20 extraordinary natural phenomena so bizarre you surely haven’t heard before - sinks

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20 extraordinary natural phenomena so bizarre you surely haven’t heard before  -  sinks
We live on Earth, so we think we know what is happening and what is there.
From mountains to lakes to Woods, beaches and storms.
But we can tell you that you may not be aware of these phenomena that happen on our planet!
Take a closer look at 14, 5 and 2! 20.
The fairy of Namibia, CirclesPhoto: provided by science. The fairy circlesare is a circular piece of land without plants, between 2 and 15 metres in diameter, usually stimulated by a circle of growth.
For the first time, 2014 Immortals outside Africa were discovered, 15 kilometers from Newman town in Pilbara, Western Australia.
Picture: Provided by CNNThere, the reason for the circle has been debated.
The research and development of the theory contains a large number of secular and supernatural theories.
One of the more popular assumptions is that the sand termitePsammotermes Allocerusis is responsible, while in the oral myths of the Greek, these barren patches are said to be19.
Hell's Gate: at Turkmenistan Manke, you can find the Hell's Gate provided by OrangesmileThisDoor, a gas fire that scientists accidentally ignited in 1971 and is still burning.
Image source: the diameter of the volcano is 69 m and the depth is 30 m.
More than 2009 tourists have visited it since 50,000. 18.
Picture of flammable ice bubbles: Lake TravelalbertaThis consists of methane bubbles trapped under the ice.
Photo: when dead organic matter, the air bubbles of travelalbertametane form in the water body (
Leaves and animals)
Fall into the water and sink to the bottom to delight the bacteria waiting below.
Methane is formed in thousands of lakes around the Arctic, but the reduction in the permanent frozen layer means that more and more methane is released into the atmosphere, which is a worrying trend for climate scientists.
The next one is really scary! 17.
Catumbo lightning map: provided by McGill University. Catumbo lightning is a atmospheric phenomenon that occurs only on the estuary of the Catumbo River, where it flows into the malakabo
Photo: Provided by WorldatlasIt, originated from the storm cloud of more than 1 km M, occurs 140 to 160 nights a year, 10 hours a day, 280 times an hour. 16.
Christmas Island red crab is a land crab that is unique to Christmas Island and the cocoa islands in the Indian Ocean.
Photo: during the immigration process, the pinterest authorities need to close most of the island's roads, which takes about a week. 15.
Image of emperor butterfly: Provided by pinterest. It is well known that the butterfly migrate to Mexico in summer and autumn, covering thousands of kilometers.
Picture: Provided by Science Express. Parts of Mexico and Florida migrate to shelters in the Monaka Biosphere Reserve. Captive-
Although the success rate is low, it seems that the raised monarch can migrate to the winter location in Mexico.
Scientists are still trying to figure out the reasons behind the next phenomenon. 14.
Dirty thundershower Photos: Provided by ImgurAlso, known as volcanic lightning, occur when lightning is generated in the volcanic plume.
Photo: Provided by ForbesBut, unlike normal thunderstorms, volcanic lightning can also occur before any ice crystals are formed in the ash cloud. 13.
Provided by roaringearth, first discovered in 1995, these underwater circles are a mystery.
In 2011, the culprit was caught: in order to attract females, the porpoise on the southern coast of Japan made these circles.
Photo: The information provided by factsversesentists says that the quality of the circle may help determine the choice of a woman's partner, although they have not yet shown how to choose.
But once the mating was completed, the male stopped maintaining the circle, and after the egg hatched, he completely gave up the nest. 12.
Spherical BouldersPhoto: provided by the entertainment planet. These spherical boulders, also known as asMoeraki boulders, are unusually large spherical shapes extending along the Koekohe Beach on the waves
The coast of New Zealand, between moraki and Hampden.
Photo: Provided by pinterest, the main body of the Boulder began to form in the sea mud at that time, close to the surface of the sea bottom of the ancient world.
Their spherical shapes indicate that the source of calcium is mass diffusion compared to fluid flow.
After the concrete is formed, the so-called big cracks are formed in it.
Next, there is a treasure hidden in the most beautiful place on Earth. 11.
The big blue hole is a large submarine sinkhole near the coast of Belize, 300 wide and 124 deep.
Ships traveling to and from the big blue hole prove its popularity as a dive site.
Photo: Besides modern style, Getty Images
This vertical cave has the remains of marine life during the day.
When most of the water on the local ball is isolated from glaciers, the global sea level will decrease.
During this time, stalactites are formed in this cave, and these rocks are preserved underwater today. 10.
Sardine RunPhoto: every year, in the months from 5 to July, billions of sardines move north along the east coast of South Africa.
