5 famous characters who died horrible off screen deaths - wall hung toilet and basin

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5 famous characters who died horrible off screen deaths  -  wall hung toilet and basin
Not all heroes die like they live.
Elvis sat on the toilet and checked out.
Sir Bacon died.
The key is that the way you die is out of control.
Unless you happen to be a fictional character, in which case your creator can choose to forget you with dignity and purpose in a way that satisfies audiences around the world.
But sometimes, these famous heroes and villains will be deceived by their creators and suffer the same glorious death as choking death on chicken nuggets.
It's just that it often happens in small-
Known works you may have missed.
Only fans know. . .
The powerful wizard, Saruman, was rudely stabilized among the evil wizards, and the white Saruman came before Voldemort, second only to Gargamel.
The villain set up an army of orcs to try to deceive Solon from the ring and personally defeat Gandalf.
So it's a bit frustrating to find that in the feature version you may not have seen, his death includes tripping over his greasy personal assistant.
First of all, readers should not be angry with us ---
According to statistics, most people alive today know the story from the movie.
The tragic fate of Saruman is trivial as it is completely ignored by the third film ---
Only those who have the DVDs extension version see the deleted scenes, even if it is only when you are able to watch them for two consecutive weeks off.
He is the main villain of the story (
He never really showed up except Solon himself)
His death was like he decided he didn't want to come back to see the third film, and the producer had to write him out (
The opposite is true, but we will get it).
In the novel, after surviving wizards, cavalry and tree monsters, Saruman was reduced to running with Hobbit in the Shire to survive.
He was exiled by Frodo, and then, without knowing where to come out, Saruman's abusive follower Grima Wormtongue finally collapsed.
No epic wizard battles, no dragons, no trembling in the middle
The Earth is purified as a great evil.
Not even this big fist.
The redemption moment of the worm tongue--
It is described as this: "He growled like a dog and slammed on the back of Saruman, pulled his head back, cut his throat, and shouted from the driveway" That's it!
Basically, Saruman was put on ice by his evil intern, and then he rushed out of hooting like a madman.
Tolkien's handling of the matter was almost an afterthought, just not saying, "Oh, yes, Saruman died earlier.
A few chapters ago, his carriage overturned, and he smashed his head on the root of the tree.
"In the deleted scene, Peter Jackson at least tried to fuck it ---Saruman .
But in the editorial room, Jackson probably made a face and said, "Well, no one will comment on that.
Besides, we have to go for a long time. all my movies are like this.
"Do you know who gave us what?
Christopher Lee, who plays Saruman, was "shocked" after hearing that he was completely removed from the third film ".
Sorry man, but most viewers think you 've just been slapped by a bunch of trees.
Jingle, four of them are dead.
On the screen of the old ageddink Bell, a brave fairy who follows Peter Pan around and occasionally tries to murder a child Wendy.
In addition to the envy of her killing, Tinker Bell is a charming, memorable character, filled with magical dust, and Peter spanked her from her in a scene that was completely unsuitable for the child.
So what will happen to good Olympus after Peter and the lost boy finally beat Captain Hook?
Well, according to author J. M.
Barry, Peter forgot about the little jingle. she left when she was old. Wait, ?
This is a fantasy world in which no one will grow old.
Tinker Bell has so much magic that it really comes out of her ass and she's fucking dead!
Long after the events described in various films took place, Peter Pan and Wendy recalled their past adventures.
Wendy asked Tinke, and Peter revealed that he didn't even remember who she was talking about, as if Tinker Bell was a girl he met at a party, instead of an active magical figure that helps him overcome his biggest opponent.
Then, when he finally remembered who Wendy was talking about, he explained that he didn't know what happened to Tinker Bell, and he said, "[There's so much]fairies]. . . .
I think she's gone.
"You might think it's children's literature, which is equivalent to saying," Well, who knows ? "?
She might have died somewhere.
"Peter Pan had so many fairies in the ass that he was too lazy to remember their names.
To make matters worse, the story clearly proves that it is only necessary for the reader to believe in them and applaud the resurrection of the fairy.
If Wendy had just started clapping, Tinker Bell would have risen, but instead, J. M.
Barry discusses the life of stupid, insignificant fairies in the book, and then starts their business.
This is almost defensive as if it were against J. M.
The reader understands how little he cares about the fairy.
A similar note. . .
Jimini Cricket was murdered within seconds of meeting with chichioprior, soaked in Disney sugar and rewritten, so that it can become the original story of a movie puppet adventure that humans really like contains the traditional terrible features of European children's stories, like a blood-stained Richard skry book.
