adderall abuse alters brain, claims a young life - how to fit a wall hung basin

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adderall abuse alters brain, claims a young life  -  how to fit a wall hung basin
Kyle Craig, musician, athlete and high school student
Students who have achieved outstanding results at the University of van der Burg are the only ones who see the train coming.
His family affectionately called him "strong, huge and responsible", but in just a year Kyle lost social confidence and became a little imperceptible spiral of decline
In the early hours of last May, Kyle--the all-American kid --
Standing in front of a passenger train, 21 years old ended his life.
"Kyle is confident, not arrogant," said his father, Walter chipper Craig of Springlake. N. J.
He held back his tears.
He's smart and beautiful. -
A minute of excitement, focus, happiness, achievement and socializing.
This may be part of his failure.
Kyle turns to Adra. -
A legal drug for attention deficit disorder (ADHD)
This helped him stay up late to study and perform the next day.
By Friday he was exhausted, but eager to get to the party, he would bring more and mix it with alcohol.
He has a respectable 3.
But when he watched his Brotherhood get three points. 8s and 4.
Kyle, a 0-year-old looking at Wall Street's career, thinks he can do better and ignores the lifelong advice he only needs to "do his best.
"At first he got the blue pill for $10 from his friends.
He then pretended to be ADHD and asked a doctor for a prescription without asking too many questions.
His parents never knew because of the law of secrecy.
"Knowing that someone else took them away gives them an advantage and he is willing to try," said his mother Andrea Craig . ".
"If he liked something, he would have been--
Take it to a new level.
"By the third year of 2009, when Kyle told his parents that he had lost interest in such an interesting fraternity in the past, they thought that this personality change might be a sign of maturity, however, only in retrospect did they realize that these were the first signs of growing mental illness caused by Adderall abuse.
After Kyle's death, his classmates and friends told his parents, "Everyone accepts Adra.
"Craog didn't make excuses for Kyle's choice, but they believed the effects of Adderall's abuse, and the series of suicides in his hometown that year, were likely to create a" perfect storm ", attracted him to the train track.
Suicide is the third leading cause of 15 deaths. to 24-
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the age group accounts for more than 12% of annual deaths (CDC). One-
The third is alcohol positive, and one of the 5 people has evidence of prescription drugs.
"The most difficult thing is to miss him. . .
His mother struggled to say.
"He is so bright.
It's sad now that we know everything we know and trace it back to the exit ramp.
If we could, I 'd like to know how it would be different.
"Now, craig, who claims to have" not recovered from the loss ", wants others to know the dangers of Adderall, a very addictive drug, working in the brain like cocaine or meth is rampant on the most competitive college campus.
It is estimated that one out of every 5 students abused Adderall, a powerful combination of four times
According to the CDC, Anfei's release increased the amount of dopamine and adrenaline in the brain.
For people with ADHD, this drug can improve alertness, sexual desire and overall cognitive ability, improve mood and relieve fatigue.
In the past 15 years, the treatment of Adderall has greatly improved the lives of many people.
But for those who do not have the disease, the drug, like other strongman's life, can cause euphoria and increase the risk of addiction.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of every 12 Am Americans is diagnosed with ADHD and Adderall's sales have soared by more than 30-Fold since 2001.
The CDC says the same is true of the drug abuse.
The pill started in high school, and according to a 2006 study in the drug partnership, 1 out of 10 students in grades 7 to 12 used Adderall to help school performanceFree America.
They share it, buy it from each other, or pretend to have ADHD in order to get it, abuse will continue to enter the university, where academic pressure is greater.
The writer Joshua Foer, who spent a week doing experiments, said he was working efficiently as if he had been bitten by a radioactive spider.
"Depression patients have Prozac, worrywarts patients have Anding, gym rats have steroids, and successful people have Adderall," he wrote for the Slate magazine in 2005 . ".
The Food and Drug Administration is classified as a controlled substance in Schedule II, recognizing the possibility of its abuse.
Between 2000 and 2005, the FDA found nearly 1,000 cases of mental illness or mania ---
Especially illusion. -
In connection with drugs such as Adderall, on 2007 it directed pharmaceutical companies to inform patients of adverse mental symptoms.
"Selling or giving these drugs can hurt others and violate the law," said FDA spokesman Sandy Walsh . ".
"Adderall has a boxed warning about the possibility of drug abuse, reminding doctors to prescribe or prescribe less of these drugs.
"Every time a drug is distributed, the patient must be given an FDA-
Discuss approved drug guidelines for warnings.
Dennis Bradley, spokesman for Teva Pharmaceutical, manufacturer Adderall, said: "The packaging insert clearly states the risks associated with incorrect doses, misuse or abuse and recommends that doctors properly monitor patients
"For patients with a history of drug abuse, it is not recommended to use this drug.
"But Fallon Schulz, a licensed clinical social worker and addiction specialist from Howell, New York StateJ.
Abuse of the drug can actually change the chemical properties of the brain, he said.
A 2009 report from Scientific American shows that although
Long-term benefits of this drug
Long-term use can change the function of the brain, thus suppressing emotions and increasing anxiety.
Young brains are particularly vulnerable because they are not fully developed until the middle20s.
In a patient without ADHD, the almond body-
The part of the brain that controls emotions and aggression. -
Doping like Adderall can become overactive, leading to an increase in dopamine levels.
According to Schulz, a study by the University of California, Los Angeles, shows that people who use Anfei's life have higher aggression, mental illness and suicide rates.
"It's cheating the brain, it doesn't need to make dopamine, and dopamine is the only chemical in the brain that you can never get back once it's damaged," Schultz said . ".
