a tiny, beloved home that was built for spite - small narrow sink

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a tiny, beloved home that was built for spite  -  small narrow sink
By Steve willeyfeb.
2008. colleen sammis recalled that "it was launched in a restaurant in early 2006 ".
She, the man and friend she later married, was having dinner, "they were talking about the house Jack owned," and Jack was Jack Sammi.
"I said, 'Wait a minute.
Is Spite House yours?
I have heard of the house and I have read the story of the house but I have never seen it before.
"The house is 7 feet wide and about 25 feet deep, with 325 square feet on two floors, and is a small landmark in Queen Street, Old Town, Alexandria, Va.
Right across from Potomac in Washington.
Structurally, it's more of a closed alley than a house --
The brick walls of the old houses on both sides form a painted brick wall in the living room.
Some people call it "Spite House" because John hollenbury, the owner of a nearby House, built it in 1830 to raise horses --
Draw the carriage and lover from his alley.
In fact, the brick wall of the living room has the gouging of a carriage --wheel hubs. (
Alexander is not the only place where people solve their resentment by building narrow houses.
Boston has its own 10-foot-
The broad House on Hull Street is also known as the thin house.
The most famous spite house is located in Lexington Avenue, New York, 5-foot-
Broad houses built in 1882 and demolished in 1915. )
Although the couple owned the Alexander tower for 25 years, they used it as full time most of the time
Time, sir.
Sammis is mainly used as pied-à-
Terre bought it in 1990 for $135,000.
"When I was working nearby, I walked through it every day," he said. "when it was listed in the newspaper, I knew immediately what house it was.
I bought it on the first day of the show.
"I think it would be interesting to have something unique and historic," he said . "
"It was near my office.
At that time, his main residence was in the colony of Va McLean. Ms.
Sammis, a commercial real estate agent, finally saw the house on a date with Mr.
Sammis, "one of our early dates.
In last July, they got married in a nearby church and held a post-
About 25 people held a reception at home.
"You must use this garden . "
Sammis says it refers to a walled patio 7 feet wide and 12 feet deep.
Their main residence is only 20 or 25 minutes away, 3,200-square-
Located on the outskirts of Washington, a walking town in North Arlington.
The house is about a mile from IMN Solutions, Mr. IMN Solutions.
Sammis was established in 1982;
It is an association and conference management company serving 86 non-profit organizations.
Both his work and the work of the 21st century can be left at the door of that house. Mr.
Sammis said it was in a very good shape when he bought the house, but he wanted to bring it back to a more original look.
Thus, Matt Hannan, a friend who redecorated the courtyard space for him, also undertook the interior design, adding the period details, highlighting the original elements such as brick walls and wood floors. Mr.
Hannan put the heating and cooling system in the small attic and moved the water heater from the kitchen to the closet upstairs.
There is a stacked washing machine hidden in another wardrobe upstairs. dryer unit.
It is as efficient as any sailing cabin, but feels like a 1830 house. In fact, Mr.
Sammis said he used to rent it to a couple and they wanted to see if they could survive in the cabin on boardthe-world cruise.
They decided they could.
The front door leads to the living room, where there is an ordinary-
The size of the sofa is decorated with black wooden mantel.
In addition, there is a narrow and steep wooden staircase on the second floor.
Under the stairs is a cabinet with a small microwave oven on it.
On the other side of the wall is the kitchen counter with a small sink and a small four
Burner gas range and belowcounter Sub-
The fridge and freezer are zero.
On the other side, a wooden table was placed on the wall, providing room for three people to eat comfortably.
If it is pulled out, someone is sitting on a building
On the bench at the end of the counter, four or more tables can be used.
Behind is the door to the patio.
Shelves and small buildings
Add storage space to the cabinet.
Upstairs bathroom with claws-
Bath/shower at the back.
There is a narrow lobby next to the stairs and a bedroom with a large window overlooking the street. A full-
Size double bed push against wall side;
It is made up of one side against the wall as the head.
"But you sleep in another way . "
Sammis explained.
"It was Matt's idea.
The painted cabinet surrounded the windows and hid a small TV.
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The utility bill is appropriately small, sir.
Sammis said gasoline averaged $22 a month and electricity averaged $30 a month. Mr. advertisingand Ms.
Sammis used the house as a weekend base in the old town.
"It's mainly summer weekends . "Sammis said.
"We can walk to the farmers market on the street.
There are restaurants and parks on Potomac.
Going out in North Arlington means driving.
In the old town, almost everything they want to go. Mr.
The son of Sammis, 17-year-old Jake, also liked the house.
His father said he especially enjoyed the Washington day parade walking down the street in front of him when he grew up.
Now he finds it a great place to do homework and practice cooking. Mr. and Ms.
Sammis is also entertaining in the house.
"Unless we put some people upstairs . "
The house can accommodate only about 12 guests, Sammis said.
Both of them like to introduce new friends.
"This has brought about an immediate response . "
The most surprising thing, says Sammis.
"This house is very popular in this area . "Sammis said.
"This is on the napkin and card that shows the old town scene.
This is always the case with Christmas tours.
"The size of the house has attracted great attention.
It even appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show. ”A cast-
Iron fire shield in front, which means 19 th
Century owners paid the local fire company to make sure that if the house was on fire, it would react as part of the charm that prompted visitors to pose for pictures next to the house. Mr.
Sammis says he often lends his house to the outside. of-
It's usually three or four days of clients and friends.
"It's more interesting than staying in a hotel.
"He said that his company booked about 2 million hotel rooms for customers every year, and he often went on business trips at work. Mr.
Sammis, in an 18-foot-
Wide Baltimore row houses, things that seem to have attached housing, houses in Alexandria and North Arlington, and the Third Affiliated House in muskins, 20 minutes from Nice airport in southern France.
About 650 square feet on three levels. Mr.
Sammis, who loves skiing, plans to end a game in July.
Located in Avon, Colorado, Beavercreek bedroom apartment unit.
"Gondola is from the hotel, so it's really a ski resort," he said warmly . "out place.
"But the little house in the old town is still her favorite, especially for her. Sammis.
Speaking of her work in the real estate sector, she said: "I am dealing with commercial space and the house is very different.
I like the idea.
Something like this can exist.
It makes the world more magical.
"A version of this article appears on the F6 page of The New York edition with the title: a small and lovely home built for Spite.
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