5 ways of completely disinfecting your home - times of india - sink attached to wall

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-09
5 ways of completely disinfecting your home - times of india  -  sink attached to wall
Start with a runny nose and then continue with a high fever and severe physical pain.
These days, one infection after another has plagued ordinary urban residents.
If you think your family is the prey of an unseen monster (read: Germs)
, Then this may be due to the common virus or severe bacterial growth in your home.
Frequent illness is not a normal condition.
It's time to scrub your house and learn the basic techniques to disinfect every room, wall and floor.
All you need is a sponge mop, carpet shampoo, gloves, paper towels and spray bottles and you can say goodbye to these bacteria.
How is this done.
Bathroom disinfection.
Take disinfectant according to the measurements mentioned on the bottle.
Use it to wipe all hard surfaces such as the ceiling and the floor.
Now, clean the tub and tiles well using bleach solution.
You can use the same bleach solution to remove bacteria from the "potty" seat, window cord, toothbrush holder and a variety of plastic and ceramic products.
Make sure the sink and vanity are clean.
Remember to pay special attention to the tiles and drain pipes in the shower area, as these tiles will maintain the growth caused by moisture.
Minimum disinfection, less-
Room as crowded as possible.
Try reaching out under the table, in the corner of the side drawer, the soft surface under the sofa or chair, and the area around the ceiling lampshade and fan, to ensure that no part of the House breeds viruses and bacteria.
Vacuum the carpet, curtains, mattresses, furniture and carpet twice in a month so there is no scope for any infection.
Mobile items such as plastic and cotton toys must also be cleaned regularly.
Disinfect your ceiling.
Don't wait for auspicious festivals like Diwali to clean up the ceiling.
When you talk about daily household cleaning, you usually talk about cleaning approachable items and spaces;
However, the ceiling is part of a house that we can easily overlook.
Clean the ceiling using a sanitized cloth attached to the long broom.
Be sure to cover the floor and furniture when you clean the ceiling.
Disinfection of raw food.
Disinfection of raw food is one of the most important factors to ensure food hygiene.
Rinse all fruits and vegetables before use, as this will help to remove sand and dirt.
The best practice is to rinse the water and vinegar/lime mixture for a few seconds to make sure they are suitable for consumption.
Please make sure to use salt and lime juice when cleaning raw meat, poultry or fish.
Disinfection of processed food.
When it comes to processed foods, you may think there is little need to disinfect them.
But the reality is that even food that is processed and packaged sometimes needs to be cleaned (
Even bought with waterproof bag).
When you store processed foods, be sure to make sure they are tightly sealed so that they do not overflow or damp.
Don't spray any kind of resistance.
Bacterial Solution on packaged food.
Foods such as cheese, processed meat, yogurt containers and bottles need to be dried with a clean and dry kitchen towel before use.
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