All In with Chris Hayes, 4/29/2016 - sink attached to wall

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All In with Chris Hayes, 4/29/2016  -  sink attached to wall
Guest of April 29, 2016: Molly Hemingway, Julia Aifei, George Wuyi, Lin-Manuel Miranda(Start Video)
Chris Hayes, MSNBC host (voice-over)
Tonight, Donald Trump (R)
Presidential candidate: this is not the simplest entrance I have ever done.
Hayes: Trump's other show in California.
Oh my God, I feel like I'm crossing the border.
Hayes: With the escalation of the campaign.
Hillary Clinton (D)
Presidential candidate: I have a lot of experience dealing with people who sometimes get rid of reservations in their behavior and way of speaking.
Hayes: tonight, why did Donald Trump call Hillary Clinton a contributing factor and why his defense of a convicted rapist would come back to haunt him.
To be frank, I think Mike Tyson was angered.
Hayes: Also, my interview with the writer was threatened with death for writing Melania Trump.
Bernie's supporter, George wuy, talks about why he is ready for Hillary now.
My exclusive interview with Lin, creator of "Hamilton"
Manuel Milanda fought to save Puerto Rico. LIN-
Manuel Miranda, creator of "Hamilton": they need help.
My island needs help.
Hayes: everything is starting now. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Hayes: Good evening, Washington, D. C. C.
I'm Chris Hayes.
Today feels like a real preview of the 2016 election.
There are still six months left until election day, and it's already ugly.
This is a tense scene outside California's Republican state capitol earlier today, where Donald Trump plans to speak, where 17 people were arrested and property damaged last night outside the Trump rally in Southern California, less than 24 hours later.
As Trump continues to run across the country, this is something we may see again and again, not to mention the Republican convention in Cleveland in July.
Before Trump arrived today in berlingame, not far from San Francisco, for a Republican meeting, protesters managed to break through police barricades and rush to the hotel at the meeting place.
They managed to stop Trump's team from driving all the way to the scene. Instead, we saw that this made the United States
When turning, had to stop off the highway, Trump actually came out of the car, his security details and his entourage were lined up.
He began to walk along the concrete guardrail, and then he came down and went down to the embankment next to the highway, all of which, of course, were recorded by the news helicopter.
The scene is quite spectacular today.
With the security details falling, Trump ended up being forced to basically, well, a bit ironic to skip the fence with the help of an assistant, then climb back on the road to the back door of the hotel. (
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Trump: It's not the easiest entry I 've ever done.
We went through the fence, through the fence, and then-oh boy, I think I was actually crossing the border. They said, Mr.
Trump, sir, if you don't talk today, it would be much easier to leave and go back to Indiana immediately.
We can't let these people down, can we? (END VIDEO CLIP)
Hayes: At the same time, in the ongoing election competition between Trump and Hillary Clinton, Trump has already taken the lead in making the competition substantial --
As free, dirty and personal as possible, after accusing Clinton of playing the "women's card" and claiming that if it weren't for her gender, she would have received less support, on Twitter today, trump continued his personal attacks, citing "cunning Hillary Clinton, perhaps the most dishonest person ever running for president, and one of the greatest --time enablers.
Trump had previously made clear the Bill Clinton relationship, responding to Hillary Clinton's allegations of gender discrimination against him a few months ago and targeting her husband. (
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TRUMP: You said a lot.
If you read the book, there are other very scary books in the book.
He's running for his wife.
She said I like sex discrimination, but that's what she said.
She's not a victim.
She is a promoter.
Chris Wallace, Fox News anchor: is it a promoter?
She's working. -Yes.
She works with him.
Some women have been completely destroyed.
Some of these women have been destroyed and Hillary has worked with him.
I mean, in this case, no-no regrets about Hillary. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Hayes: you may hear more about this issue from now until November.
The Clinton campaign also responded to Trump's gender discrimination attack by asking contributors to donate to get their own official "female card", releasing a new online video, contrast Trump and Clinton's remarks about violence and prejudice. (
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Jack tamper, cnn anchor: would you condemn David Duke and say you don't want him or any other white supremacist to vote?
Trump: I don't know anything about white supremacists.
So, I don't know.
Will you beat him up?
I like to hit him in the face.
Next time we see him, we may kill him.
You should object if you see bias.
You should condemn violence if you see it. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Hayes: In an interview today, Clinton was asked how she planned to deal with Trump's personal insult to his Republican opponent. (
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Clinton: I have a lot of experience dealing with people who sometimes break away from reservations in behavior and the way they speak.
