6 tips for planning a small green bathroom - wall mount vanity sink

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-08
6 tips for planning a small green bathroom  -  wall mount vanity sink
About ten years ago, my wife and I bought a seven-bedroom Victorian house with about fifteen people in it.
In the summer, we rent our residence every week to cover the cost of this monster.
Our guests are usually made up of large families and older family members.
We love that others can enjoy our home, so at the end of each summer we improve our summer rental.
Our upgrade focuses on creating a more comfortable environment for our guests.
My wife and I are also friendly to the Earth, so we only use green products.
A few years ago, we decided to modernize our kitchen with energy-saving and water-saving products.
Needless to say, our guests are very grateful.
Last year, we found through feedback from visitors that the bathroom condition of their elderly family members was difficult.
The first floor of our home includes kitchen, laundry, living room and dining area.
Unfortunately, the restroom is located on the second and third floors.
Obviously, we need to have at least one toilet installed somewhere on the ground floor to fix this.
I really don't know how to add a bathroom on the first floor.
So I brought a couple of general contractors to accept estimates and ideas about the location of the toilet.
After careful consideration, we decided to have enough unused space to separate the laundry room and install a small vanity and wall-mounted toilet.
We installed the small vanity on the wall opposite the toilet.
We chose a wall-mounted toilet with a water tank.
This reduces the space occupied by ordinary toilet tanks.
To my surprise, it took less than a week to install the fixture.
Here are some tips I have collected in the process. 1.
Before starting the process, measure and Mark with the dimensions of the fixture.
It will give you a good idea of how much activity space you have in the bathroom. 2.
Keep it as simple as possible.
We know we need a toilet and a sink, which is basically everything we install.
When you deal with limited space, try to avoid unnecessary confusion such as cabinets, shelves or drawers. 3.
Using low-flow faucets and dual flush toilets is not only green, but can save a lot of money on water charges. 4.
Register the bathroom with the local decree Council, especially if the house is historic. 5.
Create a small space with a large mirror than the original illusion. 6.
Make sure there are bolts on the wall-mounted toilet that fix the tank and toilet.
If the wall-mounted toilet is adjustable, make sure it is adjusted to 17-
18 inch tall.
It makes it easier to get the toilet up and down.
Mom and Dad will thank you very much.
My wife and I are going to retire to this House.
So when doing a green upgrade, I tend to walk an extra mile.
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