Amid housing crisis, Reno's motor lodges become last resort - buy small bathroom sink

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Amid housing crisis, Reno\'s motor lodges become last resort  -  buy small bathroom sink
RENO, Nev. —
They were proud of Reno in the 1950 s, when the growing casino industry sparked a boom that turned Northern Nevada into the West's biggest gambling destination.
Dozens of downtown motels offer free but comfortable places to rest for those driving, taking to the country's new highway and seeing their own bright lights
Announce "the biggest small city in the world" and try your luck on slot machines and blackjack tables.
Today, the still-standing cabin is out of repair for a long time and can be rented out a week ago.
But there is a similarity in their heyday: Renault is booming again, and so is the hotel --
Not with vacationers or lucky people. seekers.
They have become the last resort for Renault. and-
In recent years, with the housing and rental markets booming and the population surging, more and more people have lost their prices.
Part of the reason is California.
Silicon Valley companies from Apple to Tesla have built businesses in the Renault region, bringing a good wave
Workers in technology and manufacturing.
Meanwhile, California's soaring housing prices and rents have pushed thousands of people across the state to find more affordable housing.
Four out of every 10 people who will move to Nevada this year are from California, and most of the people who arrive in Reno and its suburbs are from the San Francisco Bay area.
Along with the human stampede, housing prices and rents are also rising.
And those who live on the edge are becoming more anxious.
"We don't worry about keeping up with our neighbors," said Dave Fraser, who lives in an old motel . ".
"We just wanted to keep a roof over our heads.
"He and his partner pay $850 a month to cook food in a small studio at the Fireside Inn with a small portable frying pan they put next to the bathroom sink.
Both appreciated that they were no longer on the street, but said that many of their neighbors were elderly citizens or disabled people, who had a fixed income and had only one rent increase from homelessness.
"They need every penny to keep the roof," says Fraser, 74 . ".
"When they got there and the rent went up high enough, they bought a tent and lived on the river.
An estimated 4,000 peoplemostly working-
Class family, elderly and disabled
Living in wages-by-the-week motels.
For many, these cabins are the last stop to be forced to take to the streets or live in a car.
The increase in the number of homeless people in and around Renault is one of the most obvious effects of the recent population surge in the region, bringing Nevada a crisis that has plagued California and other states on the West Coast for many years.
The homeless shelter in Reno is over.
Mobile local police regularly clear temporary homeless camps from the banks of the traki River that flow through the city center.
This is the place Wendy wigersworth doesn't want to go.
Last year, after years of homelessness, she finally saved up enough money for an apartment.
A few months later, she got the bad news: The building was sold to developers who wanted to tear it down to make way for student housing near the University of Nevada.
She ended up staying at an old motel and usually rents about $800 a month
$500 lower than the average two.
Bedroom apartment.
Its owner has so far rejected a similar purchase offer, but wigerlesworth says she has been concerned that the situation will change.
"It's terrible," she said . "
"There is no place to go.
Last year, 27 poor people identified as homeless by service groups died in Washoe County.
This is the personal statistics of Aria Overli, the organizer of the community group action n.
Her sister moved into the apartment a few years ago after she was kicked out of her residence.
Rising medical expenses made her unable to pay the rent.
She committed suicide in last March.
"It's a housing problem for me," said o'ley, who sounded as she stood in front of a shabby weekly motel.
"People are dying because there is not enough housing.
"Civil society groups such as ACTIONN, local elected delegates and interfaith clergy visited several motels this summer in the hope of developing a strategy to address the housing problem at Renault.
City councillor Jenny Brekhus said the economic boom was largely driven by a government tax credit that "put the city in trouble ".
"We are not ready for such a strong growth rate and have not recovered from the recession in many ways," she said . " She sees housing and homelessness as the most pressing problem facing the city.
The National Low-Income Housing Coalition is ranked last among all states for providing affordable housing for the poorest families.
Over the past year, the Renault City Council has expanded the capacity of homeless shelters, strengthened inspections of weekly motels and budgeted $1 million to identify the most promising housing ideas.
Over the past year, the city and the county have built 342 affordable housing units using federal government grants, and another 1,200 units are under review or construction.
Another potential strategy would be to set up a special fund to make affordable housing more extensive, but that would require approval from state legislatures.
Renault president Eric Novak is a major supporter of this approach
Pra Consulting Group is headquartered in Praxis Consulting Group, which helps various groups to fund affordable housing projects.
"Unfortunately," he said, "The problem is money, as always. ”——
Reno's Associated Press reporter John Locher and Michelle Price of Las Vegas contributed to the report. ——
The report is part of a series of reports on how California responds to soaring housing costs, unemployment, and liberal policy disagreements affecting the November election.
See full coverage.
Part of the series on the impact of California's struggle on the November election. n.
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