after major stroke, john jackson jr. sets goal to return to coliseum to watch his son, john iii, play for usc - grey wall hung basin unit

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after major stroke, john jackson jr. sets goal to return to coliseum to watch his son, john iii, play for usc  -  grey wall hung basin unit
The doctor told John Jackson
And his family said his upcoming surgery was honed in the melting pot of war.
If the soldier's brain is injured in the battle, they will open his skull and take out a piece to relieve stress.
Then insert that skull into the stomach and keep it there until the swelling level drops enough to put it back in its original position. John Jr.
I don't know if the surgeon at Torrance Memorial Medical Center can take him apart and reassemble like those soldiers. He believed —
They had him hold on for more than a month since the stroke
But he still has to be realistic about all the possibilities.
It's only 52, which means he needs to talk to his eldest son.
One morning in January, John Jackson III drove from his dream school, the University of Southern California, to South Bay to see the man who planted the seeds without really trying. John Jr. ’s short-
The term memory is tense, but he remembers very clearly what it feels like to be a new, extensive recipient of the Trojans.
If he doesn't practice well, he will be very hard on himself.
Now, he is preparing to look at the problem of a teenager from the right perspective.
It's time for surgery, John Jr.
Want John III by his side.
His wife and two young children stayed behind because the people in the House took the elevator down to the operating room.
No sign language or Little John's ability to communicate
Pointing to the picture to convey a simple message, it feels like a huge gift, however, dad is back below again.
"This is very serious.
John III recalled his father saying in the cold of the surgery prep room: "I may not be successful . ".
"I want you to know that I need you to take care of the family no matter what happens. ”John Jr.
Apologies to John III for being in this situation.
Taking care of the family actually means taking care of yourself first.
Start learning his real estate major, meet the right people in the famous Trojan network, and quickly become a traditional roster holder in the University of Southern California football program --
He has been taking his brother Jaden to the baseball game for the weekend, where he also serves his mother and sister.
This message will change John III forever.
No matter what happens.
These are the key words.
Dad didn't tell him to grow up when he died.
He told him he had to grow up. period.
Without the guidance of a personal life coach, he may have to do so, which is just an unfair obstacle. John Jr.
He said what he wanted to say.
He's ready now.
The staff at the Torrance Memorial pushed him into the operating room, leaving only John III.
His idea became something as simple as football.
John III decided that he would work so hard to become a better player that when his father came to the University of Southern California football training in the spring, he looked at the wide receiver, John Jr.
Can't even pick him out of all the potential crowd.
Americans and future professionals
It is strange that the goal of John III's freshman year is to integrate into it. ::On Dec.
The day when the stroke left little John Jackson silent
John III sat down and wrote the first of 17 letters to his father.
"Today, I had classes at the University of Southern California," John III typed on his laptop.
"I could sit down with Sonia and she helped me with 100%.
She really likes me, maybe more than you.
Because John III could not speak to his father, he wanted to write the way they spoke, the sentences with spicy irony and hard
The mentality of love determines his upbringing.
Of course, Sonia savalia, deputy director of the real estate program at the University of Southern California's price Academy, doesn't like him more than Dad, but John III thinks John Jr.
I think it's interesting.
"Normally," continued John III, "you will say, 'Oh son, this is good, because she is a man of power, you will need her more than she needs you.
"When John Jackson III was a boy, it was easy to see him playing football at the University of Southern California and fulfilling his father's dream in front of him, but it was an incorrect assumption.
In fact, John III decided during his senior year at gadana Sierra High School that he wanted to follow his father's footsteps to go to the University of Southern California instead of pursuing a career in baseball, which marked the young man coming out on his own.
To be sure, his old man's thoughts on the topic are complicated.
But little John JacksonThe only one-time-
Of the 163 Professional receptions, a record 1989Pac-10 first-
Designation of two teams
All the time
He does not want his children to play football for the University of Southern California.
Although he has devoted his life to Troy football, as he grows older, Little John
More agree with the forgotten side of his sports resume --team All-Pac-
Ten baseball players led the team for a season and created school records for the stolen base.
