8 cheap, landlord-friendly ways to upgrade your rental - bathroom wall mount sink faucets

by:KEDIBO     2019-08-21
8 cheap, landlord-friendly ways to upgrade your rental  -  bathroom wall mount sink faucets
When you rent a house or apartment, your home decoration options are limited.
For example, you may not want to spend thousands of pounds upgrading your kitchen before moving out in a few years --
It's possible that your deposit will be lost.
Your landlord may not want you to tear off the tiles in the bathroom, even if it's out of date.
However, for any rent that doesn't require as much effort as you think, you can make some cheap beauty changes that change when you move out if your landlord needs them
We 've shared some in the past, but here are some more ways to upgrade your rental without spending too much time or money.
Time: 30 minutes fee: less than $50, you may already know how easy it is to replace the outdated old hardware on the cabinet, but interior designer Erica Leigh Reiner suggests making a bold statement with your replacement.
"Replace and match the hardware on cabinets, doors and furniture with unusual alternatives," she said . ".
"Try leather pull, stone, glass pull or an elegant combination of acrylic and metal as a unique alternative to stainless steel that everyone can get.
"Most cabinet handles and knobs, even unique statement blocks like this, are less than $5.
This is a small and cheap change that can have a huge impact.
Most importantly, it's easy enough to reinstall the old hardware when you're ready to move out.
"Just keep the landlord's hardware somewhere," Reiner said . ".
Time: 1 hour fee: $50-
$200 most apartments come with ceiling mount fixtures that can be easily replaced without rewiring: just pick out new fixtures, screw down the old ones, replace them with new ones, and better fixtures.
If rewiring is involved-
For example, maybe you want to switch the Ceiling bracket to the pendant fixture
Make sure to turn off the power supply at the fuse box or circuit breaker first.
Here is a tutorial to guide you through each step.
For a simpler project, just replace the bulb.
Changing the brightness and temperature of the bulb can completely change the appearance of the room, and you can find information about the brightness and temperature directly on the bulb box.
Consider upgrading to smart lighting when you are thinking about replacing the bulb.
You can benefit from the bulb, you can change the color, use the app for control on your phone or tablet, and even control it through voice controls like Alexa on Amazon Echo, or say "Hey, Google" to your Google Home ".
Batch Clauser edit Wirecutter (
Author of their best guide to intelligent lighting ,)
They are ideal for smart hire r, explained.
"Smart lighting, especially smart bulbs, Socket plugs and emergency lights, is an easy supplement for renting r, because you don't need to install anything permanently and you don't need to do any wiring,Clauser said.
"Smart bulbs can be turned on and off automatically based on the time of day, motion sensors, or triggers from other smart devices.
He also explained that smart lights can be set in groups even if you use the lights so you can turn off all the lights in the room --
Or your entire home. before bed.
Most importantly, you can get all of these features and then take them with you when you move.
Cost: 1 hour: below $50 if your rental is old, outdated electrical and electric light switch boards, it is easy enough to replace them, most plates are less than $5.
You can also upgrade your power outlet and electric light switch if you are willing to spend a little more money.
Dimmer switches and USB sockets, as recommended by the New York Times Company Wirecutter, are relatively easy to install and the packaging should include step-by-
Step description.
In general, you have to remove the wire connected to the old socket and reconnect it to the new socket terminal.
Note: Make sure to turn off the power of the socket through the circuit breaker or fuse panel and use the voltage tester to make sure that there is no power in the socket while working.
For easier installation and intelligence
Home integration, you can choose a wireless switch, like these, another very popular wireless switch.
Put the old sockets at hand and replace them when you move out.
In addition to the other fixtures you have replaced, you can take them to the next place you rent.
Time: 2 hours fee: $100-
Most kitchen and bathroom sink taps are also relatively easy to replace for $200.
When replacing the faucet, first determine the installation type: Single
Holes: there may be a single unit with one or two handles.
Centerset: There are three holes in the Centerset bracket, but there is one.
Wide: a wide mount has three separate parts: the spout and two handles.
Once you have found another faucet suitable for this type of installation, the box should include instructions for replacing the old faucet.
You need to turn off the water flowing to the sink, remove the water pipes and connect them to the new sink.
The shower head is easier to install when you upgrade the bathroom.
Using pliers, remove the old shower head and the surrounding Teflon tape, apply the new tape, and then thread the new shower head fixture with pliers.
Time: 4 hours fee: $100-
$200 check this with your landlord, but if your rental doesn't have a crown shape or you just want to replace what you have, you can install it yourself, completely change the look of the room.
"Decorate the border as a substrate, crown shape, or chair track (wall trim)
Without damaging the bank, you can skillfully add a delicate look to any room . "Reiner said.
"Even with the addition of decoration and construction on the frame and depth of the window frame or the surface of the door, the appearance and feeling of the space will be immediately enhanced.
"This fix needs to work more conveniently, but it's still a viable project if you have hours and the right tools (
You need a nail gun and compressor as well as a diagonal saw).
"It doesn't even have to be a gorgeous Victorian look;
A simple and single shape, a single depth can be formed . "Reiner added.
Time: 1 hour fee: $100-
The $200 "tile sticker is the easiest and cheapest way to transform a kitchen or bathroom," said Eva bauck, a writer at "magic handyman"
"They have different shapes, sizes and colors.
They are located right above the existing tiles and are easy to disassemble.
"Of course, tile stickers won't have the exact same polished look as real tiles, but they have a wide variety of designs with a lot of unique Heights
End options to choose from.
"The renovation project is very fast, a mess --
It's free and takes only a few minutes . "Bowker said.
"The sticker is easy to clean and can be removed effectively by heating and stripping with a hair dryer. ”Time: 1-
3 hour cost: depending on the item, you can add some uniqueness to the cookie-
Cutter apartment with feature wall: a wall decorated in a way that stands out and immediately catches your attention.
For example, you can do this with a simple paint or photo gallery of bold colors.
For a more customized look, however, "create a feature element that looks built in ".
Reena suggested.
This is an example.
"This could be a wall --to-
Wall, high bookshelf, a wallto-
Wall curtain background or wall-to-
Block up the tall shelf of plants.
This creates an amazing factor that looks like your home has this feature.
Time: 1 hour fee: $100-
Less than $50 60 minutes you can replace your rent with $200
The toilet seat is worn out.
That said, replacing the entire toilet is easier and more affordable than you think, and it immediately makes your bathroom feel less vivid --in (
Always a good thing).
Check with your landlord to make sure it's O. K.
However, they will most likely be happy to have you upgrade their rent.
You can even try to bargain for this upgrade in your lease
Save some work and ask your landlord if the toilet can be replaced before you move in.
You need a tool knife if you choose to do so yourself (
And a considerable amount of upper body strength)
Remove the old toilet and plug the new one.
This tutorial will guide you through the project.
You might not be able to eat-
On your rental "fixed upper" but these small items will change your space in an impactful way.
Most importantly, there is no need to dismantle.
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