I'm not going to deal with their tantrums, bullying or trying to irritate my efforts.
He said whatever he wanted to say to me.
I really don't care.
I will support what I think the American people need and want in the next president of the United States. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Hayes: now with me is Federalist and MSNBC political analyst, Morley Hemingway, senior editor of National Affairs correspondent Joan Walsh. ”All right.
This is the question I gave you, he used this insulting comic very effectively throughout the primary.
Did two things.
I think it helped him overcome a series of enemies, you know, little Marco and his other subordinates, but it also made his negative impact go up, right?
Does Shtick work here?
I mean, obviously, he's going to agree, because that's what he did, and I don't know-you know?
But do you think this works in general?
Molly Hemingway, federalist: I really think so.
Last week we discussed how Trump will become president and how he will start to become more serious and remove those insults.
Hayes: It's always ridiculous to be clear.
Hemingway: this was proposed by his campaign manager, who basically denied it completely and said, absolutely no, I wouldn't do it.
This works well for him.
The only thing-Hayes: What evidence is there?
Hemingway: I mean, how well he has done in the polls so far.
Hayes: Oh, you mean, obviously, yes, Hemingway: he wants to turn this into a game between him and Hillary right now, and he wants to do it too early, he wants the media to help him do that.
I mean, there's a poll tonight that shows that Ted Cruz is up 16 percentage points in Indiana.
The game is not over yet, but Trump wants the game to end, so he wants the game to be portrayed as a match between him and Hillary Clinton.
So the more he forced the narrative by saying-bringing her this new insult-chosen, well-
The well-planned opposition to her will excite the Republicans and let them say, you know, maybe I can support him if he is willing to pursue the lady.
Hayes: That part is the key.
Joan, in all the reports about the swing between the "agency" and Trump, they will say, wow, he really wants to tell Hillary about it.
That's what excites them, even though they say, well, I really don't think his abortion politics is my own abortion politics and you never know what he's going to do, I don't know. maybe he will make nuclear weapons for a country, but he will pay tribute to Hillary.
But I think it's interesting.
The Clinton campaign released two videos in two days.
The one I just played today, the one I had yesterday or a day or two, is very real, very much like focusing on policies, the salary is too high, I want to build walls, I want to expel on a large scale, this seems to be a fork in the road to how they handle this candidacy.
Joan Walsh across the country: I think they will deal with it.
I think she personally has to deal with the matter in a substantive way, rather than going down to his level.
I think Mollie came up with a very interesting point in a way that he acted as if he were playing against Hillary but it was actually a smart base game, remind Republicans that they like him, they like him to chase Latinos, illegal-undocumented people who like him to pursue Muslims, and they like him to pursue some sort of woman.
But on the other hand, as far as turning to the general election is concerned, I really think it will be a disaster for him.
Chris, one of my data points today is that Donald Trump has done something for Hillary Clinton that none of her agents can do.
He pulled Elizabeth Warren off the sidelines not because she didn't do it, but because she went to him today and she said he attacked Secretary Clinton because he was afraid of a strong woman.
She said his gender discrimination outside was like his terrible hair.
She attacked him over and over again.
I think that's what you're going to see.
Once the primary is really over, you will see people like Senator Warren.
You will see many of her agents, men and women, humor and ridicule him and let Secretary Clinton talk only about these issues.
Hayes: I thought, too, that there is a strange thing that is happening, that is, the unity of negation.
So, basically-Cornell Belcher was doing it yesterday, he's a pollster who says Democrats shouldn't just wait and sleep around Donald Trump Democratic unity and mobilization
They must lay a good foundation.
Again, I think one might stress the extent to which Hillary Clinton is the nominee, and once it is, I think it may be Donald Trump, and the conservative camp hates Hillary Clinton. They hate her.
There will be a lot of people who will never surpass until about September, October, when suddenly they start to surpass.
Hemingway: Yes, I think, first of all, people will continue to work hard, and especially the base of the party will continue to block Trump, because Indiana is still going on, in the state of NE, California, there are a large number of delegates to attend.
Hayes: you think the Indiana game is more intense than we thought.
Hemingway: I think it might be like this, I think at least, you know, we have to wait and see what's going on. HAYES: Right.
Hemingway: But since there is not a better term, it is reported that you have seen this institution, and Reince Priebus is gathering donors to try to get them to accept this inevitability of Trump.
So, I do think people don't like the Trump issue, but they probably don't like level 95%.
They really don't like Hillary at 100%.
