7 bathrooms that prove you can fit it all into 100 square feet - double sink wall hung vanity unit

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7 bathrooms that prove you can fit it all into 100 square feet  -  double sink wall hung vanity unit
Mitchell Parker, if you want a bathroom with a stand-up-
Separate bathtub, separate shower, double vanity, toilet or water closet, 100 square feet.
The figure is based on the standard size of each element, as well as the space needed to meet the code requirements and move the room.
Designer John Conroy says this size is very popular in the bathroom as it gives you the most benefit.
In other words, you can get the function you want while including something like marble tiles etc.
Radiant heating of countertop materials and floors.
Once you get bigger, "Square --
"The number of foot dollars is growing fast," Conroy said . ".
"With 100 square feet, you have a lot more budget.
With this in mind, we decided to take a look at the seven bathrooms around 100square-foot mark —
Some small ones, some big ones.
Look at the layout, the material, the style, and most importantly, how the cost is handled in the space. 1.
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan size: 12 6 square feet (11. 8 square meters);
14 feet 8 inch by 8 feet 7 inchesdesigner: Josh Berghuis of Berghuis builds a background: for this new building, the designer-
The task of the builder Josh berhuis, he said, is how to install a "don't need a big" main bathroom, but it needs to include walking --
Shower, separate bathtub, double vanity and toilet are available.
Shower and bathtub: 6-on the right-foot-
Long separate bathtub leads to 4-by-4-foot walk-
When taking a shower, it is separated by a piece of glass.
Tiles: textured stone tiles cover two walls of the ceiling.
The floor is 24-by-24-
Black Stone tile inches.
Vanity and countertop: a custom floating double vanity with a custom color concrete countertop falls at one end to form a floating concrete shelf and storage unit which also contains a wall-hung toilet.
Style: Berghuis says he likes to use modern style in a mid sized bathroom because clean lines and floating elements give him more space.
In addition, he added that many of the items themselves became declarations, such as the bathtub and the vanity of the space.
Layout: berhuis is located at the far end of the shower so that the owner does not enter the wet area directly when entering the room from the upper right corner. (
From this floor plan, the actual layout changed slightly as Berghuis got rid of the linen closet in the lower right corner to expand the toilet area and shelf. )
Cost: because it's part of a complete custom home building, Berghuis says it's a bit difficult to break through the cost of the bathroom, but he estimates, the entire construction budget, including the cost of materials, labor and design, will cost about $75,000.
Note: depending on supply, demand, other regional factors and whether the project is independent, all costs associated with the project included in this article should vary from city to city
Separate bathroom or part of a larger home remodel or custom built project.
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Location: Los AngelesSize: 90 square feet (8. 4 square meters)
Designer: Lindsay Chambers design background: topto-
The bottom Mediterranean style is not suitable for the style of the 1919 Artisan Home renovated in 2014.
Solution: designer Lindsay Chambers and Hazel Wood Group builders completely destroyed the room.
They had to rebuild the floor due to water damage, repaint the walls, erect dry walls, and waterproof everything.
Then a modern color palette of white and gray with plenty of marble creates a refreshing atmosphere.
Tiles: Kalala marble tiles cover the floor and walls to create an elegant spalike feel.
Mixed mode-
Arabic style on one wall, brick on the other and large format on the floor --
Give dynamic properties to space.
Dressing table: a big piece of furniture
Rustic style vanity makes a good contrast in tone and texture to the vast white spaceand-gray marble.
Shower and bathtub: curbless shower separated from the rest of the room with just one piece of glass gives the impression that more space --
Vision and body-
Make way for separate bathtubs.
Shower and tub filling: Hansgrohe;
Hardware of vanity, mirror and cabinet: repair hardware;
Faucet: New Port brass;
Lighting: Hudson Valley Lighting; toilet: Kohler;
Tile: Walker sangkalara marble (
Browse more tile options);
Painting: Ghosts and pure white, Benjamin Moore;
Bathtub: kaikos, AquabrassLayout: The Room hides the toilet in the corner behind the dresser, so this is not the first thing you see when you enter the room.
To maximize traffic, she tilted her bathtub a little.
Cost: $52,000 including material, labor and design.
Here's how some budgets are broken down.