In the book of Carlo kolodie, pinochi was hanged, biting off the claws of a cat, and witnesses screamed a piece of emotional Wood because they were painfully
But nothing is darker than the demise of gimigni cricket.
In the Disney film, gimigni is pinochi's firm partner, who does his best to keep happy while always staying with the wooden boys, handing out advice and acting as pinochi's conscience.
However, before the nominal puppetry murdered pinochi with a hammer, Jimini had little time to interact with pinochi because no one told pinochi what to do: collodi really apologized to the children who read his horrible story, this is unfounded and terrible.
Jiminy doesn't even have any last words of dignity, just some monosyllabic sound cramps, and his broken brain sends meaningless synaptic impulses when the synapses die.
Jimini later came back from the grave and helped pinochi as a ghost cricket because every story written for the kids before the age of 1980 was crazy.
So, basically, Jimini Cricket is more of a victim of murder who has been enslaved than a whistle-blowing optimist who is responsible for helping pinochi make a responsible decision, forever bound by the mysterious wooden child, he extinguished his light from the universe.
David Bowie's main work, Tom is always floating in space, is David Bowie's first hit single and one of his best
Most popularknown songs.
It introduces the character of Major Tom, who is a lonely astronaut floating in space, and his story continues in several other songs, some of which are not even David Bao
In the official Bowie classic, most people think major Tom died of "space quirks" because he looked bad ---
"For the Ground Control of Major Tom, your circuit is broken and something goes wrong;
Major Tom, can you hear me?
"If all goes well, you will not send such a message to the lonely astronaut.
However, Bowie sang in it, "We know that major Tom is a fan, and in the climax of heaven, he played a full
"Time Is Tight" and "My mother said, you 'd better not mix up with Major Tom in order to get things done," it seems to indicate that major Tom is getting higher and higher in space, and by sending drugs to seriously disrupt his ground controllers --
Come on.
Whether he died in excess or in the cold vacuum of space, Major Tom is a respected tragic figure in popular culture.
So it is a bit frustrating to learn that the universe, in all its mysteries, is content to pile up a series of insults on the major after his death, including dressing him up as
Willie's eyes.
In the last music video before his death, showed us Major Tom, now a skeleton that has been jumping aimlessly on a planet for the past few decades.
Then, a black hole opened and swallowed up his super
And then the body used in some alien monster.
Summoning ceremony
This is equivalent to learning that Elton John's Rocket Man met his end in the carnival scene.
Space death is one of those things that you think about less and less.
For example, when George Clooney is gracefully floating in a forgotten place, you may not have imagined that his frozen body would always jump on the side of the highway like the Taco Bell Cup.
But that is exactly what is going to happen, and that is exactly what Major Tom is going to be doing, according to David Bowie.
That is, until his bones are collected by aliens, they become art. and-crafts project.
The legendary fugitive Robin Hood was killed in a medical examination, and Robin Hood is the legendary robber of the rich and giver
For the poor, he is the star of so many books and movies that he is basically his own type.
After all the adventures, you may think that Robin Hood died softly in his sleep, in the bed next to an old maid, Marianne, finally, I stole everything from the rich and turned them into poor people in contradiction (
To start the whole cycle again).
Or, if a happy ending is not possible, at least you will think that he will be killed by a Nottingham sheriff or other opponent who eventually finds him and makes the most of him.
These are not correct, as it turns out.
During the routine medical examination
In this story, Robin Hood is ready to let himself bleed, a medical procedure in which ancient people cure all kinds of diseases by discharging blood from their bodies.
It hasn't been used since the doctor realized it was crazy, but at the time it was about the same as a flu shot.
Anyway, Robin went to visit a local priestess to get his blood ready.
Either she recently watched the movie starring Russell Croy and started self-destruction before the future "imagination" happened).
Then put a damn bandage on him and lock him in the room and bleed to death, and he did.
If you are a bicycle messenger, it is a way of death with a tiger head and snake tail, so for legendary heroes like Robin Hood, it is impossible to grieve and make no sense.
Even centuries ago, the story seemed a bit lame, so another writer came in and tried to fix it by adding a paragraph, in which, A dying Robin Hood instructed his friend to bury him anywhere.
However, this does not mean adding a romantic ending to the life of a famous hero, but rather means that in addition to being bled to death by an evil nurse, Robin Hood is probably buried in the backyard of a guy.
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