Because both candidates have such a high negative impact, it's actually good for Trump.
Hayes: this is the case, right?
Negative, they all have a high negative impact.
Trump's negative comments have always been high.
They are well above Hillary Clinton and her negative impact is high and it would be historic if it weren't for the emergence of Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.
But we talked about it yesterday.
I mean, I looked at it all and thought there was a way to go after Hillary Clinton.
I mean, he used to flirt with them.
He spoke a little about the North American Free Trade Agreement.
You can chase her in Libya.
You can even say that her college plan is not feasible-I mean, it will never happen in a million years.
But to be frank, the woman card is the most alienated sink-like the fact that this woman is nothing but her gender seems to be the most clumsy way to attack Hillary Clinton.
Walsh: Well, except for her gender, and then her husband, you know, there are some issues that somehow she should be blamed for that.
The combination of these things is indeed historic.
I'm not sure what Molly is talking about.
I mean, is there a 100% against that?
That's for sure, Hillary.
But I think we will see a lot of Republican women.
I don't give them numbers.
I won't say it's going to be huge, but I think we're going to see some Republican women in the fall who are Republican Women for Hillary. I do.
Hayes: What I'm trying to say is that if the tenor goes on like this for six months, I think it's true.
Hemingway: But there are some things, too.
We sit here and say it's a crazy thing to insult Hillary, but in a way Trump is a great communicator, he works around typical media gates --keeping.
It does remind people that many of her campaigns are based on the idea that she is a woman.
Molly Hemingway and Joan Walsh, thank you. Appreciate it.
When Trump went after her because Clinton played the "women's card", she was actually a woman, and yes, she would be the first female president in history.
This week he ran in Indiana with the famous basketball coach Bobby Knight, who is known for other things, and in a game he threw a chair across the room, and a special remark he made in an interview with Connie Zhong on NBC News in 1988.
He was asked how to deal with stress and adversity.
This is his answer. (
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Basketball coach Bobby Knight: I think if rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it.
I mean, it's just an old term you're going to use.
The plane crashed so you can't control it.
I'm not saying-I'm not talking about rape.
Don't misunderstand me there.
But what I'm talking about is what happened to you.
So, you have to deal with it. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Hayes: If rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it. What I want to say is that this is not an idiom that I am familiar.
In the same game in Indiana on Wednesday, Trump touted another endorsement to a famous sports star. (
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Mike Tyson supports me. I love it.
He tweeted, Mike, Iron Mike.
All the tough guys support me.
I like this, okay?
I like it when I'm recognized by hard people, because you know?
We need resilience now.
We need resilience. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Hayes: Trump did not mention that Tyson was convicted of raping an 18-member in the same city decades ago-year-old girl.
Carly Fiorina ran with Ted Cruz after she picked her up as a running mate. (
Start Video Editing)
You know, Donald Trump said, wow, all the tough guys support me.
Sorry, I don't think a convicted rapist is a tough guy, and I think Donald Trump's campaign and his character illustrate a lot, and he stands up and cheers for Mike Tyson's approval. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Hayes: Trump was asked about Fiorina's comments in a recent radio interview.
He refused to change his position on support. (
Start audio clips)
I noticed Mike Tyson supporting me online.
We will accept support.
Look, he's a hard guy to deal.
He has difficulties.
But many people have difficulties.
But Mike Tyson does support me. what does she want me to do?
Tell him I don't want him to speak?
Should I do this?
Do you think I should?
I don't think so. (END AUDIO CLIP)
Hayes: In 1992 cases, Trump's initial remarks also drew the attention of prosecutors, a man named Greg Garrison, who is now the host of the talk radio station in Indiana. (
Start audio clips)
Radio host Greg Garrison: Well, sir.
Tough is one thing, Trump.
Serial rapists are completely different. A 17-year-
The old girl, her brother and her father are super fans of Mike Tyson, which makes her feel absolutely safe to be with him, boy, she's wrong. (END AUDIO CLIP)
Hayes: Trump has a long relationship with Mike Tyson and goes back to 1980.
It turned out that after Tyson was convicted of rape, Trump defended him, arguing that he should not serve his sentence in prison, and that he should not suspect the victim, and then be a beauty pageant.
NBC Evening News reported the story on 1992. (
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Reporter: One of the leaders who stopped Tyson from jail was Donald Trump, who could lose millions of pounds if Tyson could not fight at his resort.
Trump: I think to a large extent Mike Tyson was treated rudely in this case.
Reporter: Tyson's victim, Desrae Washington, was made public almost immediately after the verdict.