For John III, baseball has become so easy, and in dad's view football is just another sport that helps him to end his teenage experiences, and another passion that they can share.
But seriously, what can Little John do? have expected?
He raised the boy with cardinal and gold and took him to the gym and campus at one time
Join Pete abogast on radio.
John III's bedroom has a picture of his father wearing a USC uniform and a frame of Pete Carroll hanging on the wall.
This is the same for Little John.
Growing up with old John
Running back to Troy and Little John.
Collect games-
The wristbands worn by the hysmann award winners Marcus Allen and Charles White. John Jr.
I will also choose to pursue football and spend a few seasons in the NFL with the Phoenix Cardinals and the Chicago Bears.
He went through nine career passes and spent the rest of his life wondering what he could do in baseball.
John III also wants to be a baseball player.
But when he was a senior at Serra in 2017, he had moved from quarterback to wide receiver and became a three-star prospect.
University of Southern California coach clay Heton is recruiting him, but since the Trojans already have blue --
Chip Receiver Amonra St.
Brown and Williams in Devon lined up.
Given that big league baseball players are watching his son John Jr.
Just can't see it.
One day, John III wanted his father to take him to seven. on-
Seven, Little John.
Tell his son to forget football and play.
"What do you think, Dad? I can't come?
John III asked him.
"What do you think?
I'm not good enough?
"It really hurt my heart . "would say.
"It's so shocking because I feel like, you know, it's his life, not my own.
If it were my choice, he would never play football.
But if my child questions my confidence in him, then I have to give up.
"The University of Southern California football is part of John III and it is not a real choice.
In addition, John III enjoyed the more attention he received for playing football --
He was ecstatic when his Instagram fans reached 1,000
There is nothing better than a crowded gymnasium.
"He went to recruit," Ann-
Francis Jackson recalled, "he walked into the stadium and looked around and I said, 'What do you think?
He said, "Mom, how can you say no to all this?
But he did not give the key to his kingdom.
John III's scholarship depends on whether he accepts the gray-
Shirt year, postponed his registration at the University of Southern California to the second semester, and then joined the team as a freshman.
He was actually an afterthought, forced to attend classes at a junior college in the fall, however, when the Scouts pushed him to choose baseball until the June draft, john III told them not to use the choice on him.
It was December when John III finally realized his dream. he could not hear his father's advice.
During the holidays, he kept writing these letters, slept a lot of nights in a small chair in the hospital room, begging him to wake up.
They looked for any signs that he was still there, clenched his hand, hoping for the faintest response.
John III has always liked his dad calling a game at his booth at the University of Southern California.
Because he could not speak, the scene felt too far away.
Around 1: 45 a. m. on December, Little John. woke.
John III and his aunt also happened to be awake.
His father knows sign language and he is trying to say something with his right hand.
They frantically search Google for what it means.
They got it in 10 minutes. John Jr.
The Signal "jj3.
: Once John Jackson III is apparently attending the University of Southern California, his father will joke with him and say he will take him to class in the morning.
"Just like you were in elementary school," John Jr.
I will say, "Take your hand and kiss you well --bye!
"John III would reject his grumpy father, but this winter, when he considered not having his life, he was very open to any fatherly embarrassment of John II. could bring.
On the day of the stroke, John III heard the news that he thought his father would stay there for a day or two and come back.
This is a person who once hit baseball on his face, dropped a tooth and continued to lead his son to practice, just like nothing.
But see Little John.
Day after day, unconsciously arrange and attach to the ventilator pipe, causing resonance.
Then they talked before the surgery on January.
"It made me realize that while I was on my own turf, John III said:" I have a family looking at me and looking for me to fill the holes that my dad usually takes care . ". John Jr.
The results were good.
In the next few weeks, the hole in his head was covered with a bandage, Ann-
Frances was careless with the doctor about a part of his skull embedded in his stomach and could not be relieved.
They compare the swelling of his brain to the swelling of his ankle.
In both cases, you just have to wait.
In the end, another operation was performed to reassemble the skull.