This leads to severe depression and emotional disorders.
"Not only that, but the drug can sometimes trigger irreversible mental division and bipolar disorder.
"It's too easy for doctors to open up, universities don't take misconduct seriously, parents deny that young people need to be better educated," she said . ".
Students can easily fool doctors because they can find symptoms of ADHD on the Internet, she said.
"When a college student comes in and repeats these things too well, the red flag should rise," Schultz added . ".
Better follow-up is neededup.
"You don't prescribe, you don't see patients for a year, especially when we see it so common.
"Students also need to know the dangers.
"They are playing with fire," Schultz said . ".
"We didn't draw a picture of our children that was terrible enough, a real picture of addiction.
Kyle's 54-year-old mother said: "Kyle's mood swings, subtle personality changes and final depression were discovered afterwards . "year-
The old man who works in the field of commercial communications.
In the summer, Kyle casually mentioned that he was learning this medicine. once, his mother saw a prescription bottle in his backpack.
"I really blame myself," she said . ".
"I didn't do any homework on it like my parents did.
But he was given the green light by the doctor.
There are other ominous signs. -
He was a little aggressive, not "cool and easy" and a little "impatient ".
"There has been a marked change in his way, his confidence, and his overall health," said the 56-year-old father. year-old lawyer.
"When we look back on that summer, we now know that this is just the tip of the iceberg.
Still, Kyle was surfing, working as a waiter for the summer, and practicing at a famous investment bank in New York City.
Judging from all the appearances, when he returned to Van der Burg in the fall, he performed well, "kicking it out of the park again by 3 points.
Said his father.
"From the summer of 2009 to his death [Kyle]
Looks very happy, very outgoing, healthy, active, at a high level in school, rushing to chair in the Brotherhood, going out for a walk, dating, very, very normal, he said.
"That's what Adderall is.
Too deceptive.
But later, they learned that Kyle asked for help from a college counselor and expressed concern about social anxiety.
In the works they found after his death, Kyle hoped he would enjoy people's lives as before.
This seems to have passed. Kyle went abroad for his junior year in Barcelona in January.
Kyle later told his therapist that he stopped Adderall in February.
"He went to the cold turkey and it was really hard," said Andrea Craig . ".
But friends in Barcelona say Kyle went to class, social and optimistic.
"We all had breaks, but he didn't sit in the dark room," his father said . ".
"His character strength is part of his failure because he can continue to tell us that he is good to show us.
Kyle seemed frustrated, but when his parents visited him in April, he "came back to his peak.
"They talked about his mood swings and advised him to go to the therapist when he came home 10 days later.
Kyle had only two meetings with a therapist and was told to stay away from alcohol, but his parents never heard such a warning.
On May 21, the night of his sister's prom, Kyle joined a group of friends who came home from college at a local bar.
He talked to his friends about his upcoming internship, dancing, and buying a drink to celebrate.
"The result was too long, and at some point some of the beers were transferred to too many beers, and the depression caused by alcohol began to affect the psychology," his father said . ".
"Unfortunately, his best friend was not watching him that night.
"Kyle ended up alone, refusing to go home and set foot on a nearby rail track, only a few miles from where several other local young people were killed.
A few minutes before suicide, Kyle texted-
He messaged his siblings, parents and some close friends, "I love you.
"It was only after he committed suicide that the therapist told craig that she had" multiple concerns "about Kyle and intended to include craig in the third meeting that never happened.
"It could be an early stage of paranoia when he was alone thinking, 'What happened to me? '?
His father guessed.
"It's in a wave ---
Tsunami you can't see. A darkness.
If you don't have a real adult skill, you probably won't get over it.
"After his death, Craigs wondered why neither the doctor nor Kyle's advisers had expressed their concerns about his deteriorating mental health.
"The medical and legal system is completely aimed at parents," said Chip Craig . ".
"It may be too late for no parent to be able to enter this cycle until the official intervention is determined. "Dr.
Bivolar Israel nker, a psychiatrist and director of the Bipolar Family Center at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York, agrees that families should be more involved in the health care of adult children.
"Families and parents cannot be kept in the dark," says Galynker, author of talking to family about mental illness . ".
He is critical of the "explosion" and "profit" of ADHD diagnosis
Push the "pharmaceutical company" to do everything possible to twist the doctor's arm to treat the diagnosis they don't need.
"As mental health problems are becoming more and more troubling for college students, universities need to communicate better with their parents," says Galynker.
"When you are a teenager, your parents will supervise you.
When you work, if you start to behave badly, your colleagues
The workers will take care of you.
"No one tolerate it in the workplace," he said . ".
"But in college, you have some young people who don't have any supervision.
Chipp and Andrea Craig say their heartbreak is unfathomable, but they hope that Kyle's story will change the lives of another young man.
When hundreds of friends from Kyle's hometown, prep school and university poured into his funeral, many told craig that Kyle's leadership and strength helped them.
A man who tried to commit suicide twice told them, "he's the reason I'm alive.
He pulled me over because he asked me to ask for help.
"In the end, it wasn't fast enough for Kyle to help.
"There is an emptiness, an emptiness," said Chip Craig . ".
"He has been so happy for 22 years.
Really, just a blink of an eye--
Good life and all his promises.
Andrea Craig recommends that all parents ask for help for their child immediately when the child has signs of mild depression, even if the situation is interspersed with normal behavior.
Talk openly with the children about Adderall and its dangers.
"We feel every minute we lose every day," she said . ".
"As parents, we care about his brothers and sisters, and I think it helps us to be stronger than we really want.
"But we have to readjust," she said . "
"We are a family of five. now we are a family of four.
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