8 small-space solutions stolen from hotel rooms - square wall mount sink

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-10
8 small-space solutions stolen from hotel rooms  -  square wall mount sink
At the end of the holiday, it's always sad to leave your hotel room.
After all, life is much easier when you know you can go back to the bed you 've already made for you and a clean room that shines every day.
However, our love of the hotel rooms is far beyond our gratitude to those who pack up after us.
We can't help but pay attention.
Whether we stay in a standard room or a regular suite, these spaces are well designed.
Think about it: they have to accommodate hundreds of guests (
And their stuff)
Every year, so the room has to be planned with maximum efficiency ---
No sacrifice style
Why not small for ourselves from these designs-space living?
Remember these tips and tricks that can fit into any room-
That studio may look bigger than you think.
Idea 1: If you 've always wanted a home office but don't have a room, change the bedside table to a table and try this idea from Bessie South Beach.
Parsons, Jr-
The style table can be used as a table during the day and as a bedside table at night.
At home, take this idea one step further by merging bookmarks that keep journals, notebooks, and pages --
Organize and read at your fingertips.
Idea 2: Choose a Floating bedside table, wall-
The small room installed on Saratoga weapons in Saratoga Springs, New York state provides a solution for those of us living in small houses who do not have enough space to accommodate traditional bedside tables.
In addition, the bold striped wall pattern shown in the Jump Rock photography in this photo makes the ceiling of this comfortable room feel higher, creating the illusion of greater space.
Idea 3: install the new aloft South Beach, the invisible ledge helps to hide the visual mess of the TV line (
And keep the screen in a comfortable View).
The installation can also make room under the TV for the table or table.
You can use the open surface and use decorative handbags, trays, or baskets to hold clutter ---
Everything gets better when you pay a premium for that funky apartment!
Idea 4: hide underneath with a bed skirt
The Brass Lantern Inn in manantarket has a simple and charming New England atmosphere with each decorative accent.
The custom bed skirt is one of the details ---
They can also be used at home to hide belowthe-
Storage box outside the bed-of-
Seasonal clothes and extra sheets.
Also, record the bench in this photo by jumping rock photography, which opens to show storage space that can be used for blankets and pillows.
Idea 5: choose double
Under the TV at the Lois Regent San Francisco, there is a modern version of the classic secretarial desk.
The smaller door at the top can hide items that easily disturb the top (
Such as jewelry box, clutch, etc. )
The larger doors cover up storage racks that can be used for clothes and linens.
IDEA 6: install the towel Rod on your towel and arrive when placed on the towel rack mounted on the dresser, as seen here from the Lois Boston Hotel
This releases the counter (and wall)
Space, while the hardware adds glam touch.
This is a great solution for apartment with large space.
Idea 7: Swap your soap to distribute a pile of space in the bathroom of Dunton Springs
Save function: insufficientthe-
Counter rack for towels, a combined farmhouse sink (
Eliminated the need for two.
Large sink)
Hanging basket with soap and Lotion dispenser.
Idea 8: every square inch is important when you try to make the most of the space.
The chandeliers and wall lights, such as these sculpture devices found at Hyatt House Puerto Vallarta, illuminate the room without having to occupy the room on the table.
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