Architects reveal their top hacks for boosting storage space and making small homes appear larger - including utilising forgotten areas and hanging 'oversized bold' artwork - wall hung toilet vanity unit

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-13
Architects reveal their top hacks for boosting storage space and making small homes appear larger - including utilising forgotten areas and hanging \'oversized bold\' artwork  -  wall hung toilet vanity unit
The architects showed their best tips for maximizing the use of small living spaces --
And how they look bigger.
In an interview with FEMAIL, experts explained that maximizing storage space, with very little furniture and large accessories, can actually make the room look bigger.
They also stressed the importance of making the most of the space wasted under the stairs and the open space between the top of the kitchen cabinet and the ceiling.
Elsewhere, they recommend hanging large bold artwork to provide more space and build embedded storage around the bathtub.
Charles betters, general manager and architect of London Gpad Co. , Ltd. , said: "Architecture-
In the storage space on the entire wall, it will not stick to the room and will add generous cabinet or shelf space.
While it looks like it will limit the size of the space, it simplifies the shape.
You need less furniture and less sundries.
This is also an opportunity to bring different materials into the space and add characters.
He added: "The strange thing is --
If you live in a loft space, the room that is shaped and the low ceiling can be a challenge.
Build with any awkward corner or shape-
Storage space will free up space elsewhere.
Be creative about how to use space;
This can give a greater sense of home, so it can reduce the size of the house you may need.
He explained that the lighter color would make the space feel bigger, and he continued: "Choose a light color scheme and stay consistent through the walls and the cabinet doors.
This will allow natural light to reflect from the surface and make it feel more spacious.
"You don't have to buy white or cream;
Whether it's blues or gray, it's the same for any color.
Lighting can really define a space.
The designer states that lighting will bring character and focus to the original smallest space.
Julian Prieto, chief designer and CEO of EDGE2 Properties Ltd, added: "Most homeowners have the option to make the most of the under-utilized Properties
Use space under stairs and roofs.
"As a master of improving small spaces with minimalist, clean lines, the Japanese are very inspired.
Their approach is from period properties to studio and-
Bedroom apartment.
Before starting any project, take the time to think about how to use the space and what storage space is needed.
Where are the mops, Hoover and ironing boards?
How about coats, sports equipment, bicycles and suitcases?
The better the space is planned, the better your home will be.
Don't be afraid to sacrifice some floor space for decent cabinets or shelves.
Use large and bold artwork in size A1 and above.
Using statement fragments creates a sense of place, shows style, and also distracts people's attention to the room
Size ratio.
Bedroom with ceiling
Height wardrobe is a great way to maximize vertical space.
For a small double bedroom, choose a slightly narrower, higher wardrobe to eliminate the space wasted above the wardrobe.
There are some good options for you to do some door
If you are looking for a higher position you can joinend finish.
Be smart when choosing furniture;
The divan bed with internal storage or box as a bedside table is ideal for adding flexible storage and will also add personality to the final look.
"Using cabinets can add storage space without affecting the design and help you create a sense of space.
Bathroom Vanity is ideal for narrow bathrooms where it can be tricky to keep clean lines. Avoid wall-
The cabinets installed above the sink bring the walls closer to make the space feel claustrophobic.
The vanity unit with concealed storage works well in combination with the bare shelf at the height of the faucet;
This will allow you to hide less attractive items and most often --
While keeping the maximum distance from the wall, it is easy to operate.
"Another great trick is to set up embedded storage in the shower/tub area as much as possible.
This will limit the confusion and keep the lines clean.
The toilet has a smaller reservoir and a small footprint, cleverly maximizing the footprint without losing functionality. 'For small en-
The pocket door of the suite is perfect for creating a seamless and spacious feeling.
They have gone a long way from those 70-year-old horrors and now have attractive hanging equipment.
The kitchen is in the kitchenette, and the shelf above the countertop is usually better than the cabinet, as it allows you to find a fully functional working space below.
The full depth cabinet above the worktop creates a claustrophobic feeling.
The shelves also allow you to quickly get the items you need at any time. ''An awkward-
The shaped kitchen can be squared with a custom storage space. Creating floor-to-
Ceiling storage leads to clean lines and you can hide less attractive kitchen appliances and clutter.
The gap between the kitchen and the ceiling wastes space.
Build your unit to the ceiling to eliminate the situation.
Any unit above the countertop should be half depth to maximize the countertop space.
"For a small kitchen, pre-
Planning to the most obsessed details is essential.
Write down the height of items such as cereal boxes, glasses and appliances, and make sure that cabinets and shelves can accommodate them.
"Color is a good way to give the illusion of kitchen space.
By using a combination of two colors-the bottom is moody and dramatic, and the top is clean and clear-you can have a full cabinet space while maintaining a balanced, spacious feel. '
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