She's on the cover of the character magazine, tonight at ABC's 20-
She would say that she was given millions of dollars to give up her rape charges against Tyson.
TRUMP: You have a young room and she will be in his hotel room late at night.
You have a young woman who is seen dancing for a beauty pageant and dancing with a big smile on her face and looks very happy. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Hayes: Remember, there is no one who cherishes women more than Donald J. Trump.
My creator of "Hamilton, Lin-
Manuel Miranda defended the economic disaster in Puerto Rico.
In addition, although actor George Wuji has already felt Berne, he has begun to feel the Clinton transition.
I will ask his information to his Sanders reporter.
But, first of all, the reporter was horribly reversed.
Thanks to the profile she wrote on Melania Trump, flash abuse and threat messages.
After the break, she will talk about her experience with me at this table.
So don't go anywhere. (
Business break)
Hayes: during the presidential campaign, Melania, the wife of Donald Trump, was still somewhat mysterious.
The former Slovak model rarely spoke to her husband during the campaign.
She spent most of her time in New York with the couple's son, Barron.
However, she did have an interview with Julia Effie, a frequent visitor to the show.
This week, GQ magazine published the results of the interview and original reports from Slovakia.
However, Melania Trump is not happy with this work focusing on her family and her early years in Slovakia.
On Wednesday, she took a rare move to express her displeasure on Facebook, partly because of the quote, "The article published today in gq is another example of dishonest media and dishonest reporting.
Julia Ioffe is a journalist who wants to become famous for herself.
Obviously, there is an agenda when pursuing my family.
Many obvious Trump supporters also don't like the article.
Front line of the Republican Party
Runners refuse to keep a distance from former KKK leader David Duke and forward new messages multiple times
The Nazis on Twitter, especially on the Internet, have developed quite a few white supremacists.
Some of these supporters have clearly expressed particular offense to the profile and its authors, using mean, disturbing, counter-
Flash family information.
Their family left the Soviet Union yesterday and fled
Jewish, forwarding several messages she received, including one she appeared on television with David Jewish's yellow star, and she was forced to wear ps on her shirt in Germany.
To be frank, some other information is too disturbing for us to show you.
Ioffe also received several threatening calls, one of which came from a blocked phone number that played Hitler's speech when she picked up the phone.
Now with me, Julia Effie, a contributor to GQ magazine, where she delivered her speech to Melania Trump, her rise, her family secrets,
It's nice to have you here.
Julia ioffe, a writer for JULIA Magazine: Thank you for inviting me.
Hayes: I want to talk about this work. it's very attractive.
I mean, you see, there are all sorts of levels of harassment and harassment online.
But you are a person who answered the phone with a mobile phone.
This-do you have anything else?
IOFFE: I received a number of calls asking about my alleged inquiry about the coffin.
I got a couple of possible vendors calling me to say I have contacted them.
I cleaned up a few crime scenes.
A company called me and said I had ordered the murder.
At my address.
Some of them came about 1: 00. m.
You know, every campaign is crazy.
It's a bit crazy, there's supporters, there's Twitter, but there's one thing-it's a bit different.
Hayes: You said something in an article in The Guardian that I think is interesting, something you met before when you wrote Putin.
It is felt that this world of white supremacists fighting for Trump is somewhat similar to that of Putin.
Well, there's a very counter in Russia. Semitic past.
Whenever I write anything about Russia, I get comments saying, you know, "you dirty little Jew," What do you know about Russian history, etc?
I never thought I would see this in America.
I have a lot of friends from Russia who wrote to me from Russia saying, wow, we don't even have this kind of thing here.
Hayes: The article on Melania Trump, I think is actually quite flattering.
She met a rather interesting person, of course, like a person who is not interesting, someone like an empty suitor, bimbo, right?
She's not.
Hayes: It's very clear in this piece.
But in essence, it also activates real family secrets about her father and her half-brother and the parent-child lawsuit.
There are some non-
Crazy Nazis, they feel like you have crossed some boundaries when writing these articles that are basically members of her private family.
What do you say about this?
I think it's a fair criticism, but I don't accept it.
She's the wife of the front line.
At this point, it may be the candidate for the Republican nomination.
Little is known about her.
You know, when Barack Obama ran for president, people looked into his family.
People went to Africa and found all sorts of relatives, and I don't know what he knows about all their existence, his father, what kind of person he is and what he is involved in.
This is what happens when you run for president.
I know that Melania Trump was a very private, shy, conservative person during my reporting.
That's how she grew up.
