a fine balanceexcerpt: a fine balance - corner wall hung lavatory

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a fine balanceexcerpt: a fine balance  -  corner wall hung lavatory
One: The City of SEDENA dalar is rarely immersed in regrets or pains to review her life, or to question why things become what they are, when she is at school, when her name was still Dina Shroff, everyone predicted a bright future for her.
If she is really caught up in this rare mood, she will soon be freed from it.
What is the point of repeating the story over and over again, she asked herself ---
It always ends in the same way;
No matter which corridor she went, she was in the same room.
Dina's father, who used to be a doctor, a general practitioner, has a mild practice attitude and is more enthusiastic than the rest of his profession in abiding by the hipokradi oath.
Early in the Doctor
Shroff's career, his dedication to work has been diagnosed by peers, family members and senior doctors as typical of young enthusiasm and vitality.
"How refreshing is this enthusiasm of young people," they smile and head wisely, believing that time will douse the flames of idealism with healthy cynicism and family responsibility.
But marriage, and the arrival of her daughter's son 11 years later, has not changed the life of a doctor. Shroff.
Time will only exacerbate the imbalance between his passion to ease the pain and his desire to earn a comfortable income.
"How disappointing," said friends and relatives, shaking their heads . ".
"We have high hopes for him.
Like a clerk, like a fanatic, he refuses to enjoy life. Poor Mrs. Shroff.
Never on vacation, never Party-
She has no fun at all. "At fifty-
First, when most GPS start thinking about the option of working half way
Time, hire a cheap junior employee, and even sell practice that benefits early retirement, Dr.
Shroff has neither the bank balance nor the temperament to allow this indulgence.
Instead, he volunteered to lead a campaign for medical graduates heading inland.
There, typhoid and cholera, which are not challenged by science or technology, are still harvesting the routine harvest of villagers.
Shroff will try to catch the deadly sickle, or at least to make them dull. But Mrs.
Shroff has launched a different campaign to dissuade her husband from entering what she considers certain areas of death.
She tried to guide Dina in words to shake her father.
After all, the 12-year-old Dina is the darling of her father. Mrs.
Shroff knew that her son, nunavan, had no help in the business.
If he was recruited, her husband would be more likely to change his mind.
Father's turning point-and-
Seven years ago, on the 16 th birthday of nunavan, the son's relationship appeared.
Someone invited uncles and aunts to dinner, and someone said, "Well, Yunwan, you will soon learn to be a doctor like your father.
"I don't want to be a doctor," replied nunavan.
"I'm going to start doing business --
Import and export.
Some uncles and aunts praised the location.
Others flinch in simulated terror and turn to Dr. Shroff. "Is this true? No father-Son partnership?
"Of course it's true," he said.
"My children can do whatever they want. "But five-year-
Old Dina had seen it before hiding the pain on her father's face.
She ran to him and climbed onto his lap.
"Dad, I want to be a doctor when I grow up, just like you.
Everyone laughed, clapped, and said, the clever little girl, knows how to get what she wants.
Later, they whispered that the son was clearly not made of the same solid substance as the father --
No ambition, nothing.
Dina repeated her wishes in the years to come, continuing to see her father as some kind of God, who gave people health, struggled with disease, and sometimes, temporarily prevented death. And Dr.
Shroff was happy with his clever child.
On the night of the parents of the Abbey School, the principal and the teacher always praised her.
She will succeed if she wants.
Shroff must know. Mrs.
Shroff, of course, knows that her daughter was recruited in the campaign against Dr.
Shroff's stupid charity program to work in remote, desolate villages.
But Dina refused to cooperate.
She did not approve of improper means of leaving her beloved father at home. Then Mrs.
Shroff took other ways to convince him, not with money, personal safety or family, because she knew they would fail without hope.
Instead, she quoted his patients as claiming that he had abandoned them, both old and weak and helpless.
"What would they do if you were so far away?
They trust you and rely on you.
Why are you so cruel?
You don't know how important you are to them.
"No, that's not the point," said the doctor. Shroff.
He is familiar with the intricate arguments that her love for him can prompt her to apply.
He patiently explained that there is a lot of GPS in the city to take care of all kinds of pain
Where he is going, there are no people there.
He comforted her, it was only a temporary task, and for him there was much more to hug and kiss her than usual.
"I promise to come back soon," he said . ".