Vanity: $2,775 mirrors: $675 plumbing sconces: $400 fixing and bathtub per pipe: $7,500 V-Slot top (
Installation and paint included)
: The $5,500 Chamber notes that, based on her experience, renovation projects in California are more expensive, especially in the big city of Los Angeles. 3.
Retro charm in an awkward location: Nashville, Tennessee: about 110 square feet (10. 2 square meters)
Designer: Amy Gill background of Gill design and construction company: a leaking bathtub and a bathtub that is not too leakingthan-
Ideal chopping
The floor plan set off a change in the Tudor style bathroomstyle home.
Solution: designer Amy Gill relocated a door and removed a strange half wall to simplify the layout, which made room for the double dresser
Shower under a sloping roof and stand
Separate bathtub opposite the room.
Vanity: Jill installed the vessel sink on a large vanity for retro, eclectic dual vanity.
Tile: white subway wall tiles in shower (with charcoal-gray grout)
Contrast with black hexagonal floor tiles to form a graphical visual effect.
The rest of the floor is digitally printed tiles that look like hardwood floors.
Paint: pure white, Sherwin-Williams (
Flat walls, semi-glossy decoration);
Kichler; sinks: Decolav;
Faucet: advanced faucet Sanibel;
Shower faucet: Moen Brentford;
Subway tiles, marble nose tiles: Tile Shop;
Hexagon tile in porcelain: South Cypress tree;
Floor tiles: Home Depot marazi Montana;
Curtain: pool bag: the owner really wants a paw
And decided to splurge $1,000 from signature hardware.
Savings: Jill bought a beadboard kit from Home Depot for less than $100 and painted the beadboard in the same color as the wall, saving some money.
Layout: by repositioning the door and using a sloping ceiling, Jill is able to maximize the space and improve the traffic flow in the room.
Cost: $17,800 including material, labor and design. 4.
Location: about 122 square feet (Portland, Oregon (11. 3 square meters);
9 feet 4 inch by 10 feet by 10 inch plus a water toilet 7 by 3 feetDesigner: Risa Boyer Leritz building background for Risa Boyer Leritz: This bathroom is
Main suite.
Homeowners don't want to do a lot of additions, so once they 've identified a total area of about 500 square feet, designer Risa Boyer Leritz is starting to consider how much space is allocated to the bathroom.
Space-saving: Leritz says she chose this arrangement because the larger shower volume makes sense at the far end, not at the entrance of the room.
"If you put a whole
Height volume, things on the floor-to-
The ceiling at the entrance will make the space feel more closed, "she said.
"When you walk in and have a bathtub, the open space above makes the room feel more spacious.
"The custom floating walnut vanity also helps to free up space. Bathtub: A 5½-foot-long built-
The deep soaking tub is equipped with a Caesar bath deck.
Good idea: Walnut-
The sunken medicine cabinet on the front of the end of the dresser creates a beautiful design feature.
Layout: Let's take a look at the location of various elements including water toilets.
Leritz faces the tile in a way that stretches the narrow space, which she calls "kitchen style ".
"Arranging elements in this way also helps to make room for walls at the end, allowing a large window to bring natural light.
Cost: Leritz estimates that the cost of this project, including materials and labor, is between $35,000 and $40,000.
But she stressed that it was part of a larger project and that the cost would be higher if it were to be a separate projectalone project.
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Location: waterham, Massimo usettssize: 100 square feet (9. 3 square meters)
Designer: Alissa Minehart background for Leno design: inefficient layout and 30-year-
The old fixtures and styles started this radical shift, including stripping everything off to the columns and moving all the pipes to build a better layout.
Solution: shake the bed
Inspired wall panels and dark charcoal
The gray walls form a complex contrast.
Finished castingsiron claw-
The footbasin is dotted with space on the top of the hexagonal marble floor tiles. Vanity: Ready-
Cabinets built by contractor LJ Gauvin & Sons upgrade the open shelf below.
Custom Carrara marble countertops and chrome plating further enhance the main storage space in the room.
Countertop: Colonial marble;
Sinks and fixtures: Kohler;
LA: Home Depot;
Sconces: pottery BarnLayout: a compact corner walk-
There is plenty of room for the toilet to stand in the shower-
Separate bathtub and double vanity with comfortable traffic flow in the middle.
Cost: $20,000 for fixtures, materials and designs but not for Labor. 6.
