10 tricks to get a luxurious bathroom for less - bathroom wall stand

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-10
10 tricks to get a luxurious bathroom for less  -  bathroom wall stand
Shana Ecker, Houzz contoralthough we all enjoy drooling over the image of the gorgeous designer bathroom, we may not have the budget to do everything
It's time to sort out our own bathroom.
But that doesn't mean that your transformation has to be generic and uninspired.
There are many ways to get high
No final look for expensive price tags.
Here are 10 tips to do this. 1. Grout color.
Tiling all or most of the walls together will make it look beautiful, but the cost will really increase.
White ceramic subway tiles are the most affordable option
The box shop, but sometimes it looks a little flat.
Use dark or colored grout to make your device stand out, just like the bathroom shown here.
Guess what?
The gray mud is as expensive as the white one. 2. Larger-format tiles.
Another idea is to search for an out-of-the-
Box size, not typical 3-inch by 6-inch format.
Tile sizes like 2 by 9 inch or 4 by 8 inch will make your bathroom stand out elsewhere. 3. Trim accents.
Or consider giving your standard tile a punch and spending a bit on the trim as an accent.
These will give your room an interesting graphic element, but the small amount needed will not break the bank. 4. Tile rug.
Most bathroom designers will tell you that if you want to splurge on any part of the decoration, it should be the floor because it has the most impact.
You can design a striking "carpet" with only a few square feet and use the big-
Format the live tiles in the surrounding coordination stone. 5.
Upgrade the knob and pull.
Don't worry if you don't have the money to spend on custom vanity.
A simple model can look likeof-a-
There are some beautiful hardware, just like the pull here.
Try a vintage or specialty store for unique hardware. 6.
Furniture Vanity
You can redesign a fine piece of furniture you already have, or find a flea market in a unique vanity.
If you are a little more convenient, you can use one of many DIY tutorials online that will show you how to drill holes on the surface
Sinks and taps, as well as remodeled drawers, make room for the water supply. 7.
Choose stone wisely.
There is nothing better than the warmth and visual beauty of the natural stone in the bathroom, but of course this is not a cheap option.
Check to see if there are relics in your local stone yard that suit your design and consider cheaper exotic types.
For example, Carrara marble is usually 25% less than other varieties (such as kalakata or SASOS. 8.
Carefully resource the bathtub.
One of the most expensive features of the new bathroom may be the largest fixture: the bathtub.
Gorgeous versions from premium manufacturers can run over $10,000.
To get a similar look, check out Craigslist or the local building salvage shop for a vintage tub that's less than $500.
For another $500 to $700, you can make it look as good as the new one.
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Consider chrome.
There are a lot of options when it comes to picking finishes for all your plumbing accessories --
Nickel, bronze, brass, etc.
Chrome is usually the cheapest.
Also, it is the easiest to maintain and keep clean and looks great in both modern and traditional spaces. 10.
Do not write off the shower curtain.
You can also make smart choices when you finish decorating the bathroom.
Instead of installing expensive glass doors for your shower, use fresh white curtains instead.
You won't be wrong.
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