all organized people have this in their bathrooms—do you? - bathroom sink with towel bar

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all organized people have this in their bathrooms—do you?  -  bathroom sink with towel bar
Not everyone can have a spacious bathroom with floorto-
Marble Tiles in ceiling, extra
Spacious deep soaking bathtub and roaring fireplace.
However, no matter how big, everyone can have a bathroom that feels luxurious.
Bathroom renovation may be out of reach or your rental may have been refurbished in your 70 s, but with a few small accents you can use the least effort to get your
Note from your favorite hotel rooms: all you need to do is edit the selection of products, functional spaces and matching linens.
If your product is spread all over the counter or if your bathroom is already better off, then it may be time for a quick update.
Want to know what other small details will make your bathroom feel more organized, refined and mature --up?
Here, the idea of bathroom accessories comes in handy.
Let's calculate the way your bathroom uses a little love --
Upgrade it with some luxury items that make it feel special.
It is not enough to have a shower curtain. it is a rookie's mistake to have a cushion.
What you need is a combination of the two, ideally the curtains will fall all the way down to the floor for a more complex look.
Reinforcement: change the shower curtain liner every few months to keep it fresh.
Kara cement shower curtain CB2 ($60)
No one wants to wash their hands with sticky soap, and the soap bubbles in the dirty puddle next to the sink (
The reason is obvious. .
Spend a few more dollars on bottled hand sanitizers, smell good and not too harsh on the skin.
Strengthen It: Pair your hand sanitizer with a moisturizer that visitors will like.
Aesop Resurrection Hand sanitizer ($39)
Contrary to what is generally believed, your bath pad does not have to come from the same set as your towel.
Use durable indoor/outdoor 2-enhance your bathtubby-3-
Carpet at low feet
Maintain flat lines.
Step up: try vintage kilim style to enhance the look.
Night riding carpet quiet town ($52)
Nothing is more comfortable than washing your hands at someone else's house, just realizing that the only towel in front of you is a used bath towel.
Don't be the master.
Hang a set of hand towels for guests to use next to the sink.
Strengthen: take a stack of linen towels at a dinner party
With a dedicated trash can you can easily throw it into the washing machine the next day.
Serena & Lily Fouta Bath Collection ($34)No one needs (
Or maybe want)
Learn about the Floss brand you use or how many masks you have.
If your beauty products don't fit in the medicine cabinet, put them in another room --
But not in your bathroom.
Consider only beautiful products.
Step up: Buy a tray and keep some luxurious products for your guests: hand sanitizer, moisturizer, perfume and fresh mints will be welcome at the dinner party.
Repair hardware rivet medicine cabinet ($625)
If you have a different color for your towel, or worse, the texture, then it may be time to upgrade.
Throw away dirty towels or old ones once a year to keep everything fresh. Classic all-
White towels are easily bleached and replaced
You never have to worry about matching colors.
Strengthen: refill your white towel with a set of navy, charcoal or black wash towels to remove makeup
Keep your white White
Classic bath towel set ($114)
The hooks are great, but they don't wipe dry towels evenly.
After each use, do not hang the towel flat to dry, so as not to mold the towel.
Smelly towels never look good.
Strengthen: a heated towel Rod can speed up the drying process and keep the bath towel fresh.
Schoolhouse Electric brass towel Rod ($129)
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The article was originally published in February 13, 2017 and has been updated since then.
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