That went on as planned. Still, John Jr.
There's a long way ahead.
His left side was almost paralyzed due to a stroke and he had to re-learn how to walk.
His speech came back slowly.
In any case, his family has to protect him and, although they just want him back in full, encourage him to step up.
John III focused on what his father told him.
He started classes in real estate projects and began looking for summer internships.
Morning 5:30 wake up. m.
Exercise became normal when he tried to improve his speed to catch up with his height of 6 feet 2 200 pounds.
January became February, Little John.
He likes what he hears.
"It's a big burden for me," John Jr.
"But he did not waver.
He didn't say, no, that's not for me.
You better find someone else.
I am very proud of him for this.
On March 5, the University of Southern California held its first spring internship. John Jr.
I can't go there and see it, the reality is that he may not be able to see him on the Cardinal training jersey until August.
But it didn't take anything away for John III.
After all, it was his dream and he dragged his father in.
John III put on his uniform for the first time and looked at himself in the mirror.
"This is a dream come true," said John III . ". He wore No. 87, not the No.
His father was dressed like a Trojan horse.
He could have asked no.
But John III has reason to be quiet.
His father does not wear it.
29 in his first year on campus, no. 1.
"I want it to be one of the things that's earned," said John III . ".
"To be honest, this is an unfortunate situation, but I don't want to use this as a reason to refuse. 1.
I want to get it through my game, like other kids, instead of being given to me just because who wore it in front of me.
": More than four months have passed since the paramedics pushed Little John Jackson.
Through the door of this hospital, the mood became relaxed today in the Hall of the transition care room at the Torrance Memorial.
His partner at the gym booth. by-
Abergast comes here every week to play. John Jr.
For the past hour, his mind has been very active and he has been the most productive in discussing the past, especially his son's journey.
His body is also moving forward, and he moves his left foot in a wheelchair to show it.
"I haven't seen this yet," Arbogast said . ". John Jr.
Then the finger on his left hand twitched.
"I have never seen it! "Said abergast.
Arbogast reminded him: "If your stroke hits the other side of your brain, you can't talk and reason, etc.
"How lucky I am," said Little John. deadpans.
He can't remember anything that happened between a stroke and his birthday on January. 2.
Everything after that was never there. ending grind.
"I was counting the tiles on the ceiling when I started," John Jr. says.
"It was a big deal when I first went to 10 tiles.
Then I walked 33 tiles and this is my record.
Good coach.
They would say, "Wow, I remember you only made two tiles at the time.
With the help of the Pacers, John can run around the TCU.
A week after his visit in April 10, he will be transferred to an acute rehabilitation center, which is the first step towards a presence that includes regular visits to the University of Southern California to watch his son play football.
Arbogast and many other Trojans continued to inform him of his son's progress on the ground.
John III even took the film to the hospital and invited his father's guidance.
Due to the lack of depth in his position, John III immediately worked with the second team, but Holden's comments to the media early in the camp suggested that he was worth the job.
The most important thing is that John III feels the same way.
He proved to himself that he and St.
Michael Pitman Brown Jr.
And Tyler.
"After he had some good practices," said Little John.
He said, "he came in and he said, 'Daddy, we did it.
He held back his tears.
"I will never forget that," he said . "
"Every drive to the kakamenga Ranch is 7-on-
The seven places I fell asleep were worth it.
It is worth hearing what he said to me.
Letters from his son to his father still pile up in the hands of Little John.
Because reading is still too much housework, there is no reading.
One day Dad will read these books and he will understand further that John III did not choose football instead of baseball.
"This is the football of the University of Southern California," John III explained . ".
"This is something about it.
I get goose bumps in the locker room.
I fell in love with the University of Southern California.
They always share that love.
Now, the University of Southern California football dream is also their.
"I couldn't move when I first came out of here, and I said, 'I don't care what happens.
"I will watch him run out of the tunnel in the gym . "says.
"Half the time when I was exercising, that's what I thought.
It would be much easier to get up and exercise at 7: 30 in the morning, as this is the only way I can get to the first game gym.
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