"Before you get used to my absence. "But Dr.
Shroff cannot keep his promise.
Three weeks after the end of the medical activity, he died, not because of typhoid or cholera, but because the Cobra took a bite and got away from the life-saving of antiviral drugs. Mrs.
Shroff accepted the news calmly.
It is said that this is because she is the wife of a doctor and is more familiar with death than others.
Their reason is, doctor.
Shroff must often bring her such news about his own patient so that she is prepared for the inevitable.
When she is actively responsible for funeral arrangements and manages everything with great efficiency, people wonder if there is nothing unusual about her behavior.
Between paying various expenses from her handbag, she received condolences, comforted the sad relatives, and looked after the oil lamps on the doctor's head
Shroff's bed, cleaned and ironed her white sari and made sure there was incense and sandalwood in the house.
She personally directed the chef to a special vegetarian meal the next day.
After four days of death, Dina was still crying. Mrs.
Shroff is busy counting prayers-
The bungalow charged from the tower of silence and said briskly, "Come on, my daughter, be sensible now.
Dad doesn't like this.
So Dina did her best to control herself. Then Mrs.
Shroff continued to write the check absently.
"You can stop him if you want.
"He will listen to you," she said . "
Dina's sobs burst with new intensity.
In addition to her grief at her father, her tears now include anger at her mother and even hatred.
It took her months to understand that there was no malice or accusation in what was said, only a sad and simple statement of fact that her mother saw.
Six months later.
Shroff's death is a pillar that everyone can count on, madam.
Shroff began to collapse gradually.
Retreat from everyday life and she has little interest in running a family or herself.
This has no effect on the 20-year-old.
Third, busy planning their own future.
But Dina, 12, could have been with her parents for a few more years.
She misses her father very much.
Her mother's exit made the situation worse.
Nusswan Shroff made a living as a businessman two years before his father died.
He is still single and lives at home, saving money while looking for the right apartment and a suitable wife.
With his father's death and his mother's retreat, he realized that it was unnecessary to pursue an apartment, and his wife was eager.
He is now the head of the family, the legal guardian of Dina.
All their relatives agreed that it should be.
They praised his selfless decision and admitted that they were wrong about his ability.
He also took over the family economy and promised his mother and sister nothing;
He will take care of them with his salary.
But even when he spoke, he knew there was no need to do so.
The money to sell Dr.
Shroff's pharmacy is enough.
As head of the family, the first decision of nunavan was to help reduce employment.
The chef came for half a day and prepared two dinner meals to continue eating; Lily, the live-
At the servant, he was released.
"We can't afford to be as extravagant as we used to be," he declared . "
"I just can't afford to pay. "Mrs.
Shroff expressed some doubt about the change.
"Who will clean up?
My hands and feet don't work as they used.
"Don't worry, Mom. we'll all share it.
You can do simple things like dust the furniture.
Of course, we can wash our cup and tea tray.
Dina is a young and energetic girl.
It is good for her to teach her how to take care of her family.
"Yes, maybe you are right . "
Shroff has a vague understanding of the need for moneySaving measures.
But Dina knows more.
The week before, when she passed the kitchen on her way to the toilet after midnight, she noticed her brother sitting at one end of the kitchen table, her feet resting on the side
Nunavan, dressed in pajamas, stood between Lily's thighs, holding him tight on her hips.
Dina looked at his bare butt with sleepy curiosity, then climbed back to the bed without going to the toilet, and her cheeks were red.
But she must have stayed for too long, as nunavan had seen her.
No one talked about it. Lily departed (
The lady did not know that she had a modest bonus. Shroff)
She declared with tears that she could never find a good family like this to work forever.
Dina felt sorry for her and despised her.
The new family arrangements have begun.
Everyone made an honest effort.
Experiment of self
It seems interesting to believe.
"It's kind of like going camping . "Shroff.
"This is the spirit," said nunavan.
With the passage of the days, Dina's chores began to increase.
As a symbol of his participation, nunavan continued to clean his cups, tea trays and breakfast plates before going to work.
Besides, he did nothing.
One morning, after drinking his last sip of tea, he said, "Dina, I'm late today.
Please wash my things clean.
"I am not your servant!
Wash the dirty dishes yourself! Depressed weeks.
Anger poured into my heart.
"You said that each of us has to do our own work!
The stinks you left me!
"Listen to the little mother tiger," said nunavan happily.
