10 big space-saving ideas for small kitchens - wall mounted sink with counter space

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10 big space-saving ideas for small kitchens  -  wall mounted sink with counter space
Laura Gaskill, Houzz contribauorjust, just because you don't have room for six people in your kitchen
Double burner furnace
Bowl slot or sub slot
Without a fridge, this does not mean that you have to sacrifice functionality or style.
Here are 10 ways to maximize space from chic kitchenettes
It's all different to extend the device to innovative storage options and details.
We hope at least one will inspire you. 1.
Appliances are small but powerful.
Like the stove shown here, the old-fashioned electrical appliances (a 21-
Inch retro O'Keefe and Merritt), and vintage-
Looks like this fridge.
Stove factory from Elmira)
, Can be found in smaller sizes without sacrificing style. High-
End-makers like Bertazzoni and Viking will also do little --
Space model, so even a serious chef can find something that fits the space and work hard. 2. Single-bowl sink.
Simply going to the sink with one bowl instead of two can save 1 feet or more counter space. Small-scale single-
Bowl sink in a variety of styles--
Like the farmhouse style shown here, it feels very spacious. 3.
Install sink under.
If you really want to save every inch of money, buy a small one.
Bowl, sink.
You will squeeze out a bit more work space on the counter next to the sink as the edge of the sink will be hidden.
Stove: Bertazzoni, 24 inch; sink: Blanco4. Wall-Install storage.
Is there a thin blank wall?
Don't just hang up a calendar or artwork-
Make the most of the available space by installing rows of shelves on the wall from floor to ceiling.
Use S-put the towel on the bar
Hang the hook of the kitchen tool and install the magnetic knife holder.
The same idea applies to the pan bowl pans Basin-
Don't stop in a row;
Take advantage of all your space!
Please note that the owner painted the storage wall Black (
Good chalk too)
, Which makes the arrangement feel more intentional and hides the wear marks. 5. MacGyver-style island.
Try to open the room and put all the essentials in a compact full-in-one island.
The custom Island presented here contains a sink, a stove, a range, preparation space, pot bowl pans basin, storage space for knives, spices and garbage.
It seems that this is not enough, and there are a few people sitting on the stool opposite the space.
How to design the kitchen island 6. Pullout pantry.
No storage room?
A slender drawer can be hidden in the tightest space, and even items at the back can be easily reached. 7.
Simple hardware.
It looks like a little thing, but in a very narrow kitchen it's easy to bump into bulky knobs and handles.
Maintain the look and fashion of things by choosing slender and simple pull. High-
The Gloss cabinet and proper lighting also help to open the tight kitchen here. 8.
Cabinets on the ceiling.
Why stop 1 feet short when you can hold the cabinet all the way?
Even if you can't easily find things in the top cabinet, it's still worth it to have storage options in a small space. Having ceiling-
The height cabinet also helps to expand the space visually. 9. No door.
It is very easy to remove the kitchen door, which can make the small room feel bigger.
Better yet, expand the opening or remove the wall.
Opening the kitchen is more than just a style-
There is extra space to move around, which will help prevent two chefs from colliding with each other. 10.
Make cutting back an art form.
Keep the best and throw the rest away.
Keep only the best knives, your favorite glasses, the cutest teapot, the most used kitchen tools and more.
No Mercy on cleaning up debris.
Choosing clear glass and acrylic for the items you continue to show won't hurt-
Transparent items make the room feel more spacious.
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You won't believe how to design 10 kitchenettes with kitchen design solutions for each style tell us: Do you have a kitchenette?
What works for you?
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