Everyone who remembers her remembers that she is very quiet and conservative.
Hayes: It was a nightmare for her.
Yes, it was a nightmare for her.
I'm not-Hayes: she obviously doesn't want him to run for president for that reason either.
IOFFE: That's right.
So, I know she's very uncomfortable with it.
I have no intention of causing her discomfort or of causing internal disputes in her family.
But she's the wife of a Republican.
I think people have the right to know where she comes from and what her family is like.
This is actually very enlightening.
I think people sometimes ask how women get married to Donald Trump.
Well, in the course of my coverage, I found out that she grew up with a man who looked like Donald Trump.
Her father is a lot like Donald Trump.
He looks like Donald Trump.
He acted like Donald Trump.
He fights with women in court like Donald Trump.
He gave a detailed description of sex and menstrual cycle.
So, I think it's a revelation.
You interviewed her.
I mean, you have access to this. IOFFE: Yes.
You had an interview with her.
IOFFE: First of all, I have to say "GQ"-neither "GQ" nor I have received any specific rebuttal about the inaccuracy of facts and facts.
Secondly, the parent-child lawsuit, we obtained the file from the Slovak court.
We showed them to Melania Trump.
She, we shake this thing back and forth and run it through legal and fact checks.
We asked some lawyers from lawyesnia to come and have a look.
No one seems to have a problem.
Hayes: Julia Effie, thank you very much for joining us.
Thank you for inviting us.
Hayes: Actor George Bukit will go with me.
Why does he support Bernie Sanders but oppose Bernie or bust like the campaign.
Right in front. (
Business break)
Hayes: Puerto Rico is not only part of the United States. S. territory.
In the throes of this massive financial crisis, the crisis has not received the attention it deserves.
So when one of the biggest pop culture phenomena in recent years
Manuela Miranda, as he did last week with John Oliver in tonight, talked about it. ”(
Start Video Editing)MIRANDA (rapping)
: Review: Three-point-
Billions of dollars of US civilians in 5 million, vulture funds hovering, lobbying to pay, nothing to tax or cut, we're in trouble, we need a way out.
Allow them to restructure, and if you let this crisis break out, there is no structure for what may happen in less than a day! (END VIDEO CLIP)
Hayes: A little later, my interview with LinManuel Miranda. (
Business break)
Hayes: Hillary Clinton seems to have admitted her nomination status.
Today, her campaign announced that it will arrange the first campaign in the election battlefield state, including the establishment of directors in Florida, New Hampshire and Colorado.
The announcement coincides with Clinton's planned campaign in Appalachian next week, where she plans to stay in another battleground state in Ohio.
At the same time, Senator Bernie Sanders acknowledged that his path to nomination had been reduced to very little.
He seems to be focusing on policy reform on some platforms for democracy.
Yesterday, in an article called "What Bernie Sanders wants", Politico pointed out a series of concessions that Vermont senators might expect Hillary Clinton to make, for example, the suggestion that the federal government should use an open format for more primary elections every 15 hours.
Today, Clinton's supporters told "The Hill" that she plans to take a tough stance, which will not yield to many of Sanders's demands.
In this week's primary, the vast majority of Democrats said they might or certainly vote for Hillary Clinton in November if she became a presidential candidate. It's like actor George Wujing is a mistake to want to remind democrat Bernie or go bankrupt.
Actor and human rights activist George Takei is joining me now. Mr.
You-I think you have a special advantage to look at the rise of Trump, especially since he is likely to be the nominee.
How do you feel when you watch this unfold?
Actor George Wuji: Well, I think, you know, we should all support the candidates that we feel are closest.
In the primary, we need to support what we think is the best candidate.
I respect Bernie's supporters, liberals and greens, but when we pass the primary, I think we should start looking at the issue from a bigger perspective.
We hope-we don't want Donald Trump to be president of the United States.
There are consequences for the election.
So we need to look at our common position and vote so that we can win as Democrats.
There are consequences for the election.
When you see the November election, we see a completely different America.
I hope this is the kind of America I like, and the biggest thing we have in common as Americans is.
We don't want a fear person, someone who wants to build a wall on the southern border and ban Muslims, all the people we don't want our country to be.
I love America. I don't want America to be the country we will live in after November.
Hayes: There have been a lot of people recently writing about the way they go through the Democratic primary, these people are middle-left people, arguing on Facebook, arguing, things like this.
What is your experience?
Can you tell me what you think when you go through this primary?
TAKEI: Well, I heard about it especially from the enthusiastic Bernie supporters.
