later, that is what we have achieved.
But what we do may surprise you.
The first step for Rebecca to feel better is to throw away half of what she made as I suggested
Bag and bathroom cabinet. Why?
Because I'm sure it was her exposure to chemicals in everyday beauty products like deodorant, shampoo and lipstick that prevented her body from functioning properly. Sounds far-fetched?
This is of course, especially since we know that when manufacturers put chemicals into products on our skin, they need to follow strict safety standards.
I do not recommend for the time being that they ignore these laws and go beyond the safety restrictions recognized by science.
The problem is that we use a lot of products that contain chemicals that directly affect our endocrine system.
Where did our hormones come from?
I believe that our overall exposure may exceed the level at which our bodies can respond safely.
Rebecca's toxicology test to see if her body is showing signs of chemical overload, found that the content of the chlorine powder is surprisingly high, and the chlorine powder is a kind of one used for some soap, toothpaste and lotion
This is a known endocrine disruptor.
It changes the way the body produces hormones, especially estrogen.
Anything below 50 mcg/g (
Micrograms per gram)
Considered safe, but Rebecca's level is back to the shocking 477 mcg/g.
I asked her to tell me a typical beauty system for the day.
Like most of us, it's a shower at first, then brush your teeth, apply deodorant, a variety of lotions and perfumes, and then make up
She felt it all day.
Before going to bed, she will clean up her teeth and wash away the accumulated dirt in the day with cosmetics
While enjoying a relaxing bubble bath, use a wet wipes.
I asked Rebecca to look at the ingredients in the product she uses every day.
We found three chlorine in a few places.
Including her toothpaste.
Use wet wipes, shampoo, deodorant and body wash.
I urge her to give her a list of chemicals that she should avoid and insist that she double-check the ingredient labels for every alternative she buys.
Not the only culprit.
Scientists believe that there are three major chemicals for potential endocrine disruptors: O-benzene Ester, P-benzene Ester and phenol.
That's why their use is regulated.
Phthal acid salts are artificial spices used in fragrance products such as perfumes, deodorant and soap.
Parab gold is a preservative added to cosmetics to extend the shelf life
Maintain life by preventing the growth of mold and bacteria.
In addition, phenol also includes three chlorine powder and two phenol a, a chemical that often appears in flexible plastic containers for many health, beauty and home cleaning products.
I warn Rebecca that neighboring benzene ester may appear in the form of an eyelet, or be disguised under the word seemingly innocent "fragrance;
It can be called the methyl acetate, the ethyl acetate, and the propylene acetate.
Phenol will appear in the form of chlorine San or double phenol.
Other chemicals considered to be endocrine disruptors are octoyl, isoester of ismyri acid, aldehyde, toluene, benzone, nitrocompound and aluminum metal.
I also advised her not to do so.
Four months later, Rebecca called to say that she had passed her first natural period and that she had passed a month.
She also slept well and was in a low mood.
Even I was surprised that we had such a brilliant result just by exchanging some key everyday products.
Now that Rebecca can continue her life and feel much better, this is something I firmly believe they will experience if more women look at their day --to-
Contact with chemicals every day.
I'm not talking about beauty products alone.
The chemicals we use in various sprays and liquids that we use to clean our homes are also regulated --
However, we use so many systems, which means that our system will eventually be overloaded.
Another client, Sarah, came to me and I have hypothyroidism.
40 years old, full
When mom was with three children under the age of 12, she was overweight and neither diet nor exercise could change.
She was also upset.
I was always nervous, she told me.
Although disasters can happen at any time.
Blood tests showed that Sarah's estrogen level was very high and Rebecca's estrogen level was too low, which again led to a low mood.
This is because estrogen is what we call the "goldilock" hormone.
When the serum amine content is too high, it causes a similar problem, as it does when it is too low.
Things go smoothly only when the level is just right.
Sarah is a self.
Clean up addict frankly: she loves that her home is spic and span and uses a lot of cleaning products every day.
The candles in the House are constantly burning and she likes to use fragrant spray cleaners and air fresheners.
I asked her to show me what was in her cleaning cabinet again.
She showed me a bottle after bottle made of BPA plastic.
BPA is considered to be analog estrogen, which can penetrate into the product and be aggregated by the body's estrogen receptor from the environment.
I'm sure that's what Sarah and her cleaning products are.
At the same time, all of these artificial spices contain neighboring benzene Ester associated with thyroid disease.
Of course, the chemical content of these products is still within the safety range.
But she has another building.
Rise due to excessive exposure.
I advised her to clean the cabinets and switch to a more natural cleaning brand, and specifically urged her to avoid any product marked "harmful to aquatic life for a long time" on the package
Lasting effect
This is a strong indicator for me that the product contains chemicals that may be harmful.
I would also recommend decorating the indoor plants in her home as it is known that they are airpurifiers.
Peace Lily, English ivy and chrysanthemum are especially effective.
Six months later, Sarah lost weight and was full of energy. She said that the feeling of constant destruction that she had lived before was completely relieved.
Her amazing recovery shows that there is a lot we can do to ease the burden on the endocrine system.
I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome when I was a teenager, and after taking a healthy diet and turning to natural cleaning and beauty products, I ended up seeing improvements in my symptoms.
Of course, not everyone can afford what I like to do with some of my patients and see what's going on.
A full-scale hormone test costs 286 while the toxicology test starts at 217 and rises to the eye --watering £599.
But we can all look for cleaning and beauty products that use essential oils as fragrance, or turn to the natural technology our grandma used to rely on --
Such as cleaning windows and countertops with vinegar and water, removing stains from the chopping board with lemon juice.
Mothers with daughters should be particularly vigilant.
Concerning the impact of chemicals found in beauty and cleaning products on young girls, worrying research is emerging.
At the end of last year, researchers at the University of California reported how widely used chemicals affect hormone signals that support the growth and development of young girls.
This may even lead them to early puberty.
The researchers tracked nearly 200 girls from birth to puberty and examined signs of puberty every nine months between the ages of 9 and 13.
The study found that if the child's mother was exposed to triclosan and neighboring benzene Diester during pregnancy, the child would start puberty early --
During the 14 to 27 cycles of pregnancy, the levels of chemicals in the mother's urine were measured.
The daughters of the highest-ranking women started their menstruation on average four months ago.
It is worrying enough to think that many children may be in the womb and have been exposed to triclosan through their mother, but I suspect this is the case
Young girls also play a role in buying with pocket money.
After all, teenage girls are most likely to choose a cheaper mainstream brand instead of a natural one with fewer chemical ingredients.
This can have an effect on their hormones, which coincides with my conversation with clients who have young daughters, and they tell me how shocked they are when their children are, only nine years old, has begun to menstruation.
They also talked about terrible mood swings.
Much worse than normal adolescent anxiety.
And how their children suffer from terrible acne.
Again, these are issues that are directly related to hormonal imbalances.
Interestingly, in another United StatesS.
In a 2016 study, young girls were asked to exchange their regular products for chemical products
Free alternatives, urine analysis showed a sharp drop in chemical markers, including chlorine San, in just three days.
The food we ate was very careful.
Check the labels carefully on finding nutrition issues
However, we have a more casual approach to what we put on our bodies and spray in the air around our homes.
But when we make the content
Packing up will affect our physical and mental health, and none of us can do anything dismissive.
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