a marriage of form and function - bathroom vanities

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a marriage of form and function  -  bathroom vanities
What is opal: 130-
Unit development includes a six
Floor and two four.
Multi-storey building, 44 apartments for sale, 56 for rent, 30 complex
Nursing Suite, location: 438 King Edward Avenue West Vancouver
Residential area and price: 1-
Bedroom Apartment 612
850 square feet, $732,000; one-
Bedroom and study 837
922 square feet, $1,150,000$1,230,000; available two-bedrooms 938 —
1,178 square feet, $1,056,000
Sales Center Address: $1,428,000-$130
555 West 12 Avenue(
Square, high-rise shops)
Sales Center Business hours: MondayFri noon —3 p. m. ; Sat —Sun noon —6 p. m. ;
Diane Shrubb accepted the challenge of creating a suite in Opal, a community of seniors who came to Cambie village, knowing that over the years buyers will be looking for a way of life that is getting easier and better.
The functionality in the design will be crucial, but she also knows that residents will not compromise in comfort and aesthetics.
When the interior designer first applied her creativity to the concept of luxury retirement --
Define the theme of Opal home-
Shrubb considers all the practical issues that need to be addressed in the presentation space.
Taking into account the family's range from traditional spaces to units designed to accommodate people in need of care, she focuses on safety and comfort. “Many [Opal buyers]
Shrubb, head of Shrubb Design Partnership Inc. , said: "I work hard and support my family. now is the time for them to relax and enjoy . "
"What do they need at this point in their lives?
They need less space to live and they can live safely if they have health problems.
Shrubb sees that details will have an impact on development, which requires at least one occupant per unit to be 55-
Plus age.
Shrubb hides the lighting in the kitchen island and bathroom vanity while the interior of the closet allows for built-in lightingin storage.
At the same time, the handrails in the bathroom and shower were underestimated, just like towels.
Even a small touch that many people won't notice --like a flat-
Silhouette floor to lighten the transition of carpet bedroom and laminate flooring-
It will help to move and reduce the danger of tripping.
She said that the installation of the power outlet is 12 inch higher than the standard, which also helps to solve the mobile problem.
For Shrubb, the biggest challenge for her Opal work is to combine the functionality of the family with beauty.
"This is an ongoing challenge for almost any design project, especially for this population group," Shrubb said of the balance between form and function . ".
"While providing beauty and practicality, finding a balance between functional safety items must
Exist in a successful project.
Comfort and aesthetics will be affected if only functional items are addressed, and vice versa.
In order to achieve this in the display space, Shrubb maintains a neutral and simple clean finish, introducing color through the bright flower language in the artwork. “These large-
"Format painting is an exciting addition to a clean, simple and elegant background," Shrubb said . ".
At the same time, more than 30,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor facilities of the project will also be worth noting.
Including a sports studio with dramatic rock and salt walls, a gym, a health spa, a library lounge and play area, a business and IT center, and an open display kitchen, used for cooking demonstrations and cross-generation cooking classes.
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