You know, I have many common problems that they support.
I was there with the protesters who occupied Wall Street.
I think the minimum wage is $15.
I think we need to fund family planning.
I think we need equality for LGBT people.
Even after November, the struggle is still before us.
We need to come together so we don't have a president like Donald Trump.
You know, when I was a kid, I went through an American that was completely different from today.
I grew up behind a thorn.
Barbed wire in American concentration camps.
This is because the country is swept away by war hysteria and the fact that we happen to look like the people who bombed Pearl Harbor.
And I don't want America back.
What we have heard, the fear that the Republicans have created, is chilling, and I know how terrible it is.
So I say to Bernie's supporters, liberals, and Greens, we have to get together because we do have a common foundation, and ultimately our common Foundation is Americans.
We do not want this to happen again in the United States.
HAYES: George Takei, thank you very much for joining us. thank you very much.
Thank you for inviting me.
Hayes: next, as tomorrow is Obama's last White House press dinner, we will look back at his greatest banquet, which happens to be the banquet for the current presidential candidate.
We play in front.
Don't go anywhere. (
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Obama: He learned English. END VIDEO CLIP)
Hayes: This weekend will be President Obama's last appearance at a White House press dinner.
Donald Trump attended the dinner party before, but will not attend tomorrow.
And the real question is, to what extent will President Obama laugh at someone who, for many, has become a legitimate and terrible representative of some xenophobia, the pressure of racism and even fascist in American society today.
We can expect that this year's host, Larry Wilmore, might say a word or two to Trump.
He was a big target, which Seth Meyers used in hosting the meeting in 2011. (
Start Video Editing)
Comedian Seth Meyers: It's amazing that Donald Trump has been saying he's going to run for president as a Republican because I just think he's joking.
Donald Trump recently said he has a good relationship with black people.
I bet, though, that he is wrong unless the black is a white family. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Hayes: right at the White House press dinner in 2011, President Obama got the best result from Donald Trump and we'll be playing it in 60 seconds. (
Business break)
Hayes: one of the most prominent aspects of President Obama's performance at the White House's 2011 journalist dinner was that just a day ago, he ordered a raid on bin Laden's residence in Pakistan, the raid was less than 24 hours after his speech.
Despite the urgency of the task, the president kept a poker face throughout the evening and during his speech.
This is part of the president's total attack on chief birther, who will --be commander-in-
Chief Donald Trump(
Start Video Editing)
Obama: No one is happier than Donald, no one is more proud than Donald to put the birth certificate at rest.
That's because he can finally re-focus on important issues-like we fake the moon landing?
What exactly happened to Roswell?
Where are Biggy and Tupac?
In addition to joking, obviously we all know the breadth of your qualifications and experience.
For example, seriously.
Not long ago, in a collection of celebrity apprentices at the steakhouse, the men's cooking team did not impress the judge of the Omaha steak.
Blame everywhere, but you, sir.
Trump recognizes that the real problem is lack of leadership.
So in the end you didn't blame Jon and the meatloaf and You fired Gary Busey.
These are the decisions that keep me awake at night.
Well handled, sir. Well handled. (END VIDEO CLIP)(
Business break)
Hayes: Yesterday was probably the best day in 21 years and the worst. year-
Life of old laremi tansier
Tunsil, a highly touted college footballer, is expected to be one of the top picks for the entire NFL draft.
Just minutes before the draft started last night, Tunsil's own Twitter account showed a video showing him inhaling from a gas mask bong.
Almost immediately, the video became the biggest sports news of the time.
This has been repeatedly mentioned on ESPN and ESPN is playing the draft.
Tunsil's draft stock plummeted in real time, and ESPN's lens focused on him waiting to be selected.
It will take a while.
Tunsil was not taken away until Miami Dolphins picked him in the 13 th draft.
The video apparently cost Tunsil a lot, and it is estimated that due to the video, his draft plummeted and he lost more than $7 million in salary.
The Dolphins said the video has been two years old and they knew it at least before the draft.
After Tunsil was selected, the video was not even over, and a text conversation was posted on Tunsil's Instagram account, allegedly requiring Ole Miss football staff to pay rent, and pay the mother's electricity bill.
The NCAA does not allow players to receive compensation except for scholarships.
Ole Miss now says it is investigating possible violations by the NCAA.
After being selected yesterday, Tunsil talked about what happened. (
Start Video Editing)
Draflaremy TUNSIL from Miami Dolphins: man, someone hacked into my account.
