actors' bad reviews - lavatory wall hung

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actors\' bad reviews  -  lavatory wall hung
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Actress Diana Rigg wrote no turn, assuming the pen is stronger than the sword (Doubleday)
, A vocabulary of ancient devastating drama reviews.
For her choice, she selected her contemporaries, as well as Hazlitt, Shaw and agate, as well as several severe blows from Plato.
In terms of theatrical criticism, there is neither Lawrence Olivier nor Shakespeare himself.
Think of Clive James's destruction of Olivier's TV Sherlock: "Any fan of Walt Disney comics can open the set and see if he is imitating the look of Scrooge mcdoul
Said Mr. Olivier.
James, with his quirky voice there was a duck expression, because for unknown reasons he chose to use acceleration --
The voice of his Duke of Wellington.
When he put his hat on all these things, it turned out to be Disney's monopoly.
"In a comment to John Neville of Old Vic, Kenneth Tynan used a surprising approach:" I finally feel that this is the real Richard II: even if he distributed the milk, he condensed the milk of human kindness. '' Mr.
Tainan continued, "however, the drama that my excitement was presented was ruined by the fact that Henry V.
"George Jean Nathan is proud of simplicity, as he said in his comments," Ralph Richardson's uncle, Vania, is just his hunky Falcon.
Ms. Rigg also pointed out that actors under pressure will become critics.
On the first night Richardson stopped the show and spoke to the audience, "Is there a doctor in the house ? "?
When someone stood up, the actor said, "Doctor, isn't this play terrible ? "?
In fact, many of the best rebuttals of the book come from the actors who have been attacked.
The friend responded to Miss Rigg's request for a bad review.
Roger Moore submitted a clip of his first starring film: "Lana Turner appeared in the clicking sound of high heels as Diane de puvajie (and)
Fluttering false eyelashes, followed by a piece of British roast beef.
David Nevin's favorite Pan, "We can only say that he is very tall, dark and not handsome at all . " He was framed and hung on the wall of the toilet.
On this malicious anthology, it is sobering that history proves that so many critics are wrong.
English critic W. A.
Darlington may win trophies for not being sensitive to contemporary drama.
In an attitude that will never be mistaken for humor, he seems to have taken Harold Pinte's "Birthday Party", Edward Bond's "Salvation" and Tom stobed's "Luo"
And, of course, Samuel Pethers, he made the three plays of the same author "stupid", "the worst I 've ever heard in my life" and "the most plain this is the ridiculous drama I 've seen in my life. .
The three men were not "Moose Murders" in the Elizabethan era, but "Twelve Nights", "Romeo and Juliet" and "Midsummer Night Dreams ".
"After the quiet days of 1930s and 40, William saloyan fell into serious disaffection.
It seems that acknowledging the love for his work is like revealing the secret sweets of the cream sundae.
I grew up reading his story, like the bold young man on the trapeze, and then I turned to his play and never lost my passion for his spontaneous humor and style, this is a kind of book.
Saroyan is more than just a local color painter.
Some people will classify him.
But authentic American original
I think time and critics will be more sympathetic to him than many of his past peers.
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Two years after his death,
The assessment has begun.
Last summer, Royal Shakespeare held a vigorous revival of "time in your life" in Stratford --upon-Avon.
In this case, a British company is fully able to grasp the basic rhythm of American drama.
In addition, Wilford Ridge and Garte McDermott are preparing a musical version of the human comedy for the Public Theater
Movies and novels by Butch Jenkins.
On Sunday, the New York drama and the Armenian community will unite in the circle of the square to pay tribute to Saroyan, who will be drawn from his drama by Jose Quintero, Carmen Capalbo and others
A recently published book, My name is saloyan (Coward-McCann)
By James H.
Tashjian, collected stories and plays that were not previously collected, some of which were anonymously printed in Armenian comments.
This rich anthology shows the continued freshness of his work, as well as the symbiotic relationship between his novel and drama.
"My heart is on the high ground" begins its life as a short story, "ever fell in love with a little guy ? "?
Become the monologue of Kit Carson in time of your life.
There are some stories in this book like "My Shoes" which is natural --act plays.
Reread Saroyan, it was also realized that he was the pioneer of the gifted playwright who followed him.
One can find a taste of Saroyanesque in the works of John guaré, David Mamete and Sam Sheppard, who turn everyday quirky speeches
While Saroyan has an unstoppable self on and off the stage, he admits false optimistic criticism allegations, in his words, allowing his character "turns out to be better than what they seem to be entitled to do.
The reason for this, he says, is that he feels that humans have to learn "how to live in order to feel resigned from death", a warning that Samuel Beckett may recognize.
Under the obvious sense of sentimentality, Saroyan is bittersweet --
The grumpy person, and his famous statement in "The Time of Your Life" about the bursting of ideals, "there is no foundation along the way", will echo 1984 kilometers away.
Compared to the neglected Saroyan, another American original writer, Tennessee Williams, often saw his best work revive in his lifetime.
The revival continued after his death, and glass menagerie returned to Broadway, starring Jessica Tandie and Ann.
Margaret starred on television in a tram called desire.
At the same time, there is an increasing interest in the facts and artifacts of the playwright's life, which is reflected in the Williams catalogue sold in the Gotham Book market.
The collection includes his first published drama, "Moni's kids don't cry," the best one --act plays;
The opening of "glass cuisine" in Chicago;
And a copy of his last will.
Many of the plays in the catalogue are not produced or published, but their titles are as tempting as those written by the playwright: "The loss of tears --
"Silence like a mirror is credible" and "cover up the outrageous and grim side ".
According to the catalogue, the last play was an adaptation of the Williams story, which is considered a car of golden Stanley.
To maintain a critical point of view, in Diana Rigg's book, she quotes negative comments about the streetcar of desire.
This is a London movie starring Vivian Lee. J. C.
Trewin commented in The Observer that the play was a "tedious and dirty anecdote ". '' Mr.
Trewin, meet Sir. Pepys.
A version of this article appeared on page C00017 of the National edition in October 27, 1983, with the title: bad reviews by actors.
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