16 experiences that will give you the mother of all adrenaline rushes - wall mount sink no faucet hole

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-10
16 experiences that will give you the mother of all adrenaline rushes  -  wall mount sink no faucet hole
Say I'm crazy, but there's nothing I like more than a relaxing beach holiday.
The most exciting thing that could happen in these seven days is
Read the 50 Colors trilogy and drink a Pina Colada directly from the coconut.
The Sunshine of the glass man.
But that's not enough for others.
They like to jump off the skyscrapers, dive with fierce people, and scare bejesus away --eating beasts.
If this is your thing, we offer you 16 absolutely horrible experiences (
Disclaimer: Some people may kill you).
We will start your journey with white water rafting.
Don't be fooled, though. Lochsa (
"Rough water ")
There are 63 Level 3 and above rapids (
Scale up to VI)
Names like death, Bloody Mary and termination. Only for hard-core rafters.
When you can get the next active volcano at a speed of 30 miles per hour, why bother with the normal old snow? You can walk 45 minutes on the "mountain" of 728.
Then you sit on a wooden sled covered with a thin layer of metal.
Survivors say it's much steeper and longer than you originally thought.
What is better than a glass suspension bridge swaying in the wind 180 from the ground?
It sounds like a cozy snuggle and you will find a Hobbit living here. It’s not.
Seen by surfers as one of the most dangerous and crazy places in the world because of the popularity of waves and great white sharks. Gulp.
Only 4 cm acrylic and your swimmer separate you from the saltwater crocodile that grows to 19 feet. Smile.
More terrible than crocodiles because you have to go into the water with them.
Those cages can't convince us yet.
When we went, someone saw a very narrow plank on a huge mountain, which was not a boring threat.
It is estimated that 18 people have been killed on the "most dangerous road in the world.
However, despite the obvious dangers, many cyclists still choose to travel on the dangerous hairpin bend at the fastest speed.
It is the tallest bungee jump in the world, just a few steps away from a 233-meter-high building. Casual.
If you're a little claustrophobic in deep water, walk away now.
This huge underwater sink is deep.
People like to dive freely there;
You may prefer to wear scuba.
We want to know what's lurking underneath.
Now you can stand in a glass box overlooking the French Alps on the Chamonix 3,842 m peak.
Don't feel nervous.
There are three layers (count ’em)
The glass and box can withstand winds of up to 200 kmph. Lovely.
Someone died.
People were bitten.
But there are still hundreds of people running with the bulls every year. Because crazy.
It's just a jump, jump and 136ft jump into the water that crashes below.
According to the experienced jumper Jorge Monico ramami les Vasquez, time is the key: it takes three seconds to reach the sea.
Only 5 Seconds of orgasm-two seconds for any mistake.
"It looks cute, we know.
But when the water level is high, choose the wrong time and you will be swept to the small stone wall on the edge of your death. Sounds divine.
When you can jump off the plane, why climb it? This skydiving takes you over Mount Everest 29,500 and you will land in the highest landing area in the world12,340ft).
Tell the grandchildren.
Well, you need to try to do that.
You have to have 250 skydiving and 40 BASE jumps under your belt (Damn it, we're out).
However, you just have to throw yourself off the mountain at an altitude of 1,050.
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