5 'edgy' ads that sold nothing but failure and madness - wall mounted toilet and sink

by:KEDIBO     2019-09-08
5 \'edgy\' ads that sold nothing but failure and madness  -  wall mounted toilet and sink
There are two traditional ways when you're advertising: you can explain why your stuff is great, or you can make your stuff sexy.
OK, here are some ad wizards to come up with the third option: add the horrible situation of unspeakable and hope to do the best!
Let's see how it works for them!
Using prison rape to sell happy ranchersnow says "buy my delicious grape candy", like prison rape, which is something we should know before our recent advertising campaign
Jolly Ranchers's "continue sucking" ads take a bad step-dad marketing approach, calling on young customers to lack appreciation for their hard workass, filling-yanking candy.
They took it in some strange dark direction.
For example, they suggest that even if one of the cherries dies, several of them can be ruthlessly glued together.
We only show you cherries to show how these people throw unpleasant things on the wall and hope some of them stick to the wall in a fun way.
The pinnacle of bad taste is the next tweet, which lasted three days on the Internet.
See, a blue candy prisoner asks followers of the happy ranchers Twitter account to suck his dick or. Yeah . . .
So there's a lot to open here.
There is a blue raspberry happy ranchers here, this is the penis of the blue raspberry prisoner, is this conceited?
This is more than how Keebler cookies were made by tree elves, and even when the soul of the debtor crossed the river of the underworld, how the Necco wafer was paid to Charon.
Let's say these sweets are the monster's penis, can they feel it when we suck?
Should we be ashamed? Not arousal?
Candy should not cause these problems.
Another thing to mention is that when they change the line to "busy sucking" instead of "busy living, "They changed the only hopeful phrase in the prison movie and turned it into a prison rape.
This has almost doubled the prison rape included in the general prison rape joke.
This is a considerable achievement for Candy advertising.
Happy ranchers claim candy is "crime bold" but how can it be bold?
Is it illegal to taste so bold?
Or is it bold because it forces consumers who are not interested to suck it?
Every option is stupid.
Although it's not stupid for them to pay for advertising campaigns, it will build the connection between their delicious sweets and violent sexual assault in the minds of customers.
Jolly Ranchers quickly decided that there was no prison rape joke better than another one.
But not so fast. -
Before they deleted the tweet, the tweet had been released for the whole weekend, and it was almost eight covfefes in the Internet age.
If you're looking to make a splash in the office, tell them that your favorite vacation spot is Thailand.
Sadly, they will complain about the affinity of underage prostitutes, which is based on the cruel reality.
And "sex tourism", an extremely large subsidiary industry.
"It's disturbing, shameful, crazy, but it's also one for Penguin floor cleaners!
In this ad called "soliciting", a man with a funny and visible fool pays a female student to have sex in a bathroom with a shiny floor.
The joke is that the floor is too clean and even if you are ashamed to look at them directly, you can see sex crimes on the floor (
Therefore, the slogan "There is nowhere to hide the scale ").
Strangely, this is one of several specific reasons why there is no clean floor.
This floor cleaner is trying the old joke formula of "play chicken game with your human soul" but may not have created enough environment for it.
No one should say that, but you can't go from zero to sexual slavery in a floor cleaner ad.
You need to build it during the long advertising campaign for floor cleaning.
The slogan is also bad.
This is a drama worthy of mediocre comics and even the following words --
Regular greeting cards, but also seems to indicate that this floor cleaner is a hero who helps you watch a man pay a teenager for sex?
Somehow, a winning streak
Free glow at an affordable price helps illuminate the horror of sex deals?
Advertising is created by an organization with a combination of very beautiful and dynamic images.
That is to say, almost none of their other jobs include young girls who have been harassed.
But in a universe where almost everything is known exists, the only message they need to convey is that this floor cleaner is one of them, they think their best moves are bad word games and child molesting.
But we guess it works!
We're talking about penguins, floor cleaners for sex criminals and/or sex crime peeps!
Sell ass ShieldsLook with murder, no one spread their ass cheeks on the public toilet seat.
They are the most serious diseases and smells on us, fighting the maintenance skills of the most sad and unmotivated among us.
