5 cheap(ish) items you need in your bathroom - small sink in bathroom

by:KEDIBO     2019-08-20
5 cheap(ish) items you need in your bathroom  -  small sink in bathroom
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I'm the devil of bathroom organization and products, so I often pick top bathrooms from Wirecutter, a product recommendation site owned by the New York Times.
I will take any chance to organize my mess better
Sink cleaning product or upgrade my shower curtain or buy a new piston. (
Yes, my life is wonderful. )
Wirecutter has an incredible range of bathroom products to recommend, so here are five of my favorite items.
But really, do yourself a favor and improve your bathroom life. (
If this gives you a clean mood, here's a smarter life guide for cleaning the bathroom
The rest of your family, nach.
By clever living friends and famous clean man Julie Kerr. )
Nice pair of tweezersO. K.
Yes, I know it sounds like a little potato, but listen to me: I spend most of my adult life buying the same pair of cheap tweezers from Duane Reade every few years, because I will inevitably lose this pair of tweezers in a move.
But this year, I venture into Tweezerman's oblique tip and my life (and eyebrows)
It has been different since then.
For those of you who are still in my place, arguing whether $16 is too expensive and spending it on a pair of tweezers, I'm here to tell you: it's worth it.
Take the hint of disiman oblique, the top choice of Wirecutter.
Again, for those of us who have been putting off their adventures and getting an electric toothbrush, this is also a product that is well worth investing in.
From Wirecutter, "Electric toothbrushes have been shown to provide better dental care than manual toothbrushes --
They remove more plaque at a statistically significant rate and reduce gum inflammation. ”The Oral-
B. Pro 1000 is their first choiceUnder-
When you run out of the sink, don't blindly throw the cleaning product under the sink (guilty)
, Make better use of the space with a small set of drawers, which will turn your bulky spray bottle and Comet tank forest into a neat clean monument.
Wirecutter picked this silver two from their small bathroom storage-
Drawer grid organizer for Container Store.
You won't hate the bathroom trash can anymore, listen to me on an item that feels like a little potato: who among us hasn't used the same bathroom trash can for five years, because why waste money on trash cans? But!
These simple human trash cans are your cleanest.
There is a reason for organized friends to use.
They are attractive, elastic, compact and fit in every space.
For your bathroom, 10-
Can't hit a simple warehouse.
This is my white bathroom product.
I have been buying, testing, smashing and buying back endless caddies I end up hating for years.
Suction cups, wire frames, plastic, strange dirt around the shower head . . . . . . They will never be satisfied.
Fortunately, Wirecutter spent 15 hours digging more than 100 caddies (! )
I made a decision for me: this one is from OXO, about $30.
What are the bathroom supplies that you can't have?
Let me know at tim @ nytimes.
Put "bathroom" in the theme bar or tweet me @ timherrera. —
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