19 home and design trends to watch in 2019 - bathroom vanities

by:KEDIBO     2019-09-12
19 home and design trends to watch in 2019  -  bathroom vanities
The trajectory of the network, like the scatter of digital crumbs, is a fact of modern life.
Every click, save, search and share we have on home design sites like Houzz and Pinterest add a real
Pictures of the time we accumulated interest and obsession-
To predict the future of our shopping.
Not as sexy as a crystal ball, but definitely more reliable.
Pinterest only offers more than 18 billion home design pictures.
Social bookmarking sites discover rising trends by tracking the ups and downs of the most popular photos and user search terms on the site. Houzz —
Shows the work of more than 2 million design professionals
Discover trends in the same way.
Allison Gervis, a trend expert at Houzz, said the influential home design site also draws on "what they and customers see" from these professionals ".
Researcher at Pinterest and in-
Housing designer Larkin Brown says deep research into website data is always fascinating as it tries to tell consumers what they want, perhaps even before they know they want it: "We think people from all over the world will try these ideas in 2019.
"Look at the following 19 trend directions predicted by these design sites and they will click for you on 2019.
Does the rise of the tailgate match your kitchen tailgate and sofa?
Maybe it should.
Floating shelves and open floor plan means a 24/7 tile back display.
Gervis said: "You really see the whole wall now, you didn't have so many floating shelves a few years ago, you saw the cabinets.
. . . . . . Now that you see all the roads, it makes sense to run the tiles from the countertop to the ceiling;
It's really beautiful.
Mustard, it's everywhere. we're not talking about hot dogs.
"Five years ago, it was more of a sunny yellow color with gray and white," Brown said . ".
"It's deeper and warmer, and we see it paired with gem tones such as emerald green or turquoise.
"Use it as an accent or look for gold with interior decoration, wallpaper or painted furniture.
The color of Pantone 2019 this year is "life-
Make sure that the "live coral" string theory and crochet are already the darling of the bohemian set for several seasons, they are still important, but for 2019 design enthusiasts they venture beyond the pins
Brown said: "If you have a beautiful rug that you want to hang, or a fabric or quilt, it's about really embracing textiles as a new art form.
"I will survive: a cactus plant boom last year revealed many black thumbs and now people are looking for plants they can survive," Brown said.
. . . . . . They are learning about the plant of the survival.
"Look for fleshy plants with novel Flowers and creative shapes.
"We saw different cactus coming together in a really cool way," Brown said . ".
Wallpaper is becoming mainstream.
Brown said: "I think it feels very novel and brave when someone chooses wallpaper, and now with the rise of removable wallpaper, even renting r can be achieved.
Geometry 10 do math.
The geometric wall design doubles the cool factor.
"It's very colorful and bold," Brown said . ".
"We have seen so many dream wallpapers;
This is a response to this . . . . . . It's a way to keep this pattern looking, but not so gorgeous. ”See-
Want to maintain a bright and airy open floor plan, but at the same time create a sense of privacy and place?
You're not alone.
Houzz reports that the popularity of glass and steel doors and windows has sparked a wave of new room partitions.
"We 've been seeing them in the bathroom for a while," Gervis said . ".
"These glass and steel room partitions let the light through, but you still have that open feeling.
So maybe there's a group of people in the dining room and the kids are watching TV in the living room and you want to block the noise a little.
Do we need to say more?
Despite a Houzz survey reportin-
The 4 retractors are taking the tub out of their main bathroom, and those who keep the tub are doubling with sculptures, brackets --
Separate deep soaking bathtub with luxurious focus.
Houzz reports that the kitchen noirAs options for eye-catching black appliances, range hoods and kitchen islands continue to grow and users are attracted to allBlack cabinets.
The site predicts that 2019 of black cabinets will be matched with white walls, tailgates and countertops this year.
Dark sideHouzz predicts homeowners will increasingly turn to the dark side in 2019 as they get tired of minimalism and love the Navy, black and Forest GreenWhite interior.
"Not only did we see this on the wall," Gervis said . ".
"It's also on cabinets and wood products. ”BenchedBuilt-
Furniture on benches and benches has a moment in the kitchen corner.
Flexible seating allowed and below
Houzz touted the trend as an affordable and convenient choice of pull chairs.
In fact, love: boards and sticks and even those of us who only see barn animals on YouTube are really crazy and deeply in love with the farmhouse style.
This is a trend of constant giving, and in the coming year Houzz predicts that we will be open with our fascination.
Find classic Board-and-
Batten farm-
In the suburban neighborhood near you, the style building suddenly appears outside.
It is expected that the tricky vanitiesbath room vanity made from recycled or lightweight wood with obvious stains will provide a warm, organic touch to the 2019 bathroom.
This look celebrates natural wood grain, knots, etc. , and can complement a variety of styles from the countryside to the modern or modern.
The designers who contributed to Houzz, ColorGervis said, have turned to boldly painting all four walls, including decor and color-stressed styling.
"We're not saying there's a wall [painted]
Gervis said: "The accent color is dead, but we see an increase in the amount of painting on all four walls.
"Tin is InAt Pinterest, and style seekers are exploring the use of tin, not just with the old-
The old-fashioned application of tin ceiling tiles is also the decoration of the entire wall.
Brown attributed the trend to something that feels modern but actually quite retro.
Natural Pool
The price of the free pool is 2019, and Pinterest reports a 262% increase in users' interest in salt water and ponds --
Inspired pool that brings new meaning to cool.
DIY artificial flooring with ugly floors?
Pinterest users are using their new passion for painted floor tiles to handle things in their cunning, frugal hands.
Brown said she was already aware of the trend of the report floor, but was surprised when her research found that the search and pin were saved 1,276% more on how to paint the artificial floortiled floor.
This idea: use a 6-, 8-or 12-
Inch tile template and supplementary grouting line template to convert basic and boring to Spanish, Moroccan or wallpaper
Inspiration for speaking.
This style of hack can also work on the tile tailgate in the kitchen or bathroom.
The stylish modern design brings together the indoor and outdoor fireplaces, inspiring interest in creating focus and gathering places.
Looking for a style statement and fireplace design that elevated the inconspicuous stake to a modern style. Inside-
Outside kitchensFirst, the kitchen is open to the main living space of the family.
Now, the wall between inside and outside is also falling.
Large sliding glass doors or foldable folding doors increasingly remove obstacles between the workspace and the play area.
More kitchens are expected to reach the large deck or terrace in the coming months.
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