While men can relax while reading newspapers in public toilets --
Compared to other men, women have no choice but to sit on these disgusting pits, even during the most routine garbage removal.
That said, it can benefit from the toilet lid, which provides some sort of buffer between their ass and the uncleaned ass of strangers.
The question is, how much are you willing to give up for this peace of mind while giving up a report?
Toilet lid manufacturers consider their products to be so valuable that women should be willing to have the opportunity to rest on the same crumpled piece of paper found in your local doctor's office: because public restrooms don't usually give Toletta their own distribution women only have two ways to wrap their cheeks around some sweet ass Shield: either you spend $3 and hide the stylish product in your wallet, in case of a stomach emergency, or if you kill the rich guy
Apparently 50-
50. are women willing to brutally beat women for seat covers.
We 've been thinking about it, but now we know: for a woman who poops on a magazine ad, $3 is the value of human life.
An advertisement in Toledo even showed the death of a woman.
Does that mean it's worth killing a woman for one of these things?
You crazy man, why not just lay on the floor and wipe yourself with your gloved hand?
In their defense, Toletta claims that their ads should be like this, because if there is anything that "high-end toilet covers" that makes us think of, in the public toilet, beautiful women beat each other to death on their buttocks.
You see, we probably don't know "premium fashion", but we do know that they are wrong when someone thinks it will put a dead woman in a public toilet, and, some are definitely killers.
2 selling shampoo and suicide with suicide: always a good analogy for hair tangling or curling. Right? No?
Is this offensive, insensitive and absurd?
Well, Anatomicals, a British and American brand, agrees. They for hard-to-
Manage hair.
More importantly, shampoo is for teenage girls who are at risk of suicide.
Bad pun about hair and irresponsible psychological metaphors for actual suicide are mixed together.
In all the whimsical sorrows, it is here: the article is so bad in many ways that it is almost the least criminal to mention casually all the dead who fell off the cliff.
Oh, it's worse.
"Peach head" is not a random whimsical name for Peaches --Shampoo with fragrance
This is a drama about the location, with the largest number of suicides in Britain so far. -
A very high cliff that can easily reach its highest point, called the Beachy Head.
On average, the local government took the issue so seriously that they installed a telephone booth on the top of the cliff, leading directly to the suicide support center, where volunteers patrolled the area several times a day.
What kind of atmosphere do you want your personal hygiene products to evoke, right?
As you might expect, the response was very loud when someone posted a photo of the bottle on Twitter.
The anatomy leadership does not seem to see this as a major event.
In a, brand cooperation
The founders say they are a "disrespectful" brand that makes an innocent tongue-in-
The cheek reference is very humorous. . .
This may make sense for a topic other than the troublesome person who committed suicide.
Despite the rapid removal of shampoos from shelves by urban decorators, anatomy remains and they have decided to fight to the end for their right to build cute and quirky brands on suicide.
If you still don't believe how bad this shampoo is, maybe the photo on the back of this bottle will help.
1 selling Belgian comedy with 9/11, which guarantees the safety of Belgian humorous publications, is a very impossible thing to mention again.
Belgian comedy magazine.
It is not clear when people will comfortably mention 9/11, but it is certain that s * t is not on 2004.
But how did they deal with the ads that shocked the world?
The restraint of a toddler playing with a cup of pudding broke the tragedy.
Promote your magazine with such addictive power that people can't help but lead to the arrival of the times
In most places, defining a tragedy is something that will get the creative director fired, but strangely, he is proud of it.
OK, it's a humor magazine, so maybe it's not hard to understand why they're okay with it, but soon after the event, they don't have the only Belgian 9/11 ad.
CoBis, an IT company, has launched a model that compares 9/11 to hackers and malware.
After all, there is not much distance between thousands of people dying and opening a bad email attachment. Right? !
Is it a trendy idea to take advantage of the new tragedy in Belgian advertising?
Is culture particularly sensitive to human suffering?
Are waffles and chocolates so delicious that people don't have the concept of pain and loss?
Maybe the country we don't know has a dark, chilling undercurrent.
Perhaps there is a reason why Douglas Adams decided to include "Belgium.
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