Man, you know, I made this mistake a few years ago and somehow someone hacked my Twitter account on my photo.
Apparently someone just hacked my Instagram account so it went crazy. (END VIDEO CILP)
When asked if he had taken the money from the coach, Tunsil seemed to have agreed.
Not long after he was ousted.
There are a few things here.
First of all, let me say that no matter who is trying to ruin the life of this young man, I want them to be found and held accountable.
What happens to Tunsil also provides a data point on how the NFL is pricing various irregularities in its potential customers.
Seen in a two-man bongyear-
The old video seems to have seriously damaged Tunsil's stock and cost him millions of dollars.
But Jameis Winston, accused of buying a rape student at Florida State University, was the number one draft last year.
The charge did not seem to hurt him at all.
Winston was never criminally charged, but Florida State University paid nearly $1 million to settle the plaintiff's lawsuit.
Then someone found a good way to disrupt Laremy Tunsil's life, which was to reveal that he needed money to pay the rent and his mom's bill, and that he only needed money, because although the NCAA has created millions of dollars for his work, he will not get him paid.
So, if you're looking for a villain in this story, it's definitely not a young man who smoked marijuana a few years ago and then wants to help mom pay the bill. (
Business break)HAYES: The U. S.
Puerto Rico is in the midst of a $70 billion debt crisis, where the government has fired tens of thousands of public employees, raised sales taxes, schools have been shut down, and social services have been slashed.
Due to financial uncertainty, the number of Puerto Ricans moving to the United States has reached a record high. S.
The mainland has further depleted its tax base.
Responding to the Zika virus on the island (the first victim they reported today), Puerto Rico is facing a humanitarian disaster.
Now there are many reasons why Puerto Rico has reached this point. In the mid-
In their 90 s, Congress ended the massive tax incentives they offered to companies to attract jobs to the island, hitting the economy.
Puerto Rico issued bonds to make up for the budget shortfall, but was unable to repay the debt in the end.
Because of its political status as an American. S.
Puerto Rico cannot declare bankruptcy as Detroit did.
Therefore, the only person who can provide relief to the three islands.
5 million Americans in Congress are men and women are women.
A relief bill is under way, but the terms are still being finalized.
To complicate things, an advertising campaign launched by a dark monetary group across the country was bailout, although it would not provide direct financial assistance.
Because, Puerto Rico is not represented in Congress, perhaps the most famous speaker on this issue is not a politician, but the creator and star of the Broadway musical Hamilton LinManuel Miranda.
He lobbied elected officials, and he wrote a New York Times column.
About this question.
This week, he explained the debt crisis in a performance on HBO last week, directly attracting lawmakers. (
Start Video Editing)LIN-
Manuel Miranda, creator of Hamilton: It's non-partisan.
The difficult part is to convince Congress, but the people are important, so their hearts are fighting for relief, not relief, but relief.
Paul Ryan, I believe you can ease our grief with legislation.
Entertain Hamilton at your house, I will be with Pelosi Dorsey Doe and I will wear a Hamilton shirt. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Hayes: Well, Paul Ryan happened to sit down early on Sunday to watch the game of thrones, saw the show and was surprised to check the name.
Ryan said that the focus of Congress is on debt relief for the island, but within two days from now, the deadline for Puerto Rico to repay most of its debt is May 1, the terms of the Puerto Rico relief act are still in congressional negotiations, and it is almost certain that this is a major breach of contract.
Earlier, I sat down with my 25-year-old friend Lin to discuss why he was speaking on this issue. (Start Video)
Miranda: It's very personal.
You know, we don't want you to help our cause, it's my uncle and aunt and cousins who live on the island and are suffering very real and tangible.
This is a financial crisis, it is causing a humanitarian crisis, which can be avoided.
It's a bunch of things.
Due to the mismanagement and inaction of Congress, the upcoming wave is the deadline of May 1, these financial debt and litigation threats.
And, you know, this flood of finance that's coming-so it's just very personal.
It's not-it's not, Hey, can you do this for us?
There are countless undertakings in the world.
They need help, my island needs help.
Hayes: Your father is from (inaudible).
Where you and your sister used to go-I remember when you would tell me about the summer in Puerto Rico.
What does it mean to give us a snapshot of like, right?
People think the financial crisis is like, well, that's what it means at the bottom.
Like, what does the financial crisis mean for people who live on the island now?
Miranda: that means basic health and human services are being cut.
A big hospital was closed.
Before they turn off the lights, they wait for the operation to take place, but basically, the structure of the thing, the repayment of the debt takes precedence over the basic service, which is where we bring in
Multiplied by the fact that the Zika virus came to the island.
