5 animals that can do amazing things (with their butts) - wall mounted toilet and sink

by:KEDIBO     2019-09-08
5 animals that can do amazing things (with their butts)  -  wall mounted toilet and sink
Some creatures on this planet seem to have evolved just to make the rest of us laugh.
We have discussed a group of outstanding animals, so it's not surprising to have a list of corresponding animals that don't use anything but their ass, because life can be as beautiful as we always know.
The 5 tropical beaches are made up of par mouth fish and are wide
Staring at the false teeth in the dentist's toy box and laughing all the time, par mouth fish is probably the stupidest --
Living creatures alive
It's the only fish that looks like walking into the room in a joke, and in any case it's laughing at the joke because it's hard to make new friends, guys.
It's not just a day with it-hawing good-
In essence, though, par mouth fish is a direct reason for some of the world's most beautiful white sand beaches.
Or rather, their poop.
This is basically white sand. -
Par mouth fish s * t.
The poor horse teeth of Par mouth fish are actually purposeful ---
Is to grind large pieces of coral.
Once it feels so delicious
Looks like a coral reef, par mouth fish will bite a piece and chew with those oversized selfhelp-
The upper board extracts algae that make up a large part of its diet.
Then, useless coral waste passes through its digestive tract. . . Form back on the coral reef.
Typical par mouth fish can be produced.
Most of them are rushed to shore, forming most of what you see in the commercials and travel brochures.
They are not entirely a new or endangered species, which means that the par mouth fish population has gradually reduced the amount of grain frozen on vacation for a long time.
So if you ever dig your toes on the beach in Antigua, or see your kids build sandcastles in a time-sharing resort in the Caribbean, just know that you are all relaxing and building memories on the hills of leilinfish s**t.
If you can watch the sea cow for a long time without being blind by hysterical laughter, the sea cow will swim by farting and you may notice, they can rise and sink in the water with little apparent movement or effort.
How do these floating speed bumps master ocean magic when they seem to have little idea of their presence?
Well, if you look at this video carefully, you might notice a thread that comes out of their hips: That's right ---
The sea cows control their buoyancy through endless farting cycles.
Hainiu can, take it in when they want to get close to the water, and relax it when sinking (
Or destroy a luxurious dinner party with a charming blue collar antics).
But don't try this next time you go to the beach. -
The physiology of Sea cattle is customized.
Made for this event
Sea cattle eat a ton of plants every day, which causes them to accumulate a lot of methane-
So much so that their diaphragm is closer to their lungs to hold all the gas, rather than close to the liver like the normal diaphragm.
Their diaphragm also allows manatees to pressurize and release methane at will.
This is another way of saying that if you try to adjust your buoyancy by storing methane, if the gas tank is sealed with thousands of pounds of pressurized fart, You will explode like a shark.
Once the termite appears in front of your house, on board or in front of the Wicker, you have little hope of getting rid of them.
The introduction of biological controls such as fungi has almost never worked, and in addition to the pests they intend to kill, they have managed to kill everything else on Earth.
This may be one of the reasons why each termite group looks like a super villain fortress.
The medieval insect castles were built with hard-working termite droppings.
These solid walls of feces are the reason for termite protection from pesticides.
Because a group of termite may contain millions of unevolved insects that can use the toilets of any house they are currently destroying, there is no way for them to get rid of the skyscrapers that inevitably pile up.
Therefore, they evolved into a symbiotic relationship with termite, which is based on termite feces as a raw material, in return for the release of antibiotics, to protect the termite from any destructive pathogens that we humans spray.
The next logical step is to make bugs nest almost entirely with their own feces, give bacteria an endless buffet and create an indestructible fortress of garbage.
Now that we know their secrets, scientists are developing new ones.
Bypass poop shields and chemical weapons.
In addition, we may one day be able to use the super of termite
Resistant underwear chocolate to develop more effective antibiotics to replace those that have passed the time and are useless.
So, your next amoxicillin prescription may come out directly from the translucent feces faucet of the termite.
The Fitz Roy river turtle breathes through the anus the fitz Roy River turtle, a species that can only be found in the fitz Roy river in Australia, seems to exist only to provide some real competition in the "ridiculous reptiles" category.
Although it has a very good mouth in the center of its face, like most of God's creatures, it has evolved to breathe air from the anus.
Now, many birds, reptiles and fish have the ability to make babies and toilets with one hole ---
This is a "ass from all walks of life" if you want ".
A small amount of turtles can absorb a small amount of oxygen from the water through a process called oxygen.
But the fitz Roy turtles don't have time to eat a small amount.
On the contrary, since they had a special sac in the aca cavity known as a sliding bag, the fitz Roy turtles kept pumping water from their huge diners, the oxygen collected is as much as the oxygen they need to survive.
There are about three.
Part of the air they breathe through their assholes.
So turtle Roy (
The locals affectionately call it ")
Able to stay underwater most.
This, coupled with the fact that they are confined to a particular river in a distant corner of the Earth, causes the rest of the world not to be fully aware of the existence of fitz Roy turtles until about 40 years ago.
This is another way of saying that we have been sharing this planet for thousands of years with a turtle who can breathe a fart, and we just learned about it.
When you are a baby caterpillar, the captain Caterpillar will confuse the predator by throwing feces in the butt pop-up window, and living can be an unfair challenge.
Unobtrusively wrapping yourself with leaves doesn't help much, as the Hornets and other predators have the incredible ability to directly track the feces of the caterpillars, find the source of the delicious fullness they twist, a bit like a predator, if his hot vision only tracks steaming dummies, he collects photos of the peeping bathroom, not the bleached skull.
However, as explained in the science documentary below, Captain Caterpillar has found a unique solution ---
It throws its radish into the air, away from its hiding place: whenever the captain feels a dangerous drop, it wraps up his ass like a stone-throwing machine, and then opens fire.
They do this by establishing blood pressure under the flap under the anus, and are heroically nervous until they are able to produce enough strength to get rid of the morning constitution.
Obviously, because it's a baby caterpillar, not an elephant, it's only 6 to 7 feet away. But it is enough to attract the predator to leave the captain to wrap his relatively dull leaves.
Also, the captain can fire feces in any direction it wants, making predators more confused about where they should go.
From its point of view, this is equivalent to the human explosion, diarrhea, everything in a lot of 80-
Chaotic wallet tour gang yard radius-
Robbery murderer
According to Martha Weiss, an evolutionary stool scientist at Georgetown University (
This is obviously an area of scientific research where you can get a degree at all), .
So, like any other talent, whipping your s ** t in all places requires practice and dedication to the owner.
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