10 terrible holiday gifts from bosses - where can i buy a toilet

by:KEDIBO     2020-09-16
10 terrible holiday gifts from bosses  -  where can i buy a toilet
Almost every boss used to be an employee.
You will think that there is such a history behind them, and when they buy holiday gifts, the boss will do his best to get what the employees want ---
Or at least be able to use.
I asked readers of currency watch to tell me the worst gift they received from their boss.
While I was unable to verify the "gift" account for our readers in person, I am happy that I did not receive 10 copies.
Nothing is more Christmas than Turkey. . .
In my first job, management took a catering vendor with about 50 frozen turkeys a few days before Thanksgiving, at the beginning of my shift.
Gave us one.
Not a gift certificate for frozen turkey, but a real frozen turkey.
Unfortunately, as you might imagine, we don't have room for 50 frozen turkeys in the lounge fridge.
We are not allowed to send them home.
Holiday 2012 MoreMore holiday 2012 Christmas bonus plus special portrait of bossMy husband (full-time)and I (part-time)
Both of them work for a person who does Christmas lunch for the company in a cafeteria.
There, he signed two dollar bills that he gave to all the attendees.
In addition, all
The time employee got a bronze coin with his profile on it.
I got my husband in 7-
It cost two dollars on the way home.
He walked around for a long time to laugh.
Is this a gift if you still receive the bill?
At the annual Christmas lunch, the boss gave me a Christmas present. . . .
This is a coffee cup.
When I got back to the office, I had a bill for Christmas lunch and cups in my chair.
What do your employees want if their parents are on vacation? Give priority to the holiday show to handle the embarrassment of office parties. The boss stole the Christmas present. We were all called to the office to receive the Christmas bonus.
One of the bosses, Emily, had a plaster on his leg and crutch on his crutches.
Of course, we sympathize with her and tell her that we are sorry, especially at Christmas.
Imagine it anyway, when "Emily" stumbles to tell each of us "Happy Holidays" and then hands us a fuzzy crumpled cheap copy paper with "Happy Holidays" on it, our doubts
But it was just that day.
The boss of the company appeared at the office party.
He looked around the office and didn't see any decorations or food and asked him what he spent the $5,000 he donated for the party.
After the "boss" admitted that they went to the club with their husband and spent all the $5,000 on themselves, Heming and Harwin.
But the situation got better because just as they told the owner what they did, a policeman showed up and asked some questions about the incident the night before, we know it's a quarrel between two people. The couple are playing outside the club.
Most importantly, they learned that one of their husbands had been arrested and that "Emily" had broken her leg while he was in a drunken fight outside the club.
So I guess the best gift I get from my boss for Christmas is that I know that occasionally old-fashioned justice prevails and you don't have to do anything to get it.
This happened.
But the bosses need gifts, and tooMy boss puts pressure on us to give each of us $100 to the CEO, a Cadillac remote car starter, in the process, we gradually believe that our boss expects a gift as well.
What embarrasses us is that we should buy a gift for our direct boss. Which we did.
I gave him $40 a bottle of his favorite wine.
Imagine I was shocked by the $70 Christmas bonus, which is half the amount I spent on those.
At least half of the gifts are useful in another company. We had a staff gift exchange and my boss gave a photo of himself and a few rolls in a beautifully packed box
Christmas dinner?
I am the front desk staff and have to have someone in charge of the front desk on Christmas night.
Unfortunately, it's my turn.
It was a very bad night.
The manager on duty asked me if I wanted a big Christmas dinner. (
He's one of the big cheese in this hotel. -
Very rich and cheap! )
I was really surprised when he said he would make us filet steak from the hotel kitchen.
I think he's great. I 'd love to have that big Christmas dinner.
After a while, he came upstairs with a room service cart, a bottle of wine and two covered plates.
But I noticed there was only one wine glass.
When he opened the plate, he had the largest, fattest, very juicy and rare filet steak in front of him. Mine?
In fact, he cut the filet steak in half, and it may take the same amount of time to cook the big and juicy filet steak as he does. So. . .
My half is like ice hockey. . .
Cooked dryyuk.
He sat there for a big dinner, drank a bottle of wine and told me that I couldn't have a drink because I was "working.
"What is he doing?
Is he working too? Oh well.
Over the years, I 've been thinking about what he did to the other half of Felite.
We used to have a work Christmas party paid by the company and we could take our guests.
Then we have to pay for our guests.
Then we have to pay for ourselves and our guests.
Then we found out that the fees we paid for management were free of charge.
Can you say it's cheap?
One year, three empty boxes, one get one for next year's hand sanitizer, one pack of paper towels, a sample of candles and cappuccino, I don't drink coffee, and another year, A piece of orange/purple fabric, I didn't even get a card when I retired after 33 years of work for him.
Beans are better than our current boss--all 4 of them --
In a year, we got together and gave us every bag of beans with a recipe for seasoning and bean soup.
We all laughed at their frugality.
However, in the middle of these years we have received nothing;
Bean Soup began to look better and better.
What is the worst gift you receive from your boss?
Or, if you're a bad boss, admit in the comments section what bad gift did you buy?
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