You have a real humanitarian crisis.
I think how this will affect tourism is another big deal on our island.
This is a huge lifeblood for Puerto Rico and will be affected.
So, I can't say it's better than John Oliver on his show because all the plagues are too thin for the Bible.
That's his joke. And it`s true.
So what I have been calling for is that I have not tried to resolve the status of Puerto Rico and its relationship with the island.
This is something that needs to happen.
It's not my job is to be a town critic on the beach and say a wave of waves is coming and Congress is in a unique position to be able to draft legislation, let's apply for bankruptcy cities like other Americans can put on record, let's restructure those debts and give a level of financial relief to be able to provide basic services.
Hayes: your op in Oliver's appearance and the New York Times-
Ed, you are concerned about the crisis now, but the crisis part is really by the strange quasi-non-
The Democratic status of our fellow citizens living in Puerto Rico.
5 million people who do not elect the president of the United States and do not elect members of Congress.
So, they are now in a position where they are legally bound, and how much they can be bound by what the United States doesS.
Law, but no one in the capital is an American citizen. S.
Representative or United StatesS.
Senator from Puerto Rico
Miranda: That's right.
I'm a playwright and I get more attention and it's crazy. It`s insane.
I don't want to belittle Nadia Velasquez (ph)
Chuck Schumer did it.
Just like Democrats and Republicans are talking.
Senator Gillibrand took me to the mountain, you know, so I have to give credit where I should be given credit.
These politicians have been working hard to find a solution.
You know Paul Ryan said he would come up with a plan by the end of the parade and he did.
So, they're talking.
As you know, this is not something.
Republicans and Democrats are discussing the issue, which is a huge one.
So, keep talking and keep an eye on the local people-the business is closing.
The minimum wage is a real crisis.
I therefore hope that this solution will be given a priority to the needs of the people of Puerto Rico, who live on that island.
Hayes: I think most people don't know exactly what Americans know.
Prior to that, a number of entities had launched a campaign to stop it and stop the judgment and bailout.
There is a little old lady who buys Puerto Rican bonds, and she will see the savings of her life.
You see, this is familiar.
Every time something like this happens, bondholders don't like it, it's just the nature of the thing.
Do you tell those who believe that we are saving irresponsible, incompetent, Puerto Ricans . . . . . . Miranda: It's not actually a bailout.
It's like-taxpayers don't put money into Puerto Rico.
This is the tax on your work.
It allowed them to file for bankruptcy and restructure their debts.
Can the bondholders get 100% back? They will not.
But where do you get the money from?
To be honest, I mean . . . . . . Hayes: Also, this happens when you buy bonds.
For example, you take some risks when you buy bonds.
Miranda: I can-I can't get to know this in detail because that's not my job.
But this is the key point.
This is not like the $60 billion in the budget from US taxpayers, which is currently before the people of Puerto Rico.
It's not-it's just that people know, it's not . . . . . . Miranda: Yes.
Rescue is not a word that should get into the conversation, it's business to convince you, but that's not the case.
So, you know-I just-my goal is to really focus on the congressional delegates who are talking.
Thank you for your conversation.
It is only based on the actions of the people of Puerto Rico that their needs for life and death are given priority.
Hayes: May 1 is the deadline.
What must happen?
Congress must pass a piece of legislation.
It sounds like the White House has offered to sign the deal.
I mean, it's a viable thing if Congress takes action.
Miranda: That's right.
This is in Congress.
The ball is on their field.
When Hamilton performed at the White House, I visited the Treasury Department.
It took us two full minutes to talk about the currency and we spent more time talking about Puerto Rico.
Basically, as you said, they want Congress to do the same.
Some degree of understanding of the details of the figures on the ground, we are all waiting for them to complete.
So, you know, here's a reminder, please complete it.
Hayes: Well, the last question is that the person who is pushing things forward in Congress is Paul Ryan in the house.
His comments were interesting because he talked about-you were on John Oliver, you-your name disappointed him and Nancy Pelosi and others.
He said he had sat down to watch Thrace's game and opened it 10 minutes in advance where you rap . . . . . . Miranda: Yes, westrose (ph)
Puerto Rico is real and fictional.
We need help more than Westerners (ph).
Hayes: Okay.
Are you confident it will happen?
Miranda: I have no confidence in anything.
I'm a New Yorker.
But I was hopeful about their conversation. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Hayes: Thank you very much LinManuel Miranda.
It's here tonight.
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