"You can't talk like that to your brother . "Shroff gently. ";
Remember, we must share and share. "He's cheating!
He does nothing at work!
I do everything!
He embraced his mother.
"Goodbye, mom," she patted Dina on the shoulder kindly.
She held back from him.
"The mother tiger is still angry," he said, leaving the office. Mrs.
Shroff tried to placate Dina and promised to discuss the matter with Nusswan later, perhaps convincing him to hire a member
Time, but her determination disappeared in a few hours.
Things continue as always.
A few weeks later, instead of restoring the fairness of her family, she began to become one of the chores of her daughter's history. growing list. Now Mrs.
Must tell Shroff what to do.
She ate the food when it was placed in front of her, although it was not good for her because she was losing weight all the time.
She must be reminded to take a bath and change her clothes.
If the toothpaste is squeezed out and handed to her with a brush, she brushes her teeth.
The most unpleasant thing for Dina is to help her wash her hair.
It fell off in groups on the bathroom floor, and when she combed for her, more people followed.
Once a month, madam.
Shroff took part in her husband's prayer in the firetemple.
She said that she was very pleased to hear the soothing tones of old Dustor fremji's prayer for her husband's soul.
Dina missed school to accompany her mom for fear she was wandering somewhere.
Before the ceremony began, Dustor fremji shook his lady unconsciously.
Shroff's hand gave DINA the kind of long hug he kept for girls and young women.
He is known for squeezing and fondling, and has earned him the title of Dustoor Daab --
Together with the hostility of his colleagues, Chaab does not so much hate his actions, but rather hates his lack of subtleties and refuses to cover up his embrace with father or spiritual care.
They feared that one day he would go too far, drool at the victims or others, and humiliate the fire --temple.
Dina patted her on the head, rubbed her neck, stroked her back and pressed herself against her.
He had a very short beard, and his stubble was like a grated coconut slice, scraping her cheeks and forehead.
When she summoned up enough courage to tear the trapped body out of his arms, he let her out. After the fire-
Temple, for the rest of the House, Dina tried to get her mother to speak, ask her advice about housework or recipes, and when it failed, ask advice about Dad, the day of their wedding life.
In the face of her mother's dreamy silence, Dina felt helpless.
Soon, her concern for her mother was tempered by a young instinct --
She will certainly accept her sadness and sadness in due course, and there is no need to bear the burden too early. And Mrs.
Shroff speaks with a monosyllabic or sighing, staring at Dina's face for an answer.
As for the dust of cleaning the furniture, she could never move forward except to wipe the photo frame of her husband's graduation photo.
She stared out of the window most of the time.
Nunavan was more willing to regard the disintegration of her mother as a proper abandonment by the widow, in which she gave up the dross of life and focused on spiritual matters.
He focused his attention on Dina's upbringing.
The idea that he had a great responsibility on his shoulders kept him worried.
He has always considered his father a strict discipline officer.
He stood there in awe and was even a little scared of him.
He decided that if he was to fill his father's vacancy, he would have to cause the same fear in others and pray regularly for courage and guidance in his task.
He confided to his relatives.
Uncles, aunts-
Dina's resistance, her stubbornness, made him crazy, and only with the help of the almighty gave him the strength to continue to perform his duties.
His sincerity touched them.
They also promised to pray for him.
"Don't worry, Yunwan. everything will be fine.
We will light a light by the fire. temple.
"We were excited by their support, and nunavan began to take Dina to the fire --
Temple once a week.
There he stuffed a sandalwood stick in her hand and whispered fiercely in her ear, "pray well now ---
Ask Dad to make you a good girl and ask him to make you obedient.
When she bowed in front of the sanctuary, he traveled along the outer wall with pictures of various duels and high priests.
He slid from the monitor to the monitor, stroking the wreath, hugging the frame, kissing the glass, and finally a very high Zarathustra picture of him sticking his lips for a whole minute.
Then, from the ash container placed at the gate of the sanctuary, he put a pinch on his forehead, and a little bit on his throat, undoing his first two shirt buttons, rub a handful on his chest.
Dina thought, like a talcum powder, looking from the corner of her eyes and looking down, trying not to laugh.
She did not raise her head until he finished his antics.
"Are you praying well?
He asked when they were outside. She nodded. "Good.
Now all bad thoughts will leave your head and you will feel calm and quiet in your heart.
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