5 simple ways to make your hands look younger - skinny bathroom sink

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-11
5 simple ways to make your hands look younger  -  skinny bathroom sink
When we are busy applying all kinds of-
The aging cream is applied to the face and ran to the colorist to cover our gray, and we often forget to reveal the body parts of our age first: our hands. Even A-
Actresses like Julianne Moore and Kate Blanchett have avoided the popular "mani-
"Cam" at the awards ceremony, which amplified the nail design of the star.
Moore called it "humiliation ".
"Here are some easy ways you can turn the clock back on your hand to deal with common aging issues such as dryness and age spots. 1. Wear gloves.
Washing dishes every night will dry your skin, and hot water and abrasive dish soap will peel off the natural oils in your skin, causing the skin to dry and even crack.
Perfume in Dish soaps will also stimulate your skin and aggravate diseases such as eczema.
Every time you clean up the sink, put on the dishwashing gloves to help keep moisture in your skin ---
Or choose to use the dishwasher! 2.
It depends on it to be as moist as your life.
Thanks to frequent hand washing, our hands absorb more moisture than any other area of our body-
So they definitely deserve more TLC.
Using lotion and creams will help lock in moisture and help your hands look younger by moisturizing the skin.
Dermatologists recommend the treatment of ingredients such as shea butter, olive oil, vitamin E and macadamia nut oil.
Applying these to slightly damp skin helps them absorb better, so be sure to put a can of cream on the bathroom sink for use after the shower or wash your handswashing.
When you use treatment and cream on your face, it doesn't hurt to apply some to your hands ---
Especially if they are products that promote the production of collagen, it helps to make the thin skin on the back of your hand full.
Just make sure that the product does not result in an increase in stripping or sensitivity to sunlight. 3.
Use a flattering Polish.
While things like black nail polish or nail art can be the hottest trend at the moment, they can look tough and will make your hands more mature.
But the right color can help you organize your hands and attract attention away from age spots or visible veins.
Fashion experts recommend staying away from fashion such as glitter, long nails or squares.
While you may be tempted to use nude colors so you don't notice your hands, the popularity of colors can actually help your hands look younger. Orange-
Red is a popular choice compared to bluebased reds (
This can make your blood vessels stand out).
If you're afraid of lighting up, make your nails shorter --
The shape and color still look complicated.
If you choose to be naked, celebrity manicurist Deborah Lipmann says it's all about choosing a tone with the right base color so your skin doesn't look Gray4. Wear sunscreen.
Sunspots are real giveaways of your age.
After years of exposure to the sun's UV rays or even tanning beds, they develop over time.
You can talk to your dermatologist about some local creams, such as the contrast that helps to bleach the pigment, and even some laser therapy that destroys the pigment. Produce cells.
But as with everything, prevention is really the best treatment no matter how old you are.
Apply sunscreen every day to prevent more age spots.
Yes, we know that the first thing you want to do after applying sunscreen in other parts of your body is wash your hands.
Instead, resist the urge to apply the compound cream to the back of your hand that you need to protect most. (
There is a layer of dead skin cells in your palm that helps prevent light from shining. )
And make sure to re-apply after handwashing. 5.
Exfoliating, exfoliating, exfoliating.
Dead skin cells can not only make your skin look flaky and dim, but also prevent treatment from getting stuck.
As with your face, make sure you use a gentle exfoliator-
Nothing is too rough because it will scratch the surface of your skin.
You can even do your own treatment at home with a teaspoon of sugar and moisturizer such as coconut oil.
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