a floating shelf – well almost! and other constructables of interest. - bathroom sink mounting bracket

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-11
a floating shelf – well almost!   and other constructables of interest.  -  bathroom sink mounting bracket
I have only given a few sizes as your requirements may be quite different from the size of the shelf I am making.
With written instructions and more help, information is embedded in many photos.
At the end of this note is a photo of other projects I have done in the past.
I decided to use some of the rest.
Several almost floating shelves were made on the Cork "click" floor panel.
I looked at the floating shelf stand in the store and found that they were not strong enough to accommodate what I was going to put on it.
The rack support bracket is too small, and the torque on the mounting screw will be high, which may cause failure.
Not only that, but the walls of my house are "waves" and shops --
The purchased brackets do not allow the rack support tubes to remain parallel, making it almost impossible for them to slide into the mounting holes drilled into the racks.
Because of these inherent problems, I decided to make my own stand with steel
Angle practical bracket installed in wooden frame.
When I finished the project halfway, I almost wished I had not started.
Maybe I didn't plan to be detailed enough or I got old and forgot.
However, I persisted and completed the project.
I made a shelf into the length of a floor and the second shelf into the length of two floors.
The maximum depth is 11 ".
The most important thing to check is that the shelf is supported in 32 centers and the wall is nailed where you want to install the shelf.
It may be necessary to place your frame bracket in a different position than mine, and it may be necessary to hang a frame on these brackets.
Frame by 1 "x2 "(
Actual "x 1 ")
United Nations
Twisted Pine and 5 "right
Angle practical bracket.
The end of the bracket is slightly curved (
Due to the manufacturing process)
Need to hammer it flat
If you are making a long rack using 2-length floor paneling, please do all the cutting before sticking them togetherto-end.
My shelf is 11 "deep and uses 2 long" x1 "loose 10" to make each short stand. (
2 short shelves and 3 long shelves).
The width of the groove metal bracket needs to be routed to a piece of each Pine Stand. (
This slotting can also be done with a saw
Bench "swing" blade but be very careful as it is a very dangerous way to cut!
The two pieces are temporarily clipped together and tested to be mounted on the stand.
The bracket should be a comfortable slide into the slot and not too lost.
Cut a small 45 ° angle at the end of the groove piece to fit the bending of the bracket.
Check if the back of the bracket is flush with the bottom of the bracket.
If everything is to your satisfaction, glue the groove and UN with glue
The groove pieces together ensure that there is not much glue going into the groove, which will prevent the metal holder from sliding into the slot.
Do not leave the metal bracket in the slot when gluing, otherwise the bracket may be glued to the slot, thus preventing the later adjustment of the bracket.
I used the "g" type and spring-
The loading fixture clamps the parts together.
In the photos using the "g" clip, you will notice that there is a metal holder in the slot, however, only as a last chance, try to make sure that the holder still slides into the slot, and check that the glue is not squeezed out of the stand when removed.
If there is glue on the stand when removed, please clean it up and then (if necessary)
Trying to remove any wet glue residue from woodI's slot, decided to paint the bracket parts that will be attached to the wall in the same color as the wall, but since it is necessary to treat them with vinegar first, then spray them with an etching primer.
A warning!
If you use a spring-
Please note that the loaded fixture may fail miserably.
While waiting for the glue to dry, I started sweeping the floor of the workshop.
All of a sudden, one of the clips failed and made a "crack snap", one passing over my cheek and the other half passing over my jeans.
It happened so violently and quickly that I didn't see anything until after it happened, but if I went 1 inch further it would tear my cheeks and nose.
You never know where the danger is!
Once the pieces are glued together, trim them together to make sure that not only are they the same length, but the shorter pieces are trimmed longer
Shelf frame width).
In the case of both ends and longer shelves, the same thing is done in the middle.
Connect the short Holder to the long front "x1" with glue and screws to make sure they are in the right position
Angle each other.
I decided that at some point in the future I would connect a socket to a long shelf and install a stove socket to a metal stand attached to the interior of the wood rack.
I also intend to install an LED light on a short shelf next to my bed.
This strip light will be long-life re-
Charging battery pack and RF on/off remote control.
When the ordered part arrives, I will add a "description" for this ".
I installed it (it is expected that the unsupported base plate on the long shelf may be slightly sunken)glued in place)
2 powerful rare
Two large magnets are installed inside the bottom panel
Flat head screws on wooden frames that match the magnet position.
The other idea is to screw the finished rack into the frame on the lower side, but I don't want to show the screws.
The panel at the top and bottom is cut into the final size of the shelf, as you can see from the picture, I put masking tape on the "finish" surface that is being cut, and put a strap in the center.
The end of the shelf is cut to the same length as the depth of the shelf, but the height is increased by 1 ".
The front piece is cut into a shelf size plus 1 "(
"" On each end and on the top and bottom.
These overlapping edges will be trimmed down when the shelves are assembled and bonded.
They are trimmed to the finished cork layer by using the new box
Blade or router.
The knife method provides a cleaner decoration.
Once everything is assembled and glued together, after trimming off the excess edges, you should polish the edges before dyeing. and varnishing.
I used two layers of Ming wax pine stains on the edges of the cut trim, and after waiting for 5 to 10 minutes, Ming wax was wiped off with soft lint --free cloth.
10 minutes after the second coat, I used Minwax to "draw" the whole shelf and after 10 minutes, the "wet" surface was dried with lint --
The free cloth is then allowed to dry overnight. . .
Obviously, you can't get dirty (or varnish)
The whole shelf at once.
You need to do it on one side at a time, waiting for the side you just did to be completely dry.
Once the whole shelf is dirty you should clean it up
Coat with varatane or uratane varnish.
I will try my best to solve if you have any problems.
Greetings, the remaining photo of "3 wheels" is FYI, showing other projects I have done in the past, but without the details of what I have done.
The first 5 are how do I cover the top of the bathroom sink using other "click" flooring panel trimmed Cork.
It was made many years ago, coated with polyurethane varnish, with no signs of wear or water damage.
These photos show how I can decorate doors and windows using 3 "bamboo.
They are used and reversed
Drill 6 screws through bamboo section and fill counter
Drill holes in plaster and then draw the same color as the bamboo stem (Calms).
These two photos show the "organ speaker case" I made about 30 years ago ".
I love organ music, and this speaker system with a minimum tuning of 32Hz reproduces the true reproduction of the organ.
These 4 photos show me the process of converting the bamboo "tiki" light to a light.
It uses my alarm clock to turn on to provide a warm glow, and when you open your eyes for the first time, it will send a warm light that will not blind you.
This last pile of photos that may or may not be of interest shows my progress in fixing the Italian Casalini three-wheeled vehicle (
Also known as Grumpy).
I restored the car 7 or 8 years ago, and this is the way I chose the name for instructures. .
I will try my best to solve if you have any problems.
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