Location: Freehold, New JerseySize: 83 square feet (7. 7 square meters)
Designer: John Conroy background from Princeton design: when homeowners realize they need professional help, they have started to dismantle their existing bathroom.
They found Conroy and his company in Houzz, and after carefully reading his previous work and reading reviews, hired him over the phone.
"It's a bit unusual," he said, "but Houzz gave them enough information to do that.
The challenge he found in 1990
The built bathroom is five of its six sides without insulation, which creates a cold space.
Solution: there is a new spray foam housing inside all walls, floors and ceilings that solves the problem.
Space-saving: the pipes stay in the same position in order to reduce costs, but Conroy did steal from the adjoining attic and push the room out for 1 ruler, and made a bigger shower and bench on it with a locker on it.
"It provides us with more elbow and breathing space and more storage space," he said . ".
Conroy has also laid economical tile floor tiles for a long time to create longer lines to make the room look bigger than it used to be.
Shower: he removed the existing fiberglass shower and put a fiberglass shower.
Armoire: a custom storage unit sits on a bench on the back wall.
Related: protect the shower with shower table cabinet: the cabinet is Cherry with rosewood color.
Plywood veneers and diagonal corners provide the appearance of solid wood for the unit.
Vanity: Conroy likes to use floating Vanity tables in medium bathroom space as they help to provide the look of more rooms and are easy to clean below.
"Plus, you won't bend over into the cupboard," he said . ".
Accent tile: Conroy splurge on the onyx field tile for $30 per square foot for vanity and back wall near the shower.
"Add those Jewelry
"Like the elements of the spare place, the bathroom feels more luxurious," he said . ".
Design features: the bathtub is surrounded into a countertop, while the wooden plane on the cabinet above forms a lighting shelf.
"It helps to make it look like you went to a big one --
"Box department stores bought several pieces of wood products," he said . ".
"If you carefully connect the cabinet to the rest of the space and talk to each other, it will give you a tranquil spa-like feeling.
Faucet and shower equipment: Grohe;
Bathtub and sink: KohlerLayout: since Conroy and the homeowner decided not to move any plumbing fixtures to save costs, the components remain in the same place.
But here you can see how they merge about 1 feet from the left side to create a bench and squeeze in a closet.
Cost: Although Conroy said he could not share all the costs associated with the project, he provided the following breakdown.
Custom shower door: dressing table, tub surround and quartz surface of about $5,000 on bench: $7,000 cabinets: $10,000 Conroy also noted that it is a stand
In the central part of New Jersey, he said, a project of similar scope and scale could cost $800 to $875 per square foot, or about $70,000.
He added that due to economies of scale, a similar bathroom could appear for $450 to $500 per square foot, which is about $41,500.
"In addition to these figures, one should expect to pay between 8 and 12% of the building cost on a set of high-quality design and construction drawing sheets," says Conroy . ". 7.
Hotel Location: 132 square feet (Camarillo, CA (12. 3 square meters)
Designer: Gail jamesz from soul interior designto-
The empty nesters in this 1970-year-old family want to update their main bathroom with the replaced sofas and fluorescent lighting, oak cabinets, light ceramic countertops and brass shower doors.
"The footprints are very good;
"It just needs to be updated," designer Gail Jamentz said . ".
Vanity: white container sink and Caesar stone counter with a strong cup of coffee on itstained vanity.
Tile: customers like Blue at the seaside
So Jamentz incorporated these shades into the color scheme with wall paint and accent tiles.
Wall Paint: 120% m tide, Sherwin-Williams;
Faucet: Hansgrohe;
George Kowach;
Medicine Cabinet: repair hardware;
Sink: kolleev;
Faucet: Hansgrohe;
Glass tiles: Arctic blue, G & G tiles;
Tile: Sri Lanka TileThe floor by 12-by-24-
One inch tile.
The field tiles around the bathtub and shower are 4-by-16-
Provide an inch matte white tile with a subtle background for the blue accent tile.
Tip: Don't be stingy with plumbing fixtures anyway.
"Good quality --
"Those are your working horses in the bathroom," Jamentz said . ".
She warned against finding cheaper fixtures, warning that the internal parts are usually plastic and will not support for a long time.
Cost: Jamentz estimates that the cost of this project is approximately $48,000, including material and construction costs, but not design costs.
No moving walls or pipes to save money.
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