This phenomenon is called ardine run.
Photo: Provided by OddviserThe run, which contains millions of separate sardines, when a cold water is poured north from aghad bank into Zambia, it leaves the coastline and goes east into the Indian Ocean. 9.
Giant's CausewayPhoto: declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO on 1986 and national reserve by the Northern Ireland Environment Ministry on 1987, the giant's road is hailed as Britain's fourth wonder of nature.
Photo: Provided by 30 seconds. The top of the pillar forms a stepping stone, extending out from the foot of the cliff and disappearing into the sea floor.
Most of the pillars are hexagonal, though there are also some with four, five, seven or eight sides.
The highest is about 12 metres high, and the solidified lava on the cliff is 28 metres thick in some places.
This unexplained phenomenon is still frightening to the present.
What do you think? 8.
Sailing Photos: provided by Discovery Magazine. Sailing boat in valley of death is a geological phenomenon in which rocks move and carve along smooth valleys without human or animal intervention
They are also known rocks, walking rocks, Rolling Stones and moving rocks: calculated by the Getty image research team, under certain winter conditions in the Valley of Death, enough water and ice can float the rock in the breeze at the muddy bottom of the racecourse beach, leaving a trail in the mud as the rock moves.
There is no difference between UFO activity and the next activity . . . . . . 7.
Lens-like clouds: Provided by interesting lens-like clouds formed in the atmosphere, usually perpendicular to the wind direction.
They tend to look the same as alensorsaucer.
Photo: Provided by FubizWhere, stable wet air flows through a mountain or a series of mountains, a series of large-
A scale standing wave may be formed on the downwind side.
Lens-like clouds sometimes form at the top of these waves.
Under certain conditions, a long string of lensed clouds can be formed, creating a formation called a wave cloud, which the pilot can avoid due to turbulence. 6.
Lake NatronPhoto: charm planet Lake Natron isa salt lake fed by minerals-
Rich hot springs, such as Souther Ewaso n'iroriver, are the only regular breeding area in East Africa.
There are 5 million small flamingos living there.
Lake Natron is fed by some mineral-rich springs, making the lake highly alkaline with a pH of 9-10. 5.
All these features make Lake Natron the deadliest in the country.
The shell, produced by alkali salt, sometimes makes the lake red or pink by microorganisms living there, and even lighter parts appear orange. 5.
Photo of Spotted Lake in Canada: Provided by Spotted Lake in La VanguardiaCanada, which contains the largest number of magnesium, calcium and sodium in the world.
There is also a small amount of silver titanium in the lake.
Picture: according to the British Columbia visitor center, the Spotted Lake provided by the bullfighter network has been considered a sacred place by the indigenous people of the Okanagan Nation for centuries.
They believe that different circles have different therapeutic and medicinal values.
The lake was originally called Kliluk by the first people in the Okanagan Valley. 4.
Photo of bio-luminous wave: provided by the National geographer, it is known that various plankton will emit bio-luminous light;
When the tides come ashore, their chemical energy is converted into light energy.
Picture: the biological process provided by mashable is ancient and natural and has been found all over the world.
If you have never seen it, it is easiest to observe it on a warm and pleasant beach after dark.
Similarly, there is no difference between UFO lights and the next phenomenon. 3.
Light column: provided by a Daily Post column, which is an optical phenomenon, formed by crystals present in the Earth's atmosphere reflecting sunlight or moonlight and displayed as vertical beams.
Since they are caused by the interaction between light and ice crystals, they belong to the Halo family.
Photo: what the Washington Post offers, unlike the beam, is that the beam is not actually above or below the light source.
The appearance of its vertical line is a visual illusion, generated by the collective reflection of the crystal, and only those crystals that appear to be located on the vertical line will lead the light to the Observer.
The next one may look like a hippie craft, but it's all natural! 2.
Rainbow Eucalyptus pictures: Provided by Getty Images in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines, this eucalyptus will emit skin at different times of the year, and blue purple and orange will be emitted after dark and mature, then chestnut.
Photo: due to the charismatic planet, we are used to seeing beautiful colors in the flowers and fruits of the trees and in the leaves of autumn, but the colored trunk is a strange color.
Rainbow Eucalyptus is highly respected and is often deliberately planted for its appearance or other benefits. 1.
Snow volcano: Provided by pinterest, it is currently the most active volcano in Antarctica, and the southernmost active volcano on Earth is Mt. Erebus volcano.
The volcano is one of the only five lava lakes in the world.
Image: Provided by Getty Images, volcanic gas is heated through these ice holes and enters the air to form a huge 18-meter ice chimney, or "Fire Spray ", deadly volcanic gas pours out of their tip.
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