8 ways to ace living with your partner - small wall hung bathroom sink

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8 ways to ace living with your partner  -  small wall hung bathroom sink
It looks interesting now. . .
This is part of almost every adult's life: you meet someone you love and you are ready to take the next step: move in together.
Would be great-
You will save money, decorate together and have the best Bonds of all time.
While moving forward with your other half is a great stage in your life, you need to be prepared for some small obstacles.
The former couple's mediator, Debra McLeod, said to prevent a major blow --
Next, couples must discuss the reasons why you moved in together, how to distribute rent, utilities and groceries, and how to arrange household chores.
Before this happens, figure out who is paying for what.
In addition to suggestions, when you make such a move, furniture and space compromises and guidelines must be made, as will Saks, a designer from home Poland, gave us all the design tips each couple needs to know. 1.
Inventory is important.
Before moving in together, it is wise to make sure that you and your partner do not move unnecessary items so that you do not fill up valuable space with two identical items.
You should do the same when you throw away and save your own personal belongings.
"This is a compromise between the two sides," Saks said . ".
"You can keep something and I can keep something.
I have to deal with some things. you have to deal with some things. ”2.
Most furniture should try double use.
Saks recommends considering storage and functionality.
"It would be great if what you bring could double work.
Can't live without a book?
Stack them as end tables.
"Not many people have such a large closet.
But compromise is possible in a smaller space. 3.
Closets are both compromise and creative.
"Custom closets are a great way to personalize shared spaces," says Saks . ".
"The shelf for her shoes, he T-
Shelves for shirts and sweaters.
Give everyone half the space to choose the components they want.
Just like designing your own dressing room. ”4.
Maintain a sense of personality and personal style.
Just because each of you likes two completely different designs doesn't mean the relationship is doomed to fail, says Saks.
"The diversity of design makes it interesting," says Saks . ".
"So if he likes it
She loved the flea markets in Paris and brought them all into the space.
Bathroom with no storage?
Add a shelf unit. 5.
The shared bathroom is a suitable storage space.
Knowing how to properly store all your belongings is essential in a small apartment in a bathroom, says Saks.
He suggested maximizing the storage space under the bathroom sink.
If you don't, make one.
"Hide a small shelf behind the curtain.
This is not the aesthetic of everyone, but it will work.
"Use Mason jars and candy plates to hold cotton buds and cotton balls to keep things stylish. 6.
When it comes to the kitchen, think about the appliances you all use and store them accordingly.
When you have a small kitchen, it is inevitable that all of your shared Pan bowl pans pots cannot be hidden outside of sight.
On the contrary, Saks suggests that they are proudly displayed.
"Treat it as a display of your dishes and appliances," he said . ".
"Just remember to keep it looking good, especially if it's open.
"When storing, think about how often you and your partner use different devices.
Things like cups and plates should reach out and not be used every day (
Food processors and mixers, for example)
Can be stored higher.
This is the perfect corner for a time alone. 7.
Find time to be alone and create a "quiet corner ".
Saks emphasized the importance of creating your own small place and having time to stay at home alone.
"A quiet corner is not necessarily the whole room," said Saks . ".
"It can be a corner of a room with your favorite chair and your favorite pillow, or a gallery wall with pictures of your choice. ”8.
Make your bedroom a technology
Free shelter, always get bigger bed (if you can).
Make sure you keep the technology out of the bedroom and kitchen.
"It's a good rule from day one, because my first complaint is technology," MacLeod said . ".
"If you can do this from day one, I can guarantee that you will stop about 60 battles I have seen.
"Another important thing to remember is to always have the biggest bed you can afford and have enough space.
"Buy a queen size mattress," said Saks . ".
"It's only a few inches bigger than double, but trust me it will make a difference.
Sometimes we only need some space on hot summer nights.
"The article was written by Renee Jacques & Carly ledbter of Huffington Post and was legally licensed through the news publisher network.
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