a home for the hunting - undermount sink

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a home for the hunting  -  undermount sink
Bright, functional three
The floor plan known as Unit B2 is displayed at the Hunter House in Silverado.
Hunter's house is a project in Pingyuan Park, Yincheng.
Win Street development for builders.
The project is close to the shopping center, Spruce Meadows and Fish Creek Provincial Park.
It offers stacked bungalows at a low of $500,000 and townhouses at a low of $400,000.
With an area of 1,492 square feet, Unit B2 is the third largest of six townhouses in Hunt tower.
Its top floor is displayed in the dual master bedroom option, but it is also possible for the three bedrooms.
One of the benefits of the dual master bedroom option is that the top floor is exclusive to these spaces.
Each small piece of square feet belongs to these bedrooms. A walk-
In the closets and suites of each bedroom, lean against the shared wall and create a buffer between the two spaces. The front-
Facing the bedroom is one of the above two outdoor escapes.
Through the glass door, the room enters a spacious balcony where it is easy to imagine enjoying fresh air before going to work in the morning.
There are many tall windows on the wall, which bring pleasant natural light to the room. Well-
The size of the window is also the focus of another bedroom.
The second outdoor space is located on the main floor of the floor plan, which has an open plan
Concept of restaurant and kitchen.
Adjacent to the dining area is a 104-square-foot terrace.
This is enough space for a table and chair to make it a great space for warm evening entertainment.
The main floor features nine floors of ventilation
Foot ceiling and durable laminate flooring. A U-
The center is the kitchen.
It has stainless steel appliances, includingthe-
Microwave and 42-range
Inch upper cabinet with brushed nickel hardware and soft metalclose drawers.
Granite or quartz at the counter.
Opposite the restaurant there is an underground sink that allows guests to make the final touches on dinner and keep in touch with guests.
This part of the kitchen also includes an extended dining bar that can accommodate four people.
Starting on the main floor, a short staircase leads down to a great room.
There is plenty of space in this area for several large pieces of furniture
The size buyer does not have to change to a smaller sofa and chair before moving in.
The ground floor has a flexible space and a home office.
There is also a mechanical room, half bathroom with access to the 2 Bathrooms attachedcar garage. MODEL: Unit B2.
Project: Hunter's house
Builder: Street development.
Area: Silverado is a community in southwest Calgary.
Developer: community.
Price: $400,000 from low, including taxes.
Business hours: Open display home and sales center from 1 to 7. m.
From Monday to Thursday, from noon to 5. m.
Friday and weekend.
Direction: The sales center is located at 220 Pingyuan Park, Silverado. W.
To get there, take the Stoney Trail to Silverado Way, then turn left to Silverado Drive and then turn